Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014

Shayna will be reporting her mission on September 14th at 1:00 pm at the Pleasant View 8th ward building.

250 W Elberta Dr.
Pleasant View Utah 84414

Our good friends are allowing us to borrow their beautiful banquet room so that we can all meet together.  We will be meeting at Lomond View Gardens for a light lunch after the meeting.  We would love to have you all.

Lomond View Gardens
304 W Pleasant View Dr.
Pleasant View UT  84414

Hello Family!!  
I can hardly believe that this is my LAST weekly email that i will be sending.  I feel weird about it!  This mission thing has gone super dang fast!!! AHHH!!!
SO-  My last week as a missionary has been really really great.  Really crazy.  it has been a blur!  We have seen some really awesome miracles with the people we have been teaching.  Marcus is progressing SOOOO well!!! This past week we had a bunch of lessons with him.  He is SOO ready to be baptized and accept the gospel.  He has been reading and is already in 1 nephi 11!  not bad for only having a book of mormon for a week!  So great! 
On sunday i sang in sacrament meeting.  It was really fun.  I did a duet from the lamb of god- with sister chelsea cornwell!  love her!! she is fantastic.  It went really well then i ended up giving a talk in YSA. Haha one of the other speakers ended up not making it.  I love being a missionary!  I am glad that President Alexander asked me to speak.  
OHHH a crazy thing happened!!!  on friday night some of our sisters didn't answer the phone for follow-ups with their district leader. So they called he called us looking for them.  They had driven back from Mcallen that day- because they had a new trainers training meeting with president.  We tried to call them- and they didn't answer.  THEY WERE MISSING!!!  Next thing we knew the AP's were calling us- asking us for details. So we got ready- just in case if they wanted us to drive up there and find them.  They sent members by and all sorts of stuff but no one was answering the door.  BUTTTT- they finally answered the phone!!  Turns out they were asleep in their beds.  it was 11:30 by the time we heard anything from them. Sister cano randomly woke up and checked the phone.  Their phone quit working and wasn't receiving any phone calls.  So that was crazy.  We were freaked out that they were stranded or something!  But really they were just exhausted greenies that had a malfunctioning phone.  Pobrecitas. 
Man, Well i ran out of time!
I want to leave you with my testimony.  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.  I am so grateful for the chance that i have had to serve here in south Texas.  I know that as missionaries we are called by a prophet of God.  The Lord leads and guides this church and the missionary work.  I know that we have a living prophet on the earth today.  He holds ALL the keys that we need in this dispensation.  Joseph Smith really saw heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. The authority was restored through josph smith.  I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  It is SOOOO true!!! As we read it every day we can receive answers to our prayers, guidance, and strengthen our relationship with god.  I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world.  He came to earth to sacrifice his all So that we may live again. I know that we can change.  I have seen it in myself and i have seen it the people that i have taught here in Texas. The atonement is real.  As we reach for Christ's hand he will lift us up.  This is the True church of Jesus Christ.  We have found it!  Now we just have to live it.  =D  

I love you all!  i hope you have a great few days!!  I will see you Wednesday!!!
-Hermana Wiser 

Friday, August 29, 2014

August 25, 2014

Shayna comes home on September 3rd.  We are so excited to have her home!!  She will go directly to BYU and is excited and nervous about her new adventures.  Thank you everyone for your continued support and love for Sister Wiser - she has had an incredible mission and we are so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter.

Shayna will be reporting her mission on September 14th at 1:00 pm at the Pleasant View 8th ward building.

250 W Elberta Dr.
Pleasant View Utah 84414

Our good friends are allowing us to borrow their beautiful banquet room so that we can all meet together.  We will be meeting at Lomond View Gardens for a light lunch after the meeting.  We would love to have you all.

Lomond View Gardens
304 W Pleasant View Dr.
Pleasant View UT  84414

Here is Shayna's 2nd to last letter-


This week went SOOOOO quick!!! BAHH!! It was crazy.  SOOO crazy. I cant even think about where to start. We have been seeing some huge miracles up here in the great white north.  This week we found some really boss people!  I will tell you about them. 
SO- remember the Pacheco family??  Sister Price and I found them.  They are a less active family.  Anyways- we have been working with them since I came back to Corpus.  When Pricey was here we invited one of the older sons (who is not a member) to learn more.  He said no... haha.  BUT- this past week his mom asked us to find some brothers from the ward to come over and give him a blessing de salud. His name is Marcus.  SO we went over with the Elders Quorum Pres, and another brother.  Marcus is completely blind in one eye- his cornea got scratched- and is now infected and swollen.  There is a huge white dot over his entire cornea.  its really crazy.  So we went over and he got a blessing.  (he is such a great kid! he has such a good attitude about it). After the blessing we just started talking about church.  He didn't have a book of Mormon- so we ran and got one for him, and downloaded it onto his phone...and then I remembered that he isn't member!!  So we invited him right there to learn more. and he said yes!!  So we went on Saturday to have a lesson with him.  We took one of the YSA brothers (marcus is 22) and taught him about the restoration.   IT WAS SO POWERFUL.  It was literally like a role play.  At the end he gave the most beautiful, heartfelt prayer. He literally asked- straight from his heart if Joseph smith say Heavenly father.  The SPIRIT JUST WHOOSHED IN. (usually when we teach people, they forget to ask about joseph smith.. but he didn't!  SO prepared!!)  After the prayer we asked him how he felt- to help him identify the holy ghost and his answer. He described the spirit he was feeling like he was "back home, warm, happy".  Isn't that so true!! When we feel the Holy ghost in our lives we do feel like we are back home.  I had never thought of it that way- So amazing the things you learn from people. He accepted a baptismal date for the 21st of September.  Such a miracle.  It is cool to see how the lord works with people. When we first invited him to learn- he said no.  But the lord provided another opportunity.  ALSO- before we even talked about the book of Mormon- he read 2 chapters.  He listens to it when he drives to and from work.  AND he brought his younger brother to church yesterday!! Such a miracle!!
THEN- we went back to visit this lady names April.  We were teaching her like a transfer ago- when sister price was here. Anyways- they weren't really acting for a while.  Then they went MIA (missing in action) for a while.  And I just had the feeling to go by.  So we went and April was SOOO excited to see us.  She said, "I was wondering when you were going to come back!"  So we taught her about the book of Mormon, and reset her BD. Then we went back last night to teach her about the plan of salvation.  The lesson went really well.  Then as we were talking about the 3 degrees of glory- her husband Eddie (who is a big black guy) came out and sat it.  Near the end- he made a 'worldly' comment... or something- I didn't hear him, but April got mad at him and said, "Eddie!  they are not here to talk about that!!  If you don't knock it off you will go to the telestial kingdom!!".  She then smacked him with her pamphlet. haha it was SOOO funny.  I love her so much.  She is so ready and willing to learn. =D 
Life is just great!! We are working our guts out.  AND IT IS SOOOO HOTTTTTT.  =D  I love it.  I am afraid that when I come back to Utah that I am going turn into a stinking raisin.  haha. 
Here  is a scripture that I have liked a lot recently.  I LOVE MORONI !!! 
Alma 48:11-12
11 And Moroni was a strong and a mighty man; he was a man of a perfect understanding; yea, a man that did not delight in bloodshed; a man whose soul did joy in the liberty and the freedom of his country, and his brethren from bondage and slavery; 12 Yea, a man whose heart did swell with thanksgiving to his God, for the many privileges and blessings which he bestowed upon his people; a man who did labor exceedingly for the welfare and safety of his people. 13 Yea, and he was a man who was firm in the faith of Christ, and he had sworn with an oath to defend his people, his rights, and his country, and his religion, even to the loss of his blood.
Let us be like Moroni- Strive to have a perfect understanding, grateful to Heavenly father, labor exceedingly (for the welfare of souls),  and FIRM IN THE FAITH OF CHRIST. 

Love you all SOOOO much!! 

Have a great week at school kids!! Have fun in high school Shelby sue!! 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON FRIDAY MOMMMMYYY!!!  I will give you a birthday hug next week. =D and we can go to 'spoon me'.  just sayin. 


-Hermana Wiser

THis is sister pachecos grandson. he is 2 MONTHS OLD!!! AND SOOOO CHUNKY!!!

Happy Birthday mom!!!

I made this sign for you. =D  hahah

Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

Sorry everyone - I was out of town last week and couldn't post Shayna's letter - so this week you get to read TWO letters.  the countdown is on - Shayna will be home September 3rd at 5:05 pm - she will report her mission on September 14th at 1:00 pm.  Thank you for all of your support and love - Shayna loves being a missionary!!!!  -Laura

3 day leadership, HOT, HUMID- I <3 Texas


This week was insane!!!  So great. I loved every minute of it.  We had our 3 day leadership meeting down in Mcallen this week.  SO we left last p-day at 3:00 and started driving to the valley. I think I know the drive by heart now.  We made it to the church at 6:00- and we split up.  I spent the week working with Sister Beckstrand and Sister Hunt.  Two wonderful sisters!! Love them so much! then we had 3 days JAM-PACKED full of spiritual learning and miracles!  It was by far the best meeting that I have been to on my mission.  All of the trainings were super wonderful.  I wish I had time to read you all my 40+ pages of notes that I took.  I literally wrote my own book of revelation during the meeting.  remind me to share it with you sometime. I also had the opportunity to do a few musical numbers.  At the end of the 1st day one of the AP's asked Sister Garry and I to meet at presidents house to practice a special musical number. I love President and Sister Maluenda!!! they are so wonderful.  So after going out and working- we met at Presidents house at 9:00 to practice.  We did... a great song... and I can't remember its name in English! Anyways- Sister Garry and I, the assistants, and Pres and Sister Maluenda all sang.  It was really neat.  AND- the APs were usually late from dropping off people. So sister Garry and I got some time with President.  Such a blessing.
During our last MLC President was talking about the "consider the lilies" scriptures- you know- the ones that talk about not worrying about what we will eat, or wear..ect- because the Lord takes care of all those things. -So President was talking about that and in the middle of MLC he turns to me and says, "Sister WIser, do you know that song?"  So I said yes (thank you Mr. Wood =D) and he said, "will you sing it for us real quick?".  So I preceded to sing this song.  After the meeting President told me to prepare it- and sure enough he asked me to sing it at 3 day.  Sister Welch played for me.  and we sang it on day 2. Then- President brought up the scriptures again, how the Lord knows all that we need.  If you read 3 nephi 13:25-34.  Starting in verse 25 it says that he "looked upon the twelve whom he had chosen".  So he was talking to his missionaries, his servants.  Then went on to have faith and seek first the kingdom of God. He tied it all into to Christ's life.  It was so powerful. My little email doesn't do it justice (sorry).  As President talked I felt the spirit super strong.  And next thing I knew he turned to me and asked me to sing "consider the Lilies" one more time.  So I went up to the pulpit and started to sing the song.  it went really well until I got the the 3rd verse. these are the words. 

"Consider the sweet tender children
how they suffer on this earth
the pains of all of them he carried
from the day of his birth.

He clothes the lilies of the field,
He feeds the lambs of his fold,
 and he will heal those who trust him
and make their hearts as Gold."

The moment after I said "consider the sweet tender children" I instantly had tears in my eyes. and my voice was gone. The spirit was SOOOO strong in the room- there wasn't a dry eye.  Sister welch kept playing and I spoke/sang the rest of the song.  While I was standing up there the Spirit testified to me of the savior. And I was overwhelmed with the deepest feeling of gratitude.  We all suffer on this earth- but HE carried ALL the pains.  of all Gods tender children.  and because He did that- he can heal all of our hearts and make our hearts as gold.  I feel so privileged to be a missionary for our savior Jesus Christ. After serving him for (almost) 18 months I can say that I know he lives.  He loves us.  He gave his all so that we could make it back.  We are so blessed.  I know that the singing of that song wasn't the prettiest I have ever sang- but it was all with my heart.  I feel blessed that I could be an instrument in His hands and to testify of Him. It was one of the most spiritual experiences of my entire mission.  and it was so great to be in the chapel with 80 missionaries!  man I love being a missionary! After that Sister Larrabee and Sister Andersen (two missionaries I came out with) gave their last testimonies.  They were beautiful.  It was just great.  It truly strengthened my faith.
After the meeting we had a few things to do then headed back to corpus. we are just working hard!  hope you all have a wonderful week.  Take time to study the life of the savior.  Really get to know him- so that he can help you in your lives.  I know he lives.  His atonement is for all of us- and we have access to it as members of his true church.  It is such a blessing. 
love you all!!
-Hermana Wiser

sorry for all the selfies. iwill take more quality pics next week.
Sister Acosta and I got drenched in a rain storm!!

Down to Mcallen to go to 3 day!  I saw my Hija!!

Sister Young and me.

my trio! during the training. Sister beckstrand and sister Hunt

Sister Ashman and WIser!  crazy ladies!!

exchange with Beeville!  love these sisters!!

August 11, 2014

Hello people! Hope you are all having a great day!! Shout out to the Wiser side- Grandma wiser!! happy anniversary!!  Deana, Michael, Shannon, Shawna, Mom, Dad, Grammy- I hope you enjoy your Hawaii trip!! Live it up!
We had a super great week!  it went by so fast that I literally cant even remember what happened. It was definitely full of wonderful missionary stuff though ;).  We had two exchanges this past week.  Out of our 8 sisters- 5 of them are greenies. So it has been really fun to work with them!  I love greenie fire!! I always learn so much.  We did an exchange with the island sisters (Sister Lance and Sister Sarmiento).  I went with sister Lance!  It was so fun.  She is the sweetest.  She is 19 and fresh out of the MTC.  She is from provo- and is just a wonderful missionary.  My second exchange was with sister Acosta (whom I love) in annaville.  I got to go to her area and check it out.  It was rainy off and on all day.  It was super funny actually- we were on this street- contacting some referrals- and out of no where it started pouring.  It doesn't rain much out here- but when it rains it POURS.  we were about a half a block from our car- and all the people we were trying to contact kept looking at us like we were crazy people- probably because we were out in the pouring rain. Anyways- we were about a half a block from our car and decided to run to the car to wait out the random spurt of rain-  by the time we got to the car we were completely drenched. It looked like we jumped into a swimming pool. haha. I have pictures actually- but I forgot my cord!  I will send them next week.  Anyways it was a good experience. after the rain let up a little we went to go and talk to two guys that pulled up.  They both looked pretty rough- one of them had a tattoo sleeve of puros skeletons and scary stuff.  But we started talking to them.  Turns out that they work for an oil rig company or something.  So they are hardly ever home.  So we gave a book of Mormon to one of the guys.  He said he would read it.  They didn't accept a BD or anything- but I know that we planted a seed. I really felt it.  Most of the time missionary work is as simple as that- just planting seeds.  Through the years other people and experiences help those seeds to grow then they will be ready to accept the fullness of the gospel.
An awkward thing happened though after!! we left our number with them- and the other guy texted us and (the one we didn't give the book of Mormon too) asked us 'to go to get some drinks and some food" with them.  AKWARD.  I have never been offered drugs or alcohol in my life until I became a missionary. haha kinda funny how that works.  hopefully that guy will progress one day.
Then later on we had another lesson with one of the families they are working with.  They are so great!!! BUT the husband- Larry- has a doubt that the sisters hasn't found yet.  He wont accept a BD.  It seemed like he had a faith issue.  So much has happened in his life he is afraid to open up.  and because of that he isn't receiving answers to gain a testimony. SO HARD!!!  AHHHH.  The spirit was so strong in his house- you could tell because the wife was eating it up, and sister Acosta and I were both feeling it too- But he was to stubborn to recognize it.  But they are going to keep working with him- he is going to be an amazing member.  He is a super great guy. I learned a lot from the experience though.  We have to be humble in order to receive answers from the Lord.  If we don't actively do our part- we wont receive an answer.  Or if we do pray and read and go to church- without the FAITH that we will receive heavenly help- we wont. It was a really good reminder for me to be humble.  To have faith enough to receive help and answers from heavenly father. I have received so many answers on my mission- it has become part of me kinda- so it was a really good reminder to stay faithful and humble, and to not get caught in a rut. (I hope this makes sense, haha works in my brain)
We finally found Debra last night!!!  we haven't had contact with her for about a week and a half.  So we prepared a special lesson for her.  We have already taught her everything that she needs in order to be baptized- so we planned a hybrid lesson of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Plan of Salvation.  And how the gospel (faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, endure to the end) fits in with getting to the celestial kingdom.  we read 2 nephi 31 and as we read we dissected it and I drew a visual for her.  The spirit was there super strong. As we read she was highlighting things in her book of Mormon!!  At the very end I had a really strong impression to invite her to be baptized again.  So I did. And she accepted a date for my last sunday, the 31st.  I feel really blessed that I can work with her.  This week she is going to an ARP meeiting to help her with the smoking, and she committed to read the BOM every day this week.  Keep her in her prayers!  I know she can do it!!! 
I love you all so much! I hope ya have a great week!  do some good service- invite some people to come to Christ.  Hey- Hawaii crew!! you have a plane ride home! I am challenging you to Give out some copies of the book of Mormon! I want to hear about your experiences next week!  Missionaries forever!!!
Love you all!
-Hermana Wiser

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 4th, 2014

Wassssssup Augosot!!!!

I can hardly believe that we are into august! It has been great though!! So my new companion is Sister Ashman!! She is from Henderson Nevada, right up close to sin city.  She is the  youngest of 5. and has been a missionary for 15 months. She is really great. and hilarious. =D We have been having a great time- we are kindred spirits. So this is going to be a really fun transfer! 
Monday Sister Price and Sister Moffat left Sister Nail  and I at 6:00 in the evening- it was so weird to be without them!  it was very very quiet. Tuesday morning we had to be at the church at 5:15- sister nail had to be in McAllen by 9:00 to pick up her Greenie. and Sister Welch also had to go down. She got called to be an STL!  So exciting!  So we were at the church super dang early.  Sister Cano (a new sister that is from Spain, Sister Welch's greenie) Stayed with me until the transfer van came.  We had a great study session while we waited for the van to come. They pulled up about 3:00 in the afternoon and SIster Ashman and I were out working at 4:00!  It was great.  Then Tuesday night we got the call that we needed to go down to McAllen for some more meetings. so we headed out after a few appointments we had in the morning on Thursday. The meetings were good! There is a really great story in Judges 7 - it talks about being a leader. This Man named Gideon reduces his huge army- to 300 men because the Lord instructed him too.  Then he makes a plan to go against a HUGE army. The following verses are the directions that he gave to his men. 
 16 And he divided the three hundred men into‍ three companies, and he put trumpet in every man’s hand, with empty pitchers, and lamps within the pitchers.
 17 And he said unto them, Look on me, and do likewise: and, behold, when come to the outside of the camp, it shall be that,‍ as do, so shall ye do.
 18 When blow with trumpet, and all that are‍ with me, then blow ye the trumpets also on every side of all the camp, and say, The sword‍ of the Lordand of Gideon.
I particularly like verse 17- Gideon was such a good leader!! "look on me and do what you see me do."  It made me think a lot- am I being a good example?  can I say-  "watch me and do the things that I do"? Anyways- it is a really good chapter and you can pull a lot of parallels from it.  Make it a good study!! let me know what you think. =D    be like Gideon!  Follow the Lord exactly- and help others to follow your good example.
Wednesday we had a great miracle.  We have been working a lot in this one apartment complex- we have been finding some people- but not any SUPER prepared people.  But I have just been feeling that there is someone prepared there that we need to find.  So we put it in the plans on Wednesday.  We had an appointment with this guy named issac- but he got sick last minute so he canceled on us.  Before we left his doorway he had given us 4 referrals.  So we started to contact them.  The 2nd door we knocked a kid named Jordan answered.  He is 19 years old- and pretty rough.  He lives with a bunch of his friends. I am pretty sure they smoke stuff.. like weed.  it smells pretty bad.  anyways-  we started teaching him.  At first he was swearing a lot- but by the end of the lesson his countenance had completely changed. He accepted a baptismal date and committed to come to church on sunday!  We set up a return appointment with him for Saturday.  When we went back- he was out there waiting for us.  He read the restoration pamphlet and prayed about it.  He was pumped about coming to church too!!  Sunday rolled around and he showed up 15 mintues early.  So we gave him a church tour real quick and sat down for sacrament meeting.  We introduced him to the entire YSA branch in the process.  After sacrament some of the returned missionaries wisked him away to the classes.  it was great!  THEN- after he stayed for the linger longer too!  he was at the church for like 4 and a half hours. and loved it.  So that was great. he is SOOOO prepared. So that has been a huge miracle for this week. his baptismal date is the 24th.
Rosa and the kids all got confirmed!!  IT WAS SO POWERFUL!! and took most of sacrament meeting. haha.  it was great. Their blessings were so beautiful as well. Andrew's blessing said that he would be a powerful missionary, Angela- that she would be married in the temple and that her children would be born into the covenant, and Roel- that he would hold many callings in the church- and help many people come to Christ.  It was powerful.  I had CHILLS during the entire meeting.  Rosa is super solid! she made a great addition to that  little Spanish branch- and the kids love church.  Angela and Roel are actually giving talks in primary this upcoming Sunday, so that will be super cute! We are going to run over and help them write them this week. SO cute! love them.
Sandie gave her testimony in sacrament meeting this week!  it was so great!! she even shared a scripture!  I love it when recent converts do that. it makes ya feel so dang good!  here is the scripture she shared. 3 nephi 11:33
33 And whoso believeth in me, and is baptized, the same shall be saved; and they are they who shall inherit the kingdom of God.
It was so great!! She has a powerful testimony!  And tonight the other sisters are having a lesson with an investigator in the hulls house.  they are so excited to participate in the work!  =D
Well!! I hope you all have a wonderful week!  I still love being a missionary!  best thing ever.  I know that this church is the true church of Jesus Christ!  He is our lord and savior.  as we come unto him he will heal us.  Love yall!

-Hermana Wiser
The STL's of my last transfer!  love them all so much!!

me and sister price at the selena museum.

this is brother quintinilla. selenas dad.  he is a jehovas witness- and tried to bash with us.  so we took a picture with him.  most interesting contact in the world.  remind me to tell you that story someday.  haha.

sister cano! waiting for the transfer van. so great. she is irish Mexican. =D hahah. so cool!

sister myers came back to tour the mission!  sister Ashman is on the end with the curly blonde hair. =D

this is us with a very Asian statue.  cool.

Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28th, 2014 - Good bye Sister Price - Hello last transfer!!!!

Hello family!!

This week was especially crazy!! and Great.  And Crazy. =D I will just start and go through the entire week in order. 

Monday (last Monday)-  Our bishop and a few members took us to the aquarium! It was super fun! I will attach pictures here in a second. It was a crazy p-day- we finished all of our stuff by 1:30 and were going to see little fishies.  it was record time. Our members spoil us!!  Then Brother and Sister Hull had a family home evening with us and another family in the evening.  So we went and they had food set up and everything. They have come so far! in January brother hull was less active and sister hull wasn't  a member yet!  Now they are having family home evenings and inviting people to come to church.  Hasten the work!

Tuesday we had our last district meeting of the transfer. Since Sister Moffat and Sister Price are going home the elders did a hilarious safety training about "airline safety" it was great. Then we went to district lunch at this place called Eddy's.  It is owned by a less active member and they feed us for free. they are super great. and the food is great too!
Wednesday President Maluenda came up for interviews. (it is the transfer for interviews)  We found out Tuesday night at about 7:30. So we went and had some really awesome trainings.  President Maluenda is really inspired! I always learn so much!!

Thursday, Friday, we just had a ton of appointments- we were running aroud like crazy having lessons and stuff.  It is always fun to be super busy! We have found some really great people this week.  I will give more details as they progress a little bit more.  Friday afternoon we were in this apartment complex- and we saw this little girl trying to get something that fell in the but huge trash bin.  She was standing on her bike to get up and get it.  so we went to help her.  When she was dumping the trash the little can fell in.  So we helped her get it out.  Then of course gave her a picture of Jesus. We asked her for a referral and she told us to go and visit her friend.  So we went and knocked- but no one answered.  So we set off to find some other people that lived in the complex.  on our way back to the car we saw another lady- again dumping things in the dumpster. so we invited her to learn more and she invited us in to her house. AND- it was the same family that the little girl had referred us too.  that was pretty neat.  we went in and they both accepted baptismal dates for august. it was really great.  We are excited to teach them.  It is a mom and a daughter.  their names are Julie and Serenity. cute family. 

Saturday-  We had everything set up for Rosa's baptismal interview!! and the kids!  there ended up being a special meeting in McAllen for new trainers and district leaders- so a bunch of missionaries ended up going down. So we had  Sister Gibson and sister Perez with us.  Our district leader had 2 other Dl's with him as well.  We started out the day doing service (yes all of us. there were 11 of us) at this sisters house. Then she made us a carne asada after. It was super good.  After that we all headed to the church for the interviews! Rosa and her kids were there waiting outside the front door- all dressed up cute and ready for their baptism interview.  SO PREPARED. Since there were 3 district leaders they helped our district leader with the baptism interviews. So that shortened up the time a little.  While the kids waited for Rosa we made copies of some living scriptures coloring pages. they had fun coloring.  We had a good time with them. 

Sunday- They got baptized!!!!  It was such a great miracle!!  The Spanish branch was super excited as well- they haven't had a baptism in a while. so the entire branch was there to support.  Sunday we also gave talks in church and I played the piano for the meeting.  As we were going to help with the Gospel principal class one of the brothers came and asked me to go and play the piano for primary. So that was fun!  I really enjoy primary. Rosas 6 kids really added a lot to the primary.  Angela, Roel, and Andrew were so excited for their baptism.  When they announced it in primary they were beaming.  So cute. The service  went really well.  Rosa texted us later and thanked us for coming to find her family. She told us that she knew that God sent us to her.  HE DID!  I know he did.  Such a miracle to see a family enter the waters of baptism.  Her husband came to support as well-  so hopefully we will start to teach him as well.  Pray for him!!
Debra and  Breanna were supposed to be baptized as well, but they just need a little more time.  They are doing well though- progressing super well. pray for debra to stop smoking! it has been super hard for her.  we will be re-setting her date with her this week.  we have some great plans to help her to progress! 
We got sister price all packed up last night! It is so weird seeing her empty desk and closet!  She really has been a wonderful companion.  We will be friends for life!  if yall want to go to Arizona her homecoming is the 10th of august. =D haha. I love her so much!

By next week I will for sure know my next companion! I will be staying in Weber for sure. I am happy about it. 
Well- I love you all!! have a great week!! enjoy the heat!! I love being a missionary.  I know that Jesus Christ is the savior and that he lives. He leads this holy work- all we need to do is be instruments in his hands. 
Love love love love love ya!! 
-Hermana Wiser.

Sister Sarmiento and I at the Aquiarium

Group of sisters!! so fun!!

this is a funny one. sister moffat went to peru. sister sarmiento is from chile. and I am in corpus!!

Here are the kids at there interview!!

Rosas baptism!!!!
Rosas other son Rodger!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014


This week literally flew by!!  I wanna start by giving a shout out to Grandma Bassett!! Happy birthday on the 23rd!!! And to ELDER WISER.  Feliz Cumpleanos on the 26th!!  Enjoy your birthdays :) Love ya both so much.

Sister Price and I had some mighty great adventures this week.  It went very very very fast.  We did 3 exchanges this past week.  With our sisters in Annaville, Beeville, and Everhard.  It was great.  I love the sisters so much!!  I just keep learning ALL the lessons.  We took a little road trip to Beeville.  It is a tiny Podunk town. My GPS decided to give up the ghost- so we asked a member to print off some google maps for us. There are a couple of major free-way switches- so we got pretty nervous when we saw a sign that said "SAN ANTONIO 97 MILES".  Don't worry- we didn't go to San Antonio.  We made it alright-  Beeville is the most northern city in our mission!  So it was super fun.  AND HOT.  I got a little sun burnt. I have some pretty knarly sister missionary tan lines. =D  yay. We went out and worked super hard.  We stayed and worked Friday night and Saturday- between the four of us we found 9 investigators.  It was a really amazing blessing.  I had been praying to have success on that exchange for about 2 weeks- and we saw a LOT of miracles!! Heavenly father really does hear and answer our prayers.

Savanna and Izabelle went to the temple this week!!! THEY LOVED IT.  Such an amazing experience! Man- I wish I could have been a fly on the wall.  We went over earlier in the week and helped Savanna set up her family history account- then we started putting stuff in. She is the first one in her immediate family that has even touched family history.  So we got all the information for her to do a baptism and confirmation for her Grandma.  Izabelle did one for their Great Grandma. It was cool.  Brother Perez was there and started pulling out birth certificates, passports, and other random documents with names, birth dates, and death dates.  We put them in then and there!  The spirit of Elijah was there!!  You could feel it.  It is amazing how a temple trip will solidify a recent convert.  They had an amazing experience. I will have them send a picture to my email so that y'all can see it next week. 

Sandie is doing great as well!! We got a call from her on Saturday- and her friend was admitted to the hospital. So she called and invited us to go and sing with her- AND she called the bishop and invited him to go give her a blessing.  We went into the hospital after church. it was an army of Mormons!! ( Sandie, Bishop, Sister Price and I, Chelsea Cornwell and her husband Logan.)  We filled up her room and sang 'I am a child of God'  It brought such a beautiful spirit.  The lady just started crying.  You could tell that she just needed to feel Heavenly fathers love. Then Bishop and Brother Cornwell gave her a blessing. It was really beautiful and the spirit just whooshed it.  After that she asked us what church we were from.  Sandie instantly answered, "We are Mormons!  it is the church I just joined!!"  Then she shared her testimony!  AHHHH!! SO POWERFUL!!! She is being a missionary as well!  And the Hulls invited a less active family to come to a family home evening tonight at their house.  They have the desire to help others come unto Christ.  So exciting!!  Sandie said that she is hoping that her friend wants to learn more.  We will probably go and see her again. So great!! 

It has been great!! This is Sister Prices last week in the mission. We have some hefty goals- so we are going to hit the ground running this week.  Rosa, Angela, Roel, Andrew, Breanna, and Debra preparing to get baptized this upcoming sunday.  Pray for them!!!  Especially Debra.  She has cut her smoking in half.  and committed to smoke 2 less cigarettes every day this week.  That will have her ready for her baptism.  They are all progressing SOOO well. Rosa texted us yesterday after church and thanked us for finding her family.  They are so prepared.  

I love my mission!  I am grateful to serve the Lord in this time.  I know that this is HIS work. He loves us and is there to strengthen us. The atonement is real.  I have felt its power in my life and I have seen it change people.  We just have to use it!!  The church is true the book is blue!  Have a wonderful wonderful week!  Love you all!!

-Next time you hear from me I will know who my new companion is!

Les Quiero Bastante!!
-Hermana Wiser