Friday, April 12, 2013

Hola mi Familia!!!!

How is everyone!!
This is a Shout out to SHELBY LEE WISER!! Good luck in your show! You look darling! mom showed me a picture!  Lovely! I am expecting a letter! I want to hear all about it! Break a Leg and remember to keep your beautiful smile! I am so proud of you! AHHHHH. love you.

The trip looked SOOOO fun! I loved the pictures. Hahaha Shelby, i see you found my shorts. =D you're welcome. haha. I loved the pictures of you in your wet suits.  sounded so fun!. I also loved the picture with Stanton all up on the wall and it looks like sterling is holding him up. Classic wiser  boy phote. loved it.

DEAR STERLING- YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!! Hahah i am excited to see your wisdom teeth video someday.  hahah i laughed so hard. 
Daddy- SO sorry that your birthday card was late. i hope you it found you. and i hoped you liked it! Happy VERY late birthday.  I love you.

OKAY-  SO this week has been a crazy one here at the MTC.  I have been out for a month!!! can you believe it? I can barely believe it.  It is crazy.  I only have 9 days left in the MTC.  Then i will be in the real world. speaking real spanish. talking to REAL people!  IT is nuts.  I am excited.  a little scared.  But mostly excited.  I am supposed to get my travel plans tonight! so i will let you know when i have to leave and everything. 

I hope you all enjoyed General Conference.  it was AMAZING.  It was awesome being here at the MTC with a million other missionaries.  I just remember sitting and listening to President Monson and just having the overwhelming feeling that he truly is a PROPHET of God. He was called to be a prophet.  it was such a neat experience.  Conference was so amazing.  i wrote down a list of random questions.  and every single one of them was answered.  I know the Lord is concerned about me and my questions.  It was really neat.  And really really neat to be in the MTC when they announced the astonishing number of missionaries! 65,634 full time missionaries, 20,000 more with calls, and 6,000 more in the interviewing process! AH!  IT IS SOOOOO COOL!! I am obviously stoked about it. =D hahah.  I love being apart of the work- and Sterling- I met some elders that are in your mission... haha the only problem is that i can't remember their names. oops.  But it is great!  I really felt like all the talks were inspired.  I would a letter from each one of you about the things you learned (and wrote down ;) ) in conference. I loved Sister Dalton's talk ~What e're thou Art, ACT they part~ I though her talk was amazing. Craig A Cardon's talk on the atonement was absolutely amazing as well! one thing that stood out to me from his talk is 'all believers see the truth of the atonement'.  I loved how he empasized that the Savior has already payed the price and that he wants to forgive.  And OBEDIENCE was a major theme.  Obedience is so important.  when we are obedient we can truly become instruments in the lords hands.  And life is just soooo much happier when we are obedient.  I loved conference!  It is always wonderful to hear from our Prophet and apostales( wow i can not spell this word in english... so here is how it is spelled in spanish)  OH and David A Bednar cracked the whip with his talk.  it was awesome
You remember  Elder Enrique Falabella?  with his spanish accent? -first off his message was wonderful.  But i just kept picturing Dad pausing the TV and doing his nacho accent. -especially with the poem his little wife wrote him.  I love you Daddy and Family.  Haha i enjoyed that mental picture-did that actually happen??

So this week Hermana Garry and I were called to be Zone training sisters (kinda like the female version of zone leaders)  So we are over all the sisters in our zone.  it has been really fun and a great experience.  We have got a bunch of extra training.  They told us that in the actual field that they are putting in Zone Training Sisters all over because of the HUGE Influx of sisters.  IT is awesome.  And missions presidents- instead of having AP's they are now having missionary councils or something like that- so Sister leaders are going to be included soon.  I am not sure exactly how it works but they are having to make some changes due to all the sisters coming.  Wassup Sista Power!!

Man, i can't even thing of anything. haha all my days are starting to MUSH together.

Oh here is the latest funny story-  SO since we are the new ZTS (zone training sisters) we have to put on a skit for tall the new sisters.  Elder Jenson and Elder Bennett are the zone leaders. they are hilarious.  so we were getting ready to go and give the welcome presentation to the newest district that came on monday and Hermana Garry and I stopped into the rest room really quick ( haha of course, oh and there are no urinals involved this time.. luckily)  haha so anyways we do our buisiness and start coming out of the bathroom doors and elder Jensen scares the crap out of us.  Hermana Garry was so startled that she fell of the floor and skinned her knees on the carpet, And my first instinct was to punch him.. haha OOPS.   anyways so Hermana Garry was giving them crap for her scraped knees. and elder Bennett (who is totally innocent and would never do anything innapropriate) went to look at hermana's knees and went to live up the hem of her skirt.  Hahah he didn't even get past touchng the hem of her skirt before hermana garry Screamed "ELDER MY SKIRRRRRTT!' he litterally jumped back and fell out of his chair.  Elder Jensen and i were seriously laughing our heads off. we are still giving him crap about it today. and elder bennett just kept appologizing because he meant nothing from it.  anyways it was just funny. and awkward things are always happening. it's great.   I wish you could all see the funny things that are always happening.   

Well i have to go! LOVE YOU all.  Have a wonderful week!

I am expecting letters about your conference experience!  MUCH LOVE!!

Hermana Wiser =D 

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