Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

Hello family!!

This week has been crazy crazy crazy!! We had a 3 day leadership training, and an STL traning.  So my brain is just full of new ideas and new tactics to try! My mission president is truly inspired!  Man I just love the Maluendas!! I have so much in my brain right now- i just don't know where to start.  President talked ALOT about being prepared.  How that as members of the Church- in these last days- that we need to be prepared.  he then talked about how he got called to be a mission president.  he was call in by Elder Scott's secretary and went in and had an interview with him! Pte Maluenda said that they never once asked how they were doing finacially- or about the kids. After the first interview - about a week later- he got called by Elder Uchtdorf's secretary!  Then the call came!  So now they are here! With four kids at home in the house, running the mission!  it is crazy.  It just shows you that if you are prepared- the Lord will make up the difference- and qualify you for your calling.  So that is really great. He gave a wonderful training about making life plans- He used me as the example.  And asked me to share ALL my goals.  haha so now all the mission leaders know my hopes and dreams. But it was really helpful- because now i know how to make a detailed plan behind my goals!  So i will actaully be able to reach them.  It was a blessing really- because I had some questions about that.  I knew what i wanted to do- but i didn't know where to start in order to plan.  Haha The Man is inspired!! thank you Holy Ghost. =D
The TMM Trio had some funny experiences this week.  (Sister Garry, Kreis, and I)  We went to a members house yesterday, and had dinner.  At the end we offered to sing her the song that we sang in sacrament meeting( she had come a little late and missed it). We did the same thing that we did in spanish last week- just in our english ward. it turned out super good. =D Anyways- after we sang and shared a message- we naturally asked for anyone in the area that she knew of that could benefit from a message- and her husband gave us a name of one of the neighbors.  Then the sister said!  'Oh yeah!! Go and sing to them! They came and sang to us on christmas!'  So we did. =D It was really odd actually.  We knocked on the door- and they didn't answer the door... but they opened the window.  So we just did a contact through a window- and told her that we the members sent us to sing.  So then we just started to sing.  You could tell at first that she felt awkward a little- but by the end she had tears in her eyes.  Music brings the spirit super strong! And now the members are inviting them to come for a family home evening.  So that will be really wonderful.  =D The Lord works in mysterious ways. Use your talents!
One of the cool things that we can do with the trios is we can leave one of us with another set of sister in the mission- to help, and teach, and give animo...ect.  So i went with some sister this week!  And they were having some companionship unity issues. So I went and helped them make a plan to overcome the problems- then we went out and worked friday- and ALL day saturday.  it was crazy! Comp unity is so important!  if you don't have companionship unity you cant feel the spirit- if you can't feel the spirit you can't teach.  Teaching is kinda important as a missionary.. haha.  But we had some really amazing experiences.  We were talking to literally everyone that we saw on the streets- Asking for referrals.  And after we walked
all day we finally talked to some young men that were actaully prepared!  It is crazy-  how the lord leads you to people.  If we hadn't have contacted/ talked to ALL the people that we did- we never would have talked to John or Joey.  We started off- and Joey was kinda stand-offish- didn't really want to listen.  So we just invited them both to be baptized-  haha it is a really great invitation that gets rid of the smoke screen doubts.  John- said that he was happy being catholic.  But Joey wasn't sure how to respond.  We ended up teaching more in depth about baptism- and how Christ walked all the way from Galilee to Jordan to be baptized by John the baptist (and the importance of authority... ect) And joey asked us. "Sisters, how do  you KNOW?  how do you know that your church is right?" (I just thought- Perfect thought!  Thank you for asking.. haha) So we started to share our testimonies. the he asked "How did you recieve your answer?  When did you recieve it?"  (another great question that missionaries love to answer).  Then we all went on to explain our conversion stories.  I went first- then the next sister explained how her parents were converts and how the gospel had blessed her life.  THEN- The last sister took her turn.  And she shared a very personal life experience.  She shared how her brother had passed away when she was really young- and how at that age she HAD to know if it was true.  And how her comfort had only come through the gospel.  The spirit just whooshed it.  I got chills. and you could see a change in both of them.  We re-invited Joey to get baptized and he accpted for the end of march.  And john- who is apparently a happy catholic- committed to come to church.  it was really wonderful.  The best part was seeing the happiness on my companions faces! Man! The gospel changes people. 
Then- on that same exchange we to a less active/ part member families home.  And the lady that we were looking for wasn't home- but her daughter in law was.  She ended up inviting us in. She had a 3 week old, darling baby in her arms.  So we started off talking about her- and since her in laws and husband are mormons(less active), she did some research on the church.  And instantly had question on how she could have an eternal family.  It was really great.  The woman was SOOO prepared!  SO we just started with the plan.  How her little baby girl had just come from the presence of God. The spirit testifies of truth too!  it just filled the room.  Then we went on and explained about temples- and the importance of doing ALL the things that God has asked us to do here on the earth.  It was a wonderful lesson.  Of course- we invited her to be baptized.  She didn't accept a date- but her and her husband committed to start praying and coming to church! Miracles!!  God really does have prepared people for his misisonaries- espeically when we do ALL we can. 
Love you all!  have a wonderful week!
Church is true! Book is blue!
-Hermana Wiser  

Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

First off i want to give a shout out to my lil sis Shelby!! !!!Feliz cumpleanos mi amor!!! I hope that you have a wonderful quincenera! haha because you are turning 15 it is a big deal (at least in latino culture). =D  So happy birthday!  have a wonderful one!
THIS WEEK WAS GREAT. I LOVE MY COMPANIONS.  Haha we serisouly have way tooooo much fun. Sister Garry and Sister Kreis are both boss. We are the craziest companionship ever.  my abs hurt constantly- because we are always laughing.but-  We have had some really beautiful experiences this week, some rediculous(spelling?)  experiences, and some down right hilarious ones.  We will start with the funny.  SO- There are many odd people in Mcallen.  And we went to visit this very interesting lady who was a member referral- but before we found her we were talking to some people on the street.  All within about a 10 foot radius there were three different people outside (doing yard work, walking a dog..ect)  So we decided to divide and conquer.  I was talking to a dude names Pete.  Sister Garry was five feet away from me talking to a human that had a dog. Sister Kreis was talking to 2 abuelitas mexicanas.  I was just doing a normal contact when all of a sudden i hear "WATCH OUT!! HE BITES!!!" -Followed by screams.  Pete(the random human i was talking to) and I instantly look over- and Sister Garry was literally running around- doing a crazy dance- while this devilish weener dog was nipping at her ankles.  I looked across the street and all off us (me, hna Kreis, the humans) were all staring wide eyed- jaw dropped as Sister Garry was dodging the teeth of this maniac dog. We were all in shock.  Dont worry- she didn't get bit or anything.  But it was CRAZY.  I have never seen a human move like she did. hahahahaha it was hilarious.  Turns out that dog was terrible- and bit a lot of different people.  We know that we have angels with us!- Sister Garry didn't get a scrape or a puncture wound!
Then! Remeber the Solis family?  Dad and little sister are less active- Mom and Cassandra are investigating.  Anyways- we werent really sure if they were understanding what we were teaching.  they are very quiet people- don't have much to say. (Cassandra came to church last sunday and had a wonderful time) So we had a lesson planned- we took a recent convert with us to be a member present.  And we got there- and there was tension in the room.  For the first time we met the yougest daughter that got baptized with her dad.  She had never come out before.  Turns out that day- she had sluffed school and stolen something from the store.  Hermana Solis was distraught. And she strait up asked us for help- what they could do as a family  to teach their children.  So we talked about repentance- and how agency affects our day to day life- AND- more importantly- Our eternities. The spirit was there super strong.  And it was actaully a miracle that we brought Angie (the recent convert).  She shared her life experience.  She has a crazy life story. she just turned 15 and has had the craziest life.  Very non-functional home. Drugs/Alcohol. Cartels. -you name it- she has experienced it basically.  The elders found her and she changed her life.  She used to have a ton of pearcings- and one by one they have all come out!  it has been really cool to see the atonement change her into a daughter of God. yay! - But she shared her personal experience how she has absolutely no support of help from home. her parents hate the church and wont even let her go at times. She talked strait to the yougest Solis daughter.  And you could tell that her words cut deep.  It was really powerful.  ALL of us were crying.  Then we backed it up with the ability that we all have to repent.   And when we do wrong- that we can repent and become clean again. We also talked about the HOW.  Church(sacrament/baptism) Pray Read.  We gave them Enos 1 to read.  And set up a return appointment to come back the next night.  So fast forward a day.  On the return appointment we went back and the feeling was different in the home. We followed up on the chapter- and Hermana Solis and the yougest daughter- Alejandra both read it and shared their thoughts with it.  Then we taught (as a trio!! whoot whoot) the restoration.  The spirit just filled the room as sister Kreis gave the 1st vision. At the end we invited them to kneel as a family and ask God if the message was true.  Cassandra was the voice for the family.  her prayer was so sincere and pure. It gives me chills just thinking about it!! AH!  The spirit just whooshed into the room.  They all felt the peace that comes from the spirit.  It was so neat being able to help them recognize the answer.  Then- we invited them all to church.  Sure enough they ALL came to church on sunday! AHHH it was the most wonderful thing!  i entertained their 2 year old during sacrament meeting- but the mom was able to focus and listen.  They really enjoyed it.  They will be getting baptized in 2 weeks! Pray for them!!
They made the sacrafice to come as a family and they will receive the blessings from it. yay! keep the commandments!!
We also sing ALL the time.  pretty much every contact that we have we sing to.  Sister Garry Spoke in the spanish ward- then we all three did an a capella version that we make up of 'I need thee every hour".  It was really great actually.  I sing tenor above- Herm Garry sings soprano- Herm Kreis sings Alto.  it is really fun!  Yay. We joke that our life is a musical.  it seriously is.  We are ALWAYS singing. Just the way i like it. =D We have 3 day leadership training again!  That should be fun. 
All is well!! I love you all! Have a wonderful day! Enjoy the week! It is 80 degrees here.  So we are welcoming in the summer. haha lucky us!
Jesus is the Christ. This is HIS work.  As we all do our part we will see miracles poured down from heaven.  Onward and Upwards!
-Hermana Wiser
(the people in the spanish ward call me either Hermana Wise or Hermana Weezer) hahahaha super funny!
Have a happy birthday shelbs!!!!!!
CPR- Don't forget to Chruch Pray Read. =D

Friday, February 14, 2014

February 10, 2014

Hello Family!!
So we have some news!! Transfers are tomorrow.  Haha AND!! (drum roll)  I am staying for my 5th transfer.  Sister Kreis is staying with me- AND Sister Garry is coming to be in an STL trio with us!!! WAHOOOOO!! YAY!! MTC dream come true!  Haha we are going to have WAY too much fun. This transfer is a little crazy too because they put a new sister area under our jurisdiction(haha is that a word... hope so).  So now we have 7 companionships!! BAHAHH!  it is going to be a might great adventure! Good thing there is 3 of us! Wahooot.
This past week was crazy.  It just flew by.  We found some new investigators and are still teaching La Familia Giron and Juan.  I don't remember if I have said anything about the Solis family. So if i have- sorry you get to hear about them again.  But! We were Looking for a family to reactivate.  On our lists we saw the Solis family.  So we went by like a month ago-  The dad and the daughter was baptized a year ago. But they stopped coming to church. So we went and had a lesson with them.  It was super good- and invited Hermana Solis and Cassandra(la hija) to be baptized!! So they are preparing to be baptized right now. Cassandra is so GOLDEN. PURO ORO. She came to church yesterday and loved it.  She is 17- and the Young women in the ward did a great job fellowshipping her.  She is progressing super well! We are excited!  Pray that Hermana Solis can find a new job that gives her sundays off.  That is the only struggle that we are having with them.
THEN- We found this crazy investigator!! His name is BOBBY. OH BOBBY.   So we received a referral for this guy- and went to his house and he wasn't home- but his brother(bobby) was super prepared and invited us in! (don't worry there was a lady in the house. haha)  Long story short-  Bobby started doing drugs in 6th grade. Tatoos everywhere.(we told him we were representitives of Jesus Christ, and he lifted up his shirt and there was a huge tatoo of Jesus on his chest and said 'I love Jesus.' ...haha.)  He went to jail when he was 18 for 5 years.  He got out of jail and got a job, bought an apartment, and a motorcycle.  Then one day he was driving his motorcyle and he was trying to pass a car- and the car turned infront of him and he t-boned the car going 80 miles an hour.  AND he didn't do his helmet up. He ended up dying on the crash site- but the paramedics brought him back.  they did emergency brain surgery on him (without the MRI- because they didn't have time! crazy!) And he was in a coma for 6 months. He finally woke up and had to re-learn everything. walking, talking, eating.  EVERYTHING.  SO he is just now coming out of therapy.  And he wants a new life.  We started talking to him about being baptized and he said "oh! I want to do that, how can i get baptized? what do i need to do?"  So we taught him word of wisdom right there (1st lesson), and CPR.  Church, Pray, Read. And he accepted a date. =D  Pray for him that he can make the changes that he needs to.  It was really amazing- the more we talked to him and shared with him the more light seemed to shine through his eyes.  He is HUNGRY for the truth.  The GOSPEL CHANGES PEOPLE!!  We went back the next day for a return appointment. and he said "Sisters!  After you left yesterday i went and threw away ALL my drugs.  I don't want to do that anymore."  COOOLLLL HUH??  Sister Kreis and I about died.  The church is true- and people make changes.  =D I love it!
THEN- we had another great miracle!  So we were on exchanges.  I went with Hermana Hunt.  She is currently confined to the apartment because she is sick- so i went to entertain her for the day. She served in ecuador- but had to go home because she got super sick.  It is acting up again here- but she is taking it easy so she can heal.  She is such a wonderful strong sister!! Ah i just love her.  -But sister Kreis and Sister Moffat went and ate at Chik-fillet(spelling?)  And one of the cashiers asked them if they were mormons!  And She said yes (obviously- skirts and name tags..haha) She asked us to come to her house! So we went yesterday and had a lesson with her.  And she is prepared too!! The Lord has been working double time in our area!  We are seeing so many miracles! She is preparing to be baptized on the 9th of March.  Wahoo! (it freaks me out that we are setting for march) But it is great!  I love the mission.  I love my companion- and soon to be companion- Hermana Garry.  The Lord knows us.  He knows the things we need.  I have really learned that we have the experiences that we need- to help us become who God wants us to be.  We have the ability to choose how we will react.  We can either- let the lord strengthen us- or we can give up and be bitter.  The choice is ours.  In the words of Shane Wiser- "Make it a great day!".  We can choose!  I Think it is great. yay.
OH!! Happy Valentines day this week.  How odd! That just crept right up on me.  Have a wonderful day- and consider yourselves hugged from Sister Wiser. =D
Well- that is about all for this week.  Things are crazy. =D como siempre!
Love you all!!
-Hermana Wiser

This is half the zone!! lots of people are moving!! crazy transfer time!!

haha a inside out oreo.  Blonde...brown....blonde. =D yay. This photo was taken like 5 seconds ago! We will pick up sister Garry tomorrow!! YAY!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

Hello lovely family!!
This week has gone by so fast! Holy Moly we are in febrero(easier to spell in spanish...haha).  I can hardly believe it.  This is the last week of our transfer cycle.  So there may be some changes coming up.  I am praying to stay another one with Hermana Kreis!  We are learning SOOO much and really having a great time.  Preaching the gospel is SOO great.  I love it. =D 
This week was cool.  It went so fast that i cannot remember anything that happened at the moment... So i am just going to start typing. Haha.  Brain dead.
OH!  SO we have been having Cockroaches EVERYWHERE.  Last night we were going to make agua de melon (its like melon flavored water- its a really great mexican thing.  I will make it for you sometime).  I was doing follow ups with our district leader, and out of no where Sister Kreis started screaming. Haha there was a HUGE cockroach crawling on the counter.  I Dropped the phone (on accident) and ran to grap the bug killer spray stuff(we bought the value pack..) And was trying to squirt it. But the think WOULDN'T die.   So I was screaming, and Sister Kreis was screaming.  People probably thought there was a mass murderer in our apartment.  Nope- just  a sick nasty roach. It did die eventually. =D so that was good.  We had to do a deep clean on the kitchen to remove all the toxic but repelent. haha oh the life of a missionary.
Gospel principals class was interesting this week.  There are times when it is really awesome.  Then there are times when it is....a little cray cray.  SO- We went to the spanish ward this week.  La familia Giron- the miracle family that went to church last week- the Mom and Daughter came to church this week. So we were sitting in Gospel principles and someone started talking about how the Angle Michael is Adam- and Jehova is Jesus.... we have names before we came... And a few people just went off about it in rapid fire spanish.  And our investigator raised her hand and asked some crazy questions.  So the entire world was responding with crazy answers- and Sister Kreis and I were like 'NOOOOOOOOOO!!"  It was terrible.  THEN- they started talking about aliens and extraterrestrial(spelling?) beings- and where those fit in. Basically it was crazy. BUT- we made it out alive.  I was just praying the entire time that we could get back on track and talk about the importance of the creation. The teacher did a really good job though- with reigning everyone in.  OH and there is this CRAZY lady- and she just talks the entire time- to the teacher- to the other members.  And it is SOOO disruptful.  So It was interesting. yay gospel principals.   
So that was intense.  The familia Giron is progressing well. =D We have a lesson set up that is great for tonight.  So pray for the Giron Family- and Juan.  Juan has been out of town for a few days.. so we haven't heard from him.  Pray that we can find him again.  This boy needs the gospel!!
We had a really neat experience this week.  We went to a member's house for a dinner appointment.  I had never really talked to this particular sister before.  She is a convert to the church- and her husband is SUPER less active.  He smokes and stuff.  So she only invites the missionaries when he is out of town for business.  So anyways we went over and had a meal with her (it was fish actually- you should be proud of me! i ate it! i only gagged like twice.) After dinner we shared a thought.  About prayer.  and i felt prompted to share our family experience when Mom had cancer- and how the ward did a fast- and how us kids prayed that mommy wouldn't lose her hair.  And the spirit just rushed into the room.  And the lady told us that she had been having a hard time- and we were able to comfort her with the scriptures.  So that was a wonderful miracle. =D Such a blessing.  (also president Maluenda held a special leader meeting this past week.  it was 2 hours long- all about getting referrals.  But not about asking for them timidly- but treat the members like your friends and Ask then to help you find- having faith that they will help. We have been getting tons of referrals!  our zone got 80 this week.  it works!! All you members- help the missionaries- fiil their schedules with people to teach- go and introduce them to people.  it is very helpful- then YOU can particpate more fully in the plan of salvation) -So we asked her if she knew anyone that we could go by. And she gave us a referral for her Dad- which was awesome.  And for a little boy that is in her 6th grade class.  His name is Ernesto.  He is in the Foster Care Program.  So we went to the house to contact the referral.  And a lady answered.  And she was super suprised.  Invited us in- and she is taking care of 6 foster kids right now.  So they ALL sat aroud us and we taught them about Jesus.  It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.  These poor children have such crazy lives. They are terrified about their futures.  They don't know much about the savior.  I feel really blessed that we get to teach them.  Because of their situation they can't get baptized - but we feel like it is a great use of time to help them get founded in the gospel.  Their names are Ernesto, Edith, Vanessa, Sylvia, Cesar, Clarise. We taught them to sing 'I am a child of God"- And we were just singing in their little house. And the spirit was there- super strong. it just flooded in.  AH- i just want to help them, and keep them safe. There is a reason why Jesus loved the little children.  And why he told us that we need to be like little children in order to enter the kingdom of God.  They are SOOO close to heaven.  Their faith is so pure and so strong. 
I love you all!  I hope that you have a wonderful week. I know the Gospel is ture!  Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.  He loves us- and is reaching out his hand to help us through.
Go strong!
-Sister Wiser