Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hola personas!!
How is everyone??  This week has gone by so fast. it is seriously insane!  I only have three days left in the MTC! I am freaking out a little! time flies when you are having fun and learning about the Gospel! So as you can guess, i got my travel plans to texas!  I leave the MTC at 5:00 in the morning.  I will end up at the SLC airport sometime around six.  Then with check in and all i think i should be able to call between 6:30-7:45 AM.  So be ready for a wake up call!  I think i will just call the home phone so you all can have a handset.  I am buying a calling card here(it is like five dollars) then i will call and we can chat.  I have no idea what i will even talk about.  I am stoked though! Our flight leaves at 8:00. and we do have an hour layover is dallas. Then on down to Mcallen! i am STOKED!!
Guess who showed up for Tuesday night devotional!!! ELDER RICHARD G SCOTT. It was AWESOME.  nobody knew who was coming, but the moment people saw him walk in the room everyone stood up and it was dead silence.  You could just feel the spirit enter the room.  it was really really cool.  He talked on the power of prayer. He said that we have the opportunity to talk to our GOD, to our creator, and the creator of many worlds.  and the best part is that our Heavenly Father wants to talk to us.  Prayer is honestly such a beautiful gift.   here is a quote i really liked- 'REFUSE to be discouraged. BE obedient. properly USE agency. HAVE confidence in our God!!' Another thing he said was this- "answers seldom come when you are on your knees. They usually come in quiet moments during the day. FIND quiet moments so you can be instructed by the LORD."  I just loved it.  His talk was a blessing for me.  It is crazy the amount of love i felt from him as he encouraged us and gave us a peaceful message.  He is truly an apostle of God.  It was wonderful to hear him.. My favorite part though was after he was done talking.  The sister saying the prayer got up after the song and was at the pulpit, and Elder Scoot stants back up, tells the sister to sit back down and then gave us an Apostolic blessing.  The last thing he said was "REMEMBER, YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED." It was just really really awesome!  oh just remembered-one last quote from him. 'the greater the faith, the stronger the Character.'
Wednesday i got to be a host for the new missionaries!  It was really fun. I remember my first day, being wisked away and getting shoved into the swing of things.  Remember how my host was Samoan? haha ya, still have no idea what she was staying to me that day.  i just remember walking around like a lost puppy. then knodding my head occationally and saying yes.  Haha what a funny experience.  So anyways, i escorted three sisters from the curb, to their residency hall then to the classroom.  You should have seen me trying to pull their HUGE suitcases.  There is apoint in the drop of where they go in and get their name tags and stuff, so i would be left with THREE huge suitcases.  It was quite comical after.  AND it was windy.  I had a few embarrassing Marylin Monroe moments. haha OOOPs.  That awkward moment.  But it was really fun!  haha now that i am leaving the MTC i finally know where everything is without getting lost. (oh crap, i missed my turn) haha.  YUP still happens in the MTC. SoThat was fun.  I see one of the sisters around all the time and she always says hello to me. =D fun fun fun.
SO- i am singing in relief society on sunday!  Infront of ALL the sister missionaries and the branch presidency wives. I am excited! a little nervous too- i will admit.  but it is all fun!  I will let you know how that goes. pray that i dont freak out and have a voice crack or faint or trip on my way up.  haha.
We had our last lesson with one of our progressing investigators on wednesday night.  our teacher-Hermana Valdez- plays the part of the investigator, (she was also Alijandra-our first investigator)  It is amazing to see how far Hermana Garry and I have come in the past four weeks.  Even in the opening prayer that Hermana Garry gave-  it was really beautiful-AND all in spanish!  It made Amanda (our investigator) cry.  Then we went on and really just applied the things that we have learned here.  We really were able to listen to the investigator and answer her questions and teach to what she needed.  It was awesome.  By FAR the best lesson that we have taught. I ended up sharing my testimony- and we just cried together.  It was beautiful and the spirit was there.  It was a great last lesson.  I can speak spanish!! sometimes!! haha =D I am so excited to get out and start teaching REAL live spanish speaking humans.
Yesterday ALL day was in-feild orientation.  It was great.  Basically they taught us all the things we need to know about the outside life of a missionary.  I am excited.  I am so GLAD that we have  preach my gospel and the MTC that we have today.  Our leaders truly are inspired with all the things they teach us.  I loved it.  we learned ALL the things.
Hahaha when we were in one of the classrooms hermana Garry was called on to give a personal experience.  Both her parents are Converts to the church and her extended family are not members.  Anyways she was telling about her family dynamic and how it is hard to share the gospel sometimes with her extended family because they are not always accepting.  So she says "ya, my uncle is a Born Again Christian Pasture..." then she pauses... and looked at me and mouthed the word "Pasture?"(like a feild for sheep..haha)  haha i just smiled at her and said PASTOUR.  she continued (her face as red as a beet) "oh i really meant Pastour.. i can never say that word." and continued on with her story.  She is the greatest.   I am going to miss her! ah. haha oh! remember the picture i sent home of the little sister missionary that is from Honduras? She can't speak much english and i can't speak very much spanish- but i was talking to her during one of the breaks, and she was telling me (yes in spanish) that she was overwhelmed because she couldn't understand anything because they were speaking too fast in english.  So i offered to translate for her.  So I sat by her  in the next meeting and translated it into spanish for her!  THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS REAL!!.  It was really cool, and my spanish wasn't perfect, and i would throw in english words sometimes.  but it was cool to be able to hear english and know what to say in spanish.  I loved it.  And i just loved the little sister.  I already love the HECK out of the people in my area and i havent even met them yet!
In on of the other classrooms we were practicing contacting.  And i seriously felt like i was doing summer sales. haha "hey my name is Shayna, i have just been chatting with some of the folks in the ward..." haha It was really fun.  Contacting in English is a peice of cake!  I just hope i will be able to do it in SPANISH. haha I can talk about Gospel stuff in spanish, haha regular stuff is probably going to take some time though. HAH. =D oh it's great!  wassup spanish!
On tuesday (sorry this email is crazy and everywhere) We had our last TRC(when volunteers that are members volunteer to come and be taught in the missionary's language)  but this week we taught a 40 minute lesson to some little abuelitos(grandparents).  They were from guatamala. I think they did most of the teaching.  It was awesome.  They told us their conversion stories and we just talked back and forth.  Sister Milano(the little grandma, and i mean little, she came up to my shoulder) told us how she was baptized and found the church.  sinch she was baptized her mother, husband, and two sister(i think she said two..in spanish..idk) were all baptized and her sons have served missions.  It was really neat! THEY TALK SOOOO FAST!.  I was remided of a quote from the movie RM "uh elder...what was she speaking?" "that was dutch." "uh...that wasn't the dutch they taught me in the MTC!"  sometimes i feel like that.  Ha its all fun!
Being a Sister Training Leader has been SO SO fun! We just get to visit all the sisters every night.  I love all the sisters our zone.  I am going to miss them! i really have the coolest zone EVER.
Hahahahaha can i just say really quick  that i LOVE people! I went into the bathroom yesterday and someone taped a sign on the back of the Toilet. it sait "THIS WAY TO THE MINISTRY OF MAGIC".  Oh Harry Potter LOVERS.  I love people.  that little sign made my day.  I use that bathroom every day now.  haha.
Well, I love you all! sooooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuucccchhh! I can't belive i am going to be in a real life place on monday! wish me luck!  I have really loved my time here at the MTC- to all you future missionaries- soak up your time as a missionary.  You will never again in your life have 24 hours a day to devote to the Lord.  It is the BEST feeling ever.  I love it. I have learned more here about my Savior and our purpose on the earth than i have in all my time in seminary.  The Lord's work is hastening and moving forward fast!  Prepare to be a part of it.  It brings soooo many blessings. I have a firm knowledge that we have a Heavenly Father who loves each and every person individually on the earth.  We are HIS children. he gave us a plan so that we can return to live with him again.  Jesus Chirst is central to that plan.  Through Christ's atonement we can overcome every thing in the world.  All we have to do is have faith and put our trust in him.  there was a quote that really stood out to me this past week, from Elder Scott. he said "Don't fear repentance, repentance is Help."  I know that through the atonement we can be made clean, pure, and whole again.  Chirst can HEAL us, he can take away pain, sorrow, worry, guilt. You name it- He has already covered it.  All we have to do is open the door and let him in. This gospel is a gospel of happiness! SO LETS BE HAPPY! TODOS LOS DIAS!
Love you all! have a wonderful week! if you want to write me- write to my texas address!! (mom will you post that on the blog? thanks)
-Hermana Wiser
PS- Dad- every letter i have got has been a reminder to write you, haha did you not get your birthday card?  Write me back!
PSS-Shelby- killer job in the play! i am in the process of writing you back =D glad you had fun! it sounded amazing!
PSSS-MOM- you are the greatest! thanks for the face stuff.  I like the little machine.. can't remember it's name right now... but it is great. I can see improvement already.  Is the face wash stuff sample size?  I think it is working. i will let you know. and thank you for the blueberries. soooo yummy. by far my favorite snack (thank you Costco). And the Picture book is my favorite thing i own! the pictures turned out soooooo good.  I love it so much. you are the best.  and everyone in my zone loves the pictures too. most common comment i get from them is "you have a beautiful family, full of models, really short models." haha love us. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.
Stanton-Keep up the good work with selling! you got this bud! just smile and wave boys, smile and wave!
Sterling- keep getting ready for the mish! hah good luck with your classes, i am praying for you.  You got it in the Bag.

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