Monday, April 1, 2013

MTC Week 2

First off-- Thank you for all the letters and love and support! I am going to write back i promise! Eventually ;)
SO... Week two! I made it through the first couple of days!  I absolutely love it here.  It is such a wonderful place.  You can literally feel the spirit in every single room.  It is amazing.  I have learned so much about myself, but also about my Savior.  He is real! and He lives. I know that if we let him in and give him our problems, worries, fears, weaknesses, He will make us strong and help us through.
This week has honestly flown by.  We basically study here. ALOT. ALL the days =D All the time. =D  Our branch presidency is super awesome.  on the first night we were here they came and welcomed us and our Branch President (President Claybaugh) told us to read Jacob 5- which is the allegory of the olive tree- and told us that the last 7-8 or so verses is talking about us! and the last time the servants go to work in the vineyard.  I feel so blessed to be apart of the work and to be able to serve other children of our Heavenly Father.  I got chills when i read it.  AH--so good.  Y'all should read it. 
SO remember Alejandra?  Our first investagator?  She is actually our teacher!  We taught her for the last time on wednesday night.  It was such an awesome experience and we learned so much.  We now have two teachers- Brother Christofferson (yes his uncle is Elder Christofferson) and Sister Valedez (who played the part of Alejandra)  For the rest of our time here we teach pretty much everyday to help us get into the habit of planning, and studying personally, companionship study, and language study.  It also helps us to study for investigators.  Everything we do is for the investigator.  If you read in the first chapter of preach my gospel you can see the exact purpose of missionary work -Invite people to come unto christ by helping them through faith in jesus christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end.  ( i have it memorized in spanish... haha so i just had to a translation when i wrote that! cool huh?)  It is really awesome.  Our goal is to help others come unto Christ so everything we do is centered on that.  IT is so awesome! and i am PUMPED to get to texas to share my testimony and serve.  I have a lot to learn still, but i am looking forward to it!
In our last lesson with alejandra (sister Valedez) We invited her to get baptized (in spanish of course) and the spirit was so strong!  We had to 'overcome her objections' by explaining the word of wisdom and tell her that this was the first step into becoming closer to christ, but it was an awesome experience.  I really LOVED it.  The coolest part was that she looked so happy.  You could tell that she really wanted to have the gospel and WANTED to progress and become closer to christ. Man i am excited to be apart of that with real life investigators!  ( by the way, Alejandra was a real person in Sister Valedez's past, we treat all our teaching experiences very real)
Hah okay here is the funny for the week-  SO, remember how i couldn't find the book of James in my spanish scriptures? And how Alejandra was like 'my boyfriend's name is santiago and the gringos call him james'.  That was how i learned where james was in the spanish bible.  Anyways, alejandra cracked a joke in about it and my companion-Sister Garry- said "oh si!! Somos embarrasados!!"  She was trying to say that we were embarrassed, but in reality she said that we were both pregnant.... so that was awkward.  haha it was funny and we all had a good laugh about it.  We both felt so dumb though... blushing and what not. =D
AHH my time is out! SO i have to run.  But i love you all sooo much!  Enjoy the pictures! Remember - the most important thing in this life is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  When we do the things we should and keep our covenants we are abundantly blessed.  The Gospel is true! We have a loving heavenly father.  He loves us so much that he gave his only begotten son.  Jesus died that we may live. and so that we can all become like him. I heard a cool quote that was something like 'Yes, we all want to be perfect someday, BUT we will not attain complete perfection in this life.  The important thing to strive for is PROGRESSION.  progression will in turn help our personal conversion to Christ and bring us closer to our Father in Heaven.'  Remember that we don't have to be completely perfect, but our Heavenly Father does expect us to try. and to progress.  I know that when we do our best to be the best we can be, the Lord will meet us when we have gone as far as we can go, and carry us the rest of the way. 
LOVE YOU ALL!! HAve a great week =D
-Hermana Wiser
-PS- Mom if you could just dear elder your response to me that would be awesome. i don't have time to read your email and email back.  Will you dear elder your response from last week and your one from this week?  I want to read your emails but i don't have enough computer time!  Thanks. and i will write you back the answers to your questions.
-ALSO- my P day is on saturday while i am at the MTC. so expect email from me then!.  

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