Monday, April 1, 2013

MTC Week 3

Hello Wonderful Family!!
How is it going?  We are officially going on 16 days! It is crazy how the time flies here.  I wake up and sit in class all day then next thing I know it is P-day. =D It's great =D  So last week on friday we got to go to the temple here in Provo.  It was beautiful! and our entire zone got to go through the session.  It was awesome.  I am glad that I got to see what the inside of the ogden temple used to look like. It's super pretty.  I'm kinda sad that they are changing it actually. Anyways,  I love going to the temple! Go to the temple all the time! Because it is the best!  And you can honestly feel complete peace there that you can't really get any where else.  It really is awesome being surrounded with missionaries 24/7 too.  Sometimes i see the missionaries and think 'Oh sweet! there are the missionaries! We should say hello!' Then i remember that i am a missionary.  It's sooooo cool.  Sterling-Stanton-Shelby (and all those getting ready to serve someday) Be excited! Being a full time representivie of Jesus Christ is awesome.  Bah! I just love it.
Sooooo.. As you know- my companion is awesome.  We have way too much fun.  And- here in the MTC- ALL the sisters have ALL the same clothes.  So we decided to have a 'match your companion' day.  So- Hermana Garry and I have the same blue skirt from down east, a cream shirt with a peter pan collar, AND (Mom) remeber that scarf you and Auntie Karrie made me? Ya Hermana Larrabe's mom made her one out of the same exact material.  So hermana Garry and I matched perfectly.  Curls and all.  Ha you can imagine the wacked-out looks we got all day.  ha we got to the point where we started counting how many people did double takes.  It was really entertaining.  And all the other sisters in our district matched as well.  We took pictures, so I will send a some. Oh! this matching day happened on sunday. And we forgot that we were in charge of the music during sacrament meeting.  So I played the piano, and Hermana Garry lead.  In our little matchy-matchy outfits.  I also got to accompany the special musical number.  It was really good!  I love sundays here! they are the best.   
I love my zone as well.  Everyone is so great! It has been way cool to hear everyone's stories out here, about why they are here, and if the age change effected them.  Everyone is so stoked about the work!  Which is awesome.  i am super excited to get out to texas and start serving the people there. 
Our teachers -Brother Christoffersen (i can't remember if i told you that he is Elder Christoffersen's nephew) and Hermana Valdez are amazing.  We are now teaching each of them as investigators (Amanda and Jaun), then the rest of the time they teach us grammer and ALL sorts of missionary stuff.  In our lesson last night we were teaching the plan of salvation (in spanish, of course). and this entire week they have been focusing on the importance of keeping lessons simple and easy to understand. So we go to knock on the door, and our teacher (posing as Juan) pretends not to know us!! and i had no idea how to do the door approach in spanish! so I totally blew it. and then i was embarrassed. so i turned around to leave, so then i could come back and start over but then i realized that i couldn't just do that! So it was embarassing. and hermana Garry ended up saying 'uh.....ENTRAR??" which means TO ENTER?. and he was like... UH... Ya... Sure....  So that was awkward, then we started teaching about the plan of salvation and how because God loves us he made a world for us and a plan... ect.  And i said "Ya, Jaun, You can become God." and he just looked at me like i was crazy.  And yes, what i told him is true, we can become like God.  But i meant to say that we could live with God again.  Anyways it was just a really  awkward, and I am glad that we get a chance to practice here on people that arent real investigators.  It's been a really cool experience though.  Because even though they aren't real investigators, we treat the situation as real as we can.  And we really feel love for amanda and juan, and really study to help them.  It's great. =D  and i want to share it with EVERYONE. 
OH! There is this thing here called TRC.  It's where members volunteer to come and be taught by the missionaries. And so we prepare a thought about whatever and go and share it!  It was AWESOME they are just little cute grandma's and grandpa's that come and try to understand our spanish.  But the spirit was there so strong.  and at the end Hermana taylor (one of the volunteers) was learning spanish, and wanted to say the closing prayer, and she prayed for us and for our families.  And i felt SO loved. I just cried. and hugged her.  It was just like hugging you Grandma Bassett and Grandma Wiser. It was a really beautiful experience. Ah i just love it. 
Happy easter weekend! It has been such a cool experience being here during easter week.  I have been reading in John.  Chapters 12-21. And it is all about the build up before the resurrection.  It really has made the atonement real for me.  Yesterday was the day the Last supper Happened, and when christ atoned for our sins in the garden of gethsemani.  Today is when the crucifixion happened.  The thought of that has made the atonement SO real for me.  I know that Jesus Christ lives, and that he died for us because he loves us.  He died so that we may all live again. And be free from guilt, pain, sorrows, sins. The atonement is REAL and it works.  You just have to have enough faith to use it, and to try it out.  One thing that i have learned here at the MTC is that this gospel is a gospel of PROGRESSION.  We don't have to be completely perfect, yes we can be someday, but we don't have to be perfect now.  God gave us a plan and the atonement to help us become like him through our own mistakes and experiences.  We are here to choose to make good decisions and to do our best.  And those things we cant do, after we have tried our best and given our all, the Lord makes up the rest.  it is a wonderful and beautiful plan.  It brings SO much hope.  And i love that we can all learn things at our own pace. It comes little by little, precept by precept. Really take time to focus on christ this weekend, especially Sunday.  Ready John 12-21, and i promise it will bring you closer to Christ.
I have to run! Love you all! and you are in my Prayers. Have a Wonderful Easter Weekend! 
Until next week- Onward and Upward!
Hermana Wiser

Haha soooo, i forgot! my bad
I tried out for a devotional here and made it!  I sang 'make me whole' from Rob Gardener.  It is such a good song.  And i feel so blessed to have the oppurtunity.  I will probably be singing at one of the big devotionals.  But i don't really know when.  I guess they just send a letter to my mail box and tell me to come to a sound check.  So yup!  It was way fun.  When i was trying out, the music fell off the piano.... so we had to stop and start again.  But it worked out great!
Katie was supposed to tell ya. and send ya a little video of me. did ya get it??   Haha =D oh-hope San Diego was fun for you all! send me some pictures!
Love ya!!

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