Friday, April 5, 2013

Wassuppp week 3!

Hola familia!
How is everyone?  I heard your San Diego trip was great!  I would love to hear more about it!
Everything is great here at the MTC.  I have been here for almost a month!  It's crazy.  Time flies when you are having fun! =D  Oh good news!  They have a new mission rule! We are allowed to email friends and family for longer periods of time. I only have about a half hour longer, so not very long, but that is nice. Letters are still easier to respond to because of the limited time.  But I just thought that was cool.
Easter weekend here was amazing! On sunday morning we had a MTC wide sacrament meeting.  They passed the sacrament to 3,000 missionaries in the same meeting.  It was awesome! Then the general bishop -Bishop Causse and his wife gave awesome talks about the savior.  One thing he said that really touched me was : 'Repentance in not just for big sinners.  It is for all people on the earth.  Especially the worthy and exellent people on the earth. Repentance is an every day process. Repentance is a positive process.' I loved this because it is sooooo true!  Repentance should be a positive experience because we are bettering ourselves, progressing, and becoming closer to the Savior.  Since i have been here i have really realized how important it is to use the atonement EVERY day.  Not just for when i make mistakes, but for progressing.  The enabaling (excuse the spelling...uh..)  power of the atonement is just as real as the healing power of the atonement.  Throught the atonement we are able to do everything in this life that we need to do in order to return to God. It is great!. Ahhhhh i love it!
THEN... Sherry Dew came and talked in our sunday night devotional!! It was absolutely amazing! She is seriously crazy amazing. She talked a ton about missionary work.  But the one thing she really stressed was this: 
 " Christ isn't our last chance, he is our ONLY chance. Our only chance
 -to feel hope
-to be healed
-to overcome weakness
-to deal with fear
-to forgive
-to be forgiven
-to repent
-to successfully deal with the temptations of the adversary
-to avoid anger/jealousy
-to find peace
-to return to live with God
the list goes on and on and on! 
I loved this- because is goes back to the missionary purpose- Invite people to come unto Christ. ( look up the purpose, its in preach my gospel, page 1 in a little box)  Christ is the light in the darkness, he is the ONLY way we can ever attain happiness, progress, and live with God again.  I wish i could do justice to all that i am learning and becoming here.  I am learning so much.  I really believe that Everyone should serve a mission.  Because even though i am 'sacraficing' and giving up time in my life, the Lord is more abundantly blessing me.  In ways that i will never be able to repay.  I have heard people say that serving a mission is paying a tith on your life, but in reality it is just a Big Fat HUGE blessing.  I honestly feel SO blessed.  ALL the people should serve missions! IT is ALL worth it! pinkie promise.
So basically you can tell that i LOVE sundays. and Easter was soooo amazing.  I loved it. And this weekend is GENERAL CONFERENCE!! I am so excited i can hardly stand it! I have always loved conference, but I have come to realize that we get to hear from a PROPHET Of the Lord!  A real live prophet.  AHH it's so cool.  The lord loves and blesses us SO much.  Man, i am just a happy camper.
Okay.. So i have some really good embarrassing stories from this week. Well every day i have about 20. and EVERYONE in my district seems to remeber them.  But here is the best one from the week
-So, Sister Garry and I were going to the bathroom.  And the bathroom used to be a Men's bathroom- due to the large increase of Sister Missionaries it was changed over- ( and there are STILL lines.. such is life)  Anyways this is the layout of the bathroom- so as you walk in there are two stalls on the left, and right after the second stall there is a urinal (bah) and then there are two sinks right next to that.  It is a PUNY bathroom.  anyways so i finish my buisiness and i am waiting for Hermana Garry ( who is in the second stall next to the urinal) and i was wondering how a urinal looked when it flushed.  So, natrually I went to go flush it. As i flushed the urinal, buckets-i kid you not- BUCKETS of water started pouring out of it and swirling onto the floor.  I was screaming and Hermana Garry- who was in the stall sitting on the toi toi- was screaming. (she got soaked...) .  Luckily there was a drain on the floor.  But seriously i have never seen so much water come out of such an awkward looking toilet.  The best part was that a district that whoose classroom was right outside the bathroom went and found sisters to come in and see if we were okay.  Haha -due to the screaming. AND the next day the entire bathroom was closed.. OOPS! now i know why they say 'curiosity killed the cat'.  At least i will never wonder what a urinal looks like when it gets flushed again.  =D
Oh man, funny things happen ALL the time.  I love my companion, and my district, and my zone.  We just have oodles of fun.  its great. =D
So, as you know we are now teaching our teachers lessons.  Out teachers Hermano Christoffersen, and Hermana Valdez pose as investigators and we give them lessons and practice spanish.  And this week has been a LOT better.  Hermana Garry and I have changed how we prepare our lessons and changed how we study spanish.  it is awesome! The spirit is there in the lessons and i am SOOO excited to teach real humans.  I hope and pray that i will be ready in 2 1/2 weeks when i leave.  it is crazy!  we should be getting our travel plans in about a week and a half.  We shall see though!  AH this up coming week we will be the oldest district.  I never thought three weeks would make me OLD.  I feel like i just got here.    
Well i have to run! But i love you all. and i love letters =D just saying.  Write me and i will write ya back!  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE you all! have a wonderful week.  And a wonderful conference weekend! -Sterling and Stanton and Shelby- Get the study journals i gave you and take notes during conference.  This can be awesome Missionary prep- But it will also help you record personal revelation that you will be receiving from the Lord.  Seriously write things down and you will get SOOOO much more out of conference. When you write things down the lord will bless you with more personal revelation and personal insights.  It is one of the first steps to recognizing and receiving personal revelation.  When you write down thoughts or impressions in study or in conference or church, it shows the Lord that you want to remember it and that you are ready for more.  it will bless you i promise!
La Igleasia de JesuCristo de los santos de los ultimos dias es verdadero! Jesucristo is el salvador y redentor.  Dio ama todas las personal en la tierra, y porque Dios nos ama, Dios dio un plan.  Jesucristo es central en el plan de Dios.  JesuCristo se muerte entonces podemos vivir.  el evangelio  puede ayudarnos en nuestras vidas, si guardamos los mandamientos y sigamos la camina.
Le quiero!
-Hermana Wiser
PS- FRIDAY is p-day for me here not saturday =D

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