Monday, July 29, 2013

What!? its August?!

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Sister Shayna Wiser
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Corpus Christi TX  78418

Hola familia bonita!
?Como estan? I can't believe it has been another week already! How crazy fast the time flies when you are having fun! =D  Can I just say that I love being a missionary?  There are crazy things that go down ALL the time.  It is great. ;) keeps us on our toes. We had a lot of amazing experiences this week, I hope I have time to write them all down!
First off- I love my companion.  Haha we have WAY to much fun together. Singing on the bikes, knocking ALL the doors.  It has just been great.  Yes- Sister Petersen likes to sing! SO we sing for everyone.  Even on door contacts. It is amazing how music and the spirit that music brings can really open the hearts of people. It really works.  Remember Joey Youngblood?  I don't remember if I said much about him- But he went MIA(missing in action) for a while.  One night we were a couple streets away from his house and I had this feeling "Go to Joeys house".  So I told sister Petersen and we headed over there.  We knocked on his door and no one answered, so we started walking down the street- and not two seconds after we left his driveway he pulled up on his Harley. ALL decked out in Harley gear.  Haha leathers, bandana (he is too cool for helmets) sun glasses and this cutoff shirt. Haha I think Sister Petersen was a little scared.  But we talked to him for a minute, and I had the idea to sing a song for him.  He really likes patriotic songs and stuff so we sang him 'my country tis of thee'.  Then followed it up with 'I stand all amazed.'  The spirit was strong- we were just talking in the street while he was sitting on the bike- And we were able to testify of Christ.  It was really amazing.  He even set up an return appointment with us.  So that was a miracle. We have another meeting with him this week. 
Vicky!  Ah I love her so much!  She is our little Asian investigator! Man- I still wish I could speak Chinese, She speaks with very broken english. Anyways- we went and found her, and finally caught her home. She works ALOT. and she was like "OH- you came back! I thought you forgot me." Turns out that she had been waiting for us.  First thing out of her mouth was "do you have the Mormon book in Chinese?' Sadly we didn't have it, but we are getting it this Thursday.  We taught a really great lesson about the plan of salvation. It is amazing- because in her country they don't believe in God.  The best part of the entire lesson was when we taught her to pray.  And she just couldn't even believe that she could pray to God.  IT was completely new for her.  So we taught her the steps (1.Heavenly Father, 2. Give thanks..ect.) And Then I prayed first to give her an example. The spirit was so strong too! Then she said her first prayer.  It was so simple. And beautiful.  The spirit was there.  It was amazing.  Prayer is such an amazing thing.  I was just reading in Ether today- about the brother of Jared, and prayer is such a main focus in the first 4 chapters- they pray to not have their language confounded, they pray for their friends language not to be confounded, they pray for direction.  Then there is a point when they just hang out in the wilderness for 4 years- and it says that the Lord comes down in a cloud and chastises the brother of Jared for not praying!  Praying is such a BIG deal.  It is a commandment, and with every commandment there are blessings attached if we do our part.  It is amazing that God- the creator of ALL wants to hear from us.  What a blessing. Anyways-  It was an amazing experience. I really feel blessed to be a missionary. 
We set up a return appointment with Vicky- but she called us and couldn't make it.  She left the a message for us.  It was so cute.  she said "hello..sisters.  I am sorry that I cannot date with you about the book of Mormon tomorrow.'  She then continued to apologize because she didn't have time to read the book of Mormon all in one night! She is just great. 
Also- every human that has a guitar gets to hear "nearer my God to thee" from us. It has been going really good.  I am surprised at the stuff I remember.  If y'all could find a couple different hyms with the chords and email them to me that would be great. =D Music really does bring the spirit!  Dad you were right- Singing for people really softens them up.
OKAY- Here is the funny story for the week.  We were contacting this house- no one was home- but we talk to ALL the humans in the streets. And there was this guy that let his three little puntable dogs out right as we were walking by- So we stopped to talk to him.  His name is Mac. (probably in his 50's)  And he instantly knew us as the Mormon Girls.  So we talked with him for a minute- he was drinking a beer.   And right before we left we offered to sing a childs prayer for him.  It was amazing how he changed.  Haha but right after the song he started singin a different song. it was about Jesus... I think.  Then- he pulled both me and Sister Petersen in for a hug and kissed our heads.  SUPER AWKWARD. haha sister Petersen was more than a little freaked out.  I guess he liked the song.  anyways.  awkward missionary moments... ;)
Anyways! Time to go! Things are going great here! I am loving it!  Pray for the Island!  Have a wonderful week!
les quiero muchisisisisisisisimo!
-Hermana Wiser

Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013 =D

Hola and Howdy!!
Wassup from the beautiful island of North Padre!  This week has been super great.  I have a new companion! and guess what?  You all met her at lake powell right before she went into the MTC!.  Haha yes, Sister Petersen is my greenie! Great right?  She is amazing and I love her so much. -For those of you who don't know the story- I guess the house boats were parked right next to eachother in the slips down and lake powell. And as my family was packing up they talked to sister petersen's family. So- you have met my companion! SMALL WORLD.  She is amazing. Great things are happening on the island! We are staying busy.  We have really been focusing on working with our members.  And we are definatley starting to see miracles! It is so great! Tonight we have a family home evening set up with the Kings (our ward mission leader and his wife) with a non member family that we have been trying to set up an appointment with for some time. So we are super excited about that.  Pray that they can feel and recognize the spirit tonight! We literally have the best members ever.  I love all the families that go to our ward.
This week we have really been praying for the lord to put us in the path of prepared people. And this past week were walking down the street- we have been walking ALOT to save our miles- and we passed this guy that was on the street and started talking to him about the gospel.  We talked to him for a good 30 minutes out there. And were able to share our testimonies and talk about the plan of salvation.  Best part was- We invited him to be baptized! He didn't accept a date, but we are going to start teaching him.  It was amazing. Literally we were put right in his path. Then- like 3 hours later- we were leaving a lesson that we were having with a less active memeber and we passed this guy that was doing his laundry.  He had his back turned to us but we decided that we needed to go back and talk to him.  He is super prepared!! prepared!  prepared! We talked to him about the doctrine of Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, Holy ghost, endure) and used some scriptures in 2 nephi 31.  After I shared the scriptures i set Sister Petersen right up to give the baptisimal invitation. after I finished the scripture I just turned and looked at her.  And she invited him to be baptized!  She did such a good job.  Hah I was like a proud little mommy... haha I am not sure.  Anyways, I was just really proud of her.  The first baptismal invite is always the scariest one. That is why its best to do it in the first week!  Hop in the work and start running.  It was great. So we will be meeting and teaching T.J. and Mike.
It really is truly amazing- when we pray and ask for miracles, then keep our eyes open, watch for opportunities, and work super hard- we are blessed with miracles.  It is wonderful!
I found a quote this past week in my study Journal that i wanted to share with you. It is super great.  it is from elder Holland. "I have often thought that Nephi's being bound with cords and beaten by rods must have been more tolerable to him than listening to Laman and Lemuel's constant murmuring.  Surely he MUST have said, at least once, "Hit me one more time! I can still hear you!!" ... No misfortune is so bad that whining about it wont make it worse."  What a great quote from Elder Holland right?  I really liked it.  Elder Holland just has a way of wording things. =D But I think this is so true! Whining and feelin sorry for yourself always makes it worse.  Really- it does no good.  Lately in church (in our ward) and district meetings and zone meetings the focus has really been being happy- not complaining- being positive.  Really- our attitude determines our Altitude. I love that! We can make the most of any situation. 
Well I have to run! But know that I love you all. And you are in my prayers. I know the Gospel if Jesus Christ is the restored gospel on the earth. By reading the book of mormon and praying about it we can truly receive answers to our questions and become closer to God.  How blessed we are to have the gospel!
I love you!
Until Next week! Onward and Upwards!
- La Hermana Wiser
PS- Happy Birthday Shout out to my Brother- Elder Wiser this week- 19!! Waaahooo! Happy Birthday Mate! Love you so much! tear it up out there!
PSS- Happy Birthday to Grandma Bassett as well! Love you! Have a wonderful week!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Wassssup from the best island in the world! July 15, 2013

Last zone conference with the Trayners!

This is us with the sunset. =D on a little street called ducat. Sister Ramos and I

This is a usual sunset on the island. I thought it was pretty 
Bowling zone activity- last p day- I won! it was the best! haha. who said sister wiser couldn't bowl. =D

Second picture is of me and sister Anderson! on our way to the training! future mommas!

me and my mission mama! She is going to be an STL

Hola Familia!! and Howdy!
So- guess what?  I AM TRAINING A BRAND NEW GREENIE, STARTING TOMORROW!!! Can you believe it?  I just barely finished my training and now I am going to train. There are so many sister missionaries! YA! SISTER POWER!!  It was crazy- last week on Tuesday we were out and about- pounding the pavement- and the AP's called us and told me to be in McAllen the next morning for 'new trainers training'.  The training was awesome and I got to meet President Maluenda and Sister Maluenda! OH they are so amazing.  They are from Chile- and Everything was in Spanish by the way- they have 6 children.  One that is going to college in Utah, one on a mission in California, then four at home.  Three daughters and one son.  They have a beautiful family.  Let me just tell you how fast and different Chileans speak Spanish.  I actually had a really cool experience. So I was sitting in this training. everything was in Spanish. and I was not understanding a word of it. Being up in the great white north makes it hard for speaking and keeping up on the Spanish.  Literally- they could have been speaking German or French for all I knew. So I said a prayer and asked for help understanding.  And I just felt the most beautiful spirit.  And I knew in that moment that President Maluenda was called to serve as the mission president for Texas McAllen mission in this time.  It was great- THEN- it was like my ears were opened and I suddenly knew exactly what was going on.  It was truly a miracle.  I learned so much from the training- even though it was all in Spanish. The gift of tongues is real! And God truly is a God of miracles.  Often times we just need to ask for miracles- then open our eyes and recognize the miracle that we received.  It is amazing.  I recently started a little 'Miracle Journal' and in it I have recorded miracles or tender mercies.  It is amaizing- and I am becoming more and more aware of how blessed that I am.  Anyways- I am staying on North Padre Island.  Sister Ramos is headed to Edinburg.  And I will been my Greenie tomorrow!  So stoked! It is going to be a might great adventure.  I just hope that I am ready!

We also had zone conference on Friday with President Maluenda.  He really is amazing.  He served his mission in Washington state, learned English, then has been working for the church after he went to college.  He is truly inspired and follows the spirit.  And the way he talks is of those books on tape with the man- with a deep, authoritive voice- except its in Spanish! I don't know how to describe it- but when he talks- We listen. It is cool.  The mission is just going to get even better!  Its a great day to be a Texas McAllen MISSIONARY!!

This past week was super good.  We are really doing some good member work and getting the island rolling.  It is truly just taking off.  It has been fun to see.  Last night we were walking and we ran into this little tiny asain girl.  she is probably between 20-25 years old. I really cant tell.  But she looked super young. Anyways we started talking with her- she is here working on kind of and internship thing for college. She is learning English, and I wanted SO badly to speak Chinese! Man I just want to speak ALL the languages so I can invite everyone to come closer to Christ.  The fact that missionaries are called to areas speaking their languages really shows how God loves all his children. 2 nephi 31:3 says 'for the lord god giveth light unto the understanding; for he speaketh unto men according to their language, unto their understanding.' He does that so all his children can understand the importance of God's plan and help them receive all the blessings that we have in store. Maybe when I grow up I will learn all the languages. =D Anyways-  we ended up walking her home, and we are getting a Chinese book of Mormon for her to read, and we are trying to find a member that served somewhere that spoke Chinese so we can teach her.  She was so sweet.  She told us that in China they told them not to believe in God, that they were their own people- just left to themselves.  So I asked here how she would feel if she knew there was a loving heavenly father that had a plan for her. (something like that)  and she replied 'ya, that would probably be nice.'  So that was great! I am super stoked to talk with her again. We have a lot of work to do this week! I am super excited and feel so blessed that the Lord trusts me in this part of his vineyard. Being a missionary is da best!  All you youngins out there- start preparing now- because being a missionary is the biggest blessing in the world.
Well that is all for this week! I am super excited! until next week!! onward and upward!
-La Hermana Wiser

Monday, July 8, 2013

Wassssupppp! July 8th, 2013

Hello wonderful family!
Another P-Day is here!  Seriously the time just flies!  How is everyone?  I hope everyone enjoyed the 4th of july.  I totally forgot about it last week- But HAPPY 4TH!!  Hope it was good.  Our 4th of july was CRAZY.  The island was packed with vacationers.  They Drive on the beach here. And the beach was LOADED with cars.  It caught me off guard the first time I saw that. But it makes beach trips fun I guess. no need to unload the car and make 20 trips. =D We went tracting on the beach walk near our house. We handed out some cards and ended up talking to this guy for quite a while.  His name was Jim. He had an interesting story. He is Roman Catholic.  And he was telling his beliefs.  And it is CRAZY- some of the things he was saying had little pieces of truth. But they were surrounded with complete un-truths...(ha I am not sure what word to use). He basically believes in Baptism, repentance, marriage, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and ordination. But all of them have really interesting twists to them.  It just proves how much we NEED a living prophet. We could not function without one.  Thomas S. Monson truly is a prophet ordained of God.  

This week I was studying Samuel the Lamanite- He is awesome- And he prophesied the coming of Christ- ALL the signs and wonders.  And every single one came to pass. Exactly how he said they would. in 3 nephi 1:20 it says "and it came to pass, yea, ALL things, every whit, according the words of the prophets." I love this verse! it is so true!  I know that by following the counsel of the prophet we come close to God and stay on the right path. Anyway- We gave Jim a pamphlet with a number to call- he actually lives in the Elders area. 
So after we went to the beach walk for a while we went back to get the car to go to a members house for dinner.  and someone had hit our car and scratched up the entire back bumper.  SO. Didn't leave a note or anything.  So we had to deal with that instead of really spending time with our member family.  So that was kinda a bummer- But it happens.  This car is a magnet for accidents.  The sisters before popped the tire and we had to take it in for that.  So- note to self- don't buy a RED car.  haha i have been having bad luck with this one. 

Our members here are SO amazing! We have a new family that just moved in- the King family- Both the parents are RM's. And he was just called to be our ward mission leader and sister king is now a ward missionary!  We are so excited.  They are a JOY to work with.  I love them SO much.  All the members in our ward are just fantastic.  I feel so blessed to be put in such an amazing ward. 
Also- I actually had fun riding my bike on Saturday! I was singing songs, trying to keep my skirt in check- and having a great time.  hahah. the mission does change people!  I like biking and i weed people's garden.  Oh- and I ate fish! You should be proud of me.  I didn't even much. haha just washed it right down. :) 
We are seeing a bunch of wonderful miracles on the island.  The work is great.  I love being a missionary! It is the best feeling in the world!
Also we find out about transfers this week! and we get to meet our new mission president on Friday!  I will let you know ALL the news! Love you all! Have a wonderful week!!
-Les queiro mucho!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Hola Familia!

Hola!! De la Isla!!
How are y"all doing this week? yes, I say Y'ALL now. Haha I am officially a Texan.  Can you believe that is July!! MAN OH MAN.  The time flies when you are having fun. =D This week has been great.  (all the weeks are great on the mission) Where to start. 
Well. First of all we found an amazing guy names Joey Youngblood.  He is probably late 50's early 60's. He is a Texan through and through- smokes at least a pack a day and is a Harley Rider.   And we met him because of his Harley.  I saw the Motorcycle in the garage and walked up and started having a conversation with him!  He is super super amazing.  He is Baptist- currently- He has a beautiful testimony about Christ.  We had a lesson with him on Thursday night (our new mission leader was present/ Yay!) and he shared his testimony of the savior.  It brought the spirit and lead right into us telling about Joseph smith and how he restored the exact truth that Christ taught when he was on the earth.  The spirit was there! and we gave him a book of Mormon.  It was amazing.  He has some questions, but he was excited to read the Book of Mormon.  Which is a great sign.  He is really searching for the truth- the FULL truth.  And lucky him! We have that! We have another appointment with him tonight. Haha it was so funny- He offered to take me on a Harley ride around the Island.  So I told him- After the mission. (thank you daddy for being involved in so many activities-it makes it easy to start conversations with all types) It is amazing- God really is aware of ALL his children.  And we were in the right place at the right time.  God truly does lead us to those prepared people.  Now- Pray that he will accept a baptismal date!
Another cool person we met- His name is Jaron, he is in his late 30's. He is a 2 time war veteran. He was injured in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a race car driver, has a boat, a house right on the water, he fishes and hunts and is a Chef.  He is super cool. And is REALLY searching for the truth. He told us that he is just not content in his life.  He is literally searching for the Gospel- he just doesn't know that that is what he is missing yet.   Once again- It is amazing how we are let to people.  And Jaron has SOOOO many questions.  We have a couple appointments with him this week.  He has been reading in the book of Mormon. So now we just need him to come to church. JUST COME TO CHURCH!! man, sometimes it is hard to get people there! But he will come around. 
The work her is moving along! AND we got a new mission leader- the other one moved away. So we are SUPER excited! and they called his wife to be a ward missionary.  They are an amazing family.  They are both return missionaries and ready and willing to help with the work.  We are very excited about that.  It is crazy- a ward mission leader really is SO important.  They are kinda like the mediator between the ward and the missionaries.  Everyone is getting fired up about the work! Every member a missionary!
We have new mission president! His name is President Maluenda! I haven't met him yet- but I know that he is called of God.  There is just excitement all over the mission.  Change always brings about new excitement.  I will forever be grateful for President and Sister Trayner- They were wonderful. They live in Sandy Utah- So you could probably look them up on FB mom.
This week my studies have really been focused on faith. Faith is the basis of everything we do! It is amazing.  Here is your commitment for the week- Read Alma 32. It is all about faith.  God really is a God of miracles.  And he works miracles ACCORDING to the faith of his servants.  It is like that ALL through the book of Mormon.  like nephi- when he went back a third time to get the plates 'not knowing before hand' the things that he needed to do.  or when Alma and Amulek escaped  their persecutors in prison.  After they prayed in faith the prison walls tumbled to the ground, killing everyone- except Alma and Amulek.  Ammon and the other sons of Mosiah who converted THOUSANDS of the Lamanites to the gospel.  The 2060 stripling warriors- who went to battle against skilled soldiers and only received battle wounds. Not one of them was lost. And this was because of their great faith in God.  I know that when we exercise our faith- by getting out the door, working hard and trusting in Our God, we can see miracles.  The perfect recipe to receive miracles is Alma 7:23.  Look it up ;)
I love you all! Thank you for your support and your prayers. God loves us.  He sent his son Jesus Christ to atone for our sins.  Through Joseph Smith- he restored the fullness of the gospel and gave us the Book of Mormon.  The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ- we come closer to Christ by reading it that any other book. It is TRUE. I know it will all my heart.  Thomas S Monson is our prophet today- I love him and sustain him. When we follow in his guidance we are truly kept safe from the crazy things of this world! How blessed we are to have a direct link with our Heavenly Father! We are SOOO blessed.
Love ya!
Have a wonderful week!
Onward and Upward
-Sister Wiser
quote of the week- Our altitude is determined by our attitude. ;) happy thoughts Y'ALL.
oh- I saw Diane Albrectsen's sister at church on sunday! haha I was washing my hands in the bathroom and started talking to her.  I told her I was from northern Utah.  She asked if it was Pleasant view.  I said yes and then said - 'do you know Diane? you look just like her!' and what do ya know- they are sisters. SMALL WORLD. =D
peace and blessings!