Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

This week has been a wonderfully crazy week! The work is moving here in south texas!!  We have just been seeing sooooo many miracles! Savanna was baptized yesterday!!  it was such a wonderful service.   She was so ready for it too.  She showed up Saturday for her interview all ready.  Before that she went to buy a new dress to wear.  So cute. =D you will see it in the pictures. She invited a bunch of her non-member family members.  SO that was wonderful.  She is already spreading the gospel!!  Her cousin wants to learn too!  So we are going to start teaching her this upcoming week.  It is amazing the difference that one person makes.  Savanna is helping her family sooooo much!   She is such a wonderful example.  Her families home teacher, a brother from the ward, was able to baptize Savanna after working with their family for 4 years.  HOME TEACHING IS IMPORTANT!! It took four years- but now their family is even closer to heavenly father.  They (Savanna and Bro Perez) are preparing to go on the youth temple trip in about a month!  SO WONDERFUL!!!! It has been such a blessing to work with them.  At savannas baptism we took the guitar and did a rendition of 'when I am baptized'. the primary song that talks about rainbows and baptism.. haha =D it turned out really good.  And brought the spirit into the room.  it is amazing how much music can add!  Such a blessing.

Sandie was confirmed a member of the Church yesterday as well in sacrament meeting.  They are just the sweetest. They have become our Corpus Cristi  grandparents.  I love them so much!  Sister Price and I sang 'how great thou art' in sacrament.  It is brother Hulls favorite hymn.  So that was a nice little touch. 

Basically we have just been working our guts out in the blazing texas heat!  I forgot how HOT it is in the summer.  Haha it is character building. =D

This upcoming week we have an ALL sister meeting in Mcallen.  Road trip! hahah it is crazy having to drive so far for a meeting.  Then we have zone conference after that.  So that is going to be super fun. =D I am excited to go!  And I am ready to learn more!!

We had a crazy miracle this week!  literally crazy.  Haha so we had a member with us- her name is Morgan.  She is wonderful. She is engaged right now- and comes out with us every week.  So we had this crazy experience.  WE were going to a lesson with our new investigators that we found, Arnold and Brittany.  And we had planned to teach them about the book of Mormon.  BUT..... we forgot to put more copies in our car.  I had checked the night before and the car was completely out of copies of the Book of Mormon.  As we were driving over to their house I realized that we didn't have a Book of Mormon for the lesson! MISSIONARY NIGHTMARE!! (whoops.. lack of preparedness- don't worry I repented. :p)  Anyways So I said "Sister Price! Hurry say a prayer.  we need one!"  So she said a prayer right that moment.  She literally prayed for a 'random book of Mormon."  So we got out of the car to look in the trunk AND THERE WAS A RANDOM BOOK OF MORMON THAT APPEARED OUT OF NO WHERE. Heavenly father answers our prayers.  We went and had an awesome lesson with them!  Such a miracle.  Morgan, sister price and I were all so shocked!  Prayer works if you have faith! 

Well I hope you all have  a wonderful week! 

Love you all so much!!! enjoy this last week of JUNE. AHHHHH.  Time is flying.

-Hermana Wiser

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 16, 2014

Hello family!!
SOOOO- Transfers came in and I get to stay with Sister Price for her last transfer!! I am super excited for the upcoming weeks!  We have been so blessed.  This past week was incredible! We saw so many miracles!! Sandie Hull got baptized!! We had her interview on Thursday- then planned her baptism to be in a tiny town called kerville. (I have no idea where that is- except that it is in the San Antonio Mission) Sandie's Father in law is a super active member that lives in Kerville. Both Sandie and Brother Hull wanted him to be at the baptism- so we planned everything through our leaders for the baptism to be in kerville- and that night we got a call from President Maluenda to make sure all was well- THEN we got a call from the mission president of San Antonio!! So that was crazy.  It all went well, and was a beautiful experience for the Hull family. We wished that we could have been there- But were so happy that her father in law could be there. She is SOOOO sweet.  Sunday morning she sent us a text that said, "next time you see me we will ALL be members of Christ's Church."  She is so great!  When we went over for her interview- she made Gluten Free Fried chicken. She went to the store (yes this is the one that just had a triple bypass surgery a month ago) and found gluten free flour and made us all a huge dinner.  Then she had her interview.  After the interview she came out and said to her husband, "Jim! when do we get to get married again?"  She was talking about their temple sealing!  SO plan on coming with me to texas next year so we can go to Sandie's sealing!! WAHOOO!!
This is Savanna This past week she tried to open a window- and it shattered and cut her up.  Here are a few of her battle wounds.  crazy right?  Pray for the stitches to be out by the time of her baptism!!

Then Savanna!  She is preparing for this upcoming sunday! She is also SOOOO prepared!  We have taught her everything, she just needs to have her interview and she is ready for Sunday.  She has been loving church and keeps a scripture journal as she reads.  You can see the light in her eyes more and more every single day.  The cool thing too is that her Dad was baptized when he was 17.  His conversion story is really hilarious.  He said that when he was in high school he had a crush on this pretty girl.  he really wanted to talk to her- so one day he followed her home.  She was probably freaked out- so she sent her big brothers out to talk to him.  They took Bro- Perez in the house, sat him at the kitchen table and said, "You cant talk to our sister unless you read this book." -You got it!  it was a Book of Mormon!  AND HE READ IT.  He said at first it was to talk to the girl, but the more he read the more he knew it was true.  He called the missionaries and was baptized.  He is coming back too with Savanna.  SO that has been amazing. The ward is fellowshipping them wonderfully as well. Yay miracles!!
We found these sisters this week.  Their names are Iris and Margie.  Last week the elders did a blitz in our area- and contacted Iris.  They set a return appointment for last Monday evening.  We took a member with us to go to the appointment on Monday and it was so powerful! They are probably the most prepared people ever.  We were all in tears.  The spirit was SOOO strong.  Margie- the younger sister- said the last prayer, and She thanked the Lord for answering her prayer from the night before.  She had been praying for help, direction, and light.  We showed up the next day! It is amazing to be on the other end- being a tool to help answer peoples prayers.  Their family is going through a really really rough time right now- and the gospel is just what they need.  We met with them Wednesday and gave them their copies of the book of Mormon- Then had a boss church tour with them on Saturday!  It has been a miracle. Keep them in your prayers.  They are both so wonderful.
We have been incredibly blessed this past week.  There are so many more miracles that I want to share!! We were able to find 9 people this week.  Which is craziness.  Our planners are chuck full and we are staying busy!  Pray for the people! They ALL need the gospel. 
I had a really cool insight as I was reading the scriptures in my personal study this week.  Look up these two scriptures.  Mosiah 27:25-26 (one of my favorites) with 3 nephi 9:17.
 25 And the Lord said unto me: Marvel not that all mankind, yea, men and women, all nations, kindreds, tongues and people, must be born again; yea, born of God, changed from their carnal and fallen state, to a state of righteousness, being redeemed of God, becoming his sons and daughters; 26 And thus they become new creatures; and unless they do this, they can in nowise inherit the kingdom of God.
Put with this scripture-17 And as many as have received me, to them have I given to become the sons of God; and even so will I to as many as shall believe on my name, for behold, by me redemption cometh, and in me is the law of Moses fulfilled.
I have been thinking about how we can really become sons and daughters of god lately- how we can develop our divine potential and do ALL we can to become like Heavenly Father in this life. The Mosiah scripture tells us that we need to be born again- changed from a carnal state to a state of righteousness. -  The nefi scripture tells us HOW we can be changed.  By receiving Christ. =D  And when we receive Christ we receive his gospel.  By living the Principles of the gospel we are literally changed.  We are all in a journey to become more like the savior.  by following his example and developing his attributes we are changed through his atonement.  And we become the Sons and Daughters of God.  This was on of my little light bulb moments this week!  =D makes sense right?
Well I love you all!!  hope you have a wonderful week!  I love being a missionary!
-Hermana Wiser

funny sign in Corpus. hahaha oh Texans.

having fun!! =D
I was being a hippie missionary!  My companion convinced me to try a middle part. weird.

found this funny sign!  fitting! hahah- keep it humble sister wiser. =D
This is Sandie hull!  She sews a lot and showed us a wedding dressed- so I could 'prepare to find my future husband'.  SO I tried on the veil she made. hahahaha  LOVE HER
Corpus Christi North District!  Elder Casteel, Elder Ward, Elder Esklesen, Elder Flores, Sister Welch, Sister Nail, Sister Price.  SO FUN! =D

Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

This week is the last week of the transfer!! Super crazy!!  This transfer has just flown by! MAN. We took another road trip to McAllen this week for an STL meeting and MLC.  It was really great!  President Maluenda is such an inspired Mission President! The changes he is making are really helping the mission to grow. =D We went down to McAllen on tuedsay- and worked with the La Vista sisters for the afternoon and evening. I Got to work with my querida Hermana Kreis!! Haha it was just like old times.  I felt like I just went on a really long exchange then went back to work in La Vista. hah  it was fun.  We were walking around- trying to find prepared humans- and there were 4 boys outside. They were all around 14-15 years old.  And they wanted to learn about the message and ALL accepted baptismal dates.  We set appointments with all of them and their families to go back.  So that should keep them busy for a while. =D  One of the boys- Robert- was talking about how the sisters had been teaching his family not to long ago- and how THAT VERY MORNING- they were talking about getting baptized and finding the sisters again.  God knows where we need to be- when we need to be there.  That was super great.
The theme that I pulled from our meetings was the power of prayer.  President Maluenda shared a really really cool experience from his life. (he has tons of cool life experiences).  We were talking about the importance of ASKING for what we need. Like it says in the scripture Matthew 7:1-13

 7Askand it shall be given‍ you; seekand ye shall find; knockand it shall be opened unto you:  For every one that asketh receiveth; andhe that seeketh‍ findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.
Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask breadwill he give him stone?
10 Or if he ask fish, will he give him serpent?
11 If ye then, being evilknow how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give goodthings to them that ask him?

He then shared an experience.  When Pres. Maluenda was little he always loved studying English.  When he was 12 he asked his dad to enroll him in English classes. And he ALWAYS wanted to serve an English speaking mission.  So from the time he was about 12- until he put his mission papers is he prayed that Heavenly father would send him to an English speaking country.  At the time that was really rare for Chile- ALL the Chilean missionaries would serve in a different part of Chile.  But President Maluenda prayed with faith that he would get sent to an English speaking place.  He said he bought an old video cassette in English.  Every night he would listen to 20 minutes of it before he went to bed.  After a year he could understand the entire dialog! Crazy right?  talk about determination.  Anyways- he put his papers in and he was the 1st missionary to be called to an English speaking country from Chile.  He served in Washington state.  How cool right!! His experience really touched me. It reminded me of how I prayed to serve Spanish speaking!  yay!  I LOVE SPANISH. =D 
He then talked about how the Lord does hear our prayers.  And IF we ask him.  he will grant the things that we desire and need.  I know its true! It has really helped me to be more sincere in my prayers.  I have really learned how to converse with my Heavenly Father on my mission.  He already knows everything- but He expects us to tell him, and ask him for the things we need.  A lot of times- we don't receive simply because we don't take the time to ask.  PRAYER changes things.  Prayer is more that just I list of things.. It is a communion with God. =D

So we had a super ODD moment this week.  haha we were walking in this little neighborhood of our area right by a park.  And out of no where this big old snake slithered out of the weeds and started chilling in the middle of the road. it was pretty big- like 3 feet long. (I am not exaggerating here!) and it was all coiled up and as cars were driving by it was striking at the cars. Randomly all these people came out side- there were probably 14 people standing on the side walk just watching it. and then a HUGE beefed up- Texan truck  ran over it. It died. with a crunch.  I think that all the 14 people( and us) were in shock.  When sister Price and I gained our composure again we walked around and gave Jesus cards to all the people that were staring at the big dead snake.  Hahaha. Yay missionary work. =D  it was really interesting.  after we started giving out cards and talking to people a lady came out with a rake and put the thing in the rain gutter... I am not sure how healthy that is for the environment... but seems legit!  haha.   Yay big snakes in texas.

Well I am out of time for today!  Love you all!  Keep praying for Savanna and Sandie!  They are getting baptized this week!!! PRAY FOR THEM!  Thanks. We are seeing so many miracles every day.  This is the Lords work.  We can all be apart of it if we are willing to act!! 
-Hermana Wiser

Also- our mission is receiving a TON of sisters!!  This transfer we will be getting 8.  Next transfer 14.  The transfer after that we will get 9.  They are opening up new sister areas!!  wahoooo sister power!  =D  Get ready to serve Hermanita Shelby Sue!  You will be great!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 2, 2014

Hello!  and Happy June!!
This week was super wonderful!  and crazy. as usual. =D We have been working a lot with less actives- trying to find people and help them to come back. And before Sister Price and I came to the area a less active named Brother Perez called the other sisters and asked them to come over and help them to come back to church.  The sisters got transferred-but left us a note about it.  So we called and set up an appointment for last sunday.  Bro Perez and his daughter Savannah was there.  We had a boss lesson with them.  They are so prepared and ready to come back to the fold.  Savannah was talking about what she remembered from her childhood about the church.  Her dad took her when she was little a few times, all the other sundays she went to the catholic church with her Mom.  And she said that she remembered the things that they taught in the LDS church better- that is stuck to her and related to her in her life. We shared the restoration with her and she accepted a date to be baptized!! It was great.  Her dad is super ready to come back as well!  Then after we started talking about community service- and how they require 50 hours of community service for every senior to graduate from high school. (she will be a senior this upcoming year).  SOOOOO we invited our investigator to come visit our other investigator in the hospital!! -Sandie- the one that had triple bypass surgery and was staying in a nursing home to recover.  So we arranged for a member to go and pick up Savannah and to give us a ride to visit Sandie at the hospital.  I was on exchanges with a sweet new sister, Sister Acosta.  So we went! and it was such a wonderful experience.  I was a little nervous- because it was only our 2nd time talking with Savannah- so we weren't sure how she would take it.  We didn't want her to feel uncomfortable.  But it went really well.  Sandie was sooooo happy to have visitors.  We went in and asked Sandie where she was at in the Book of Mormon.  She is in 3 nephi!!!!  WAHOOOO!! that was a miracle.  We aksed her where she had finished off- and she had just finished 3 nephi chapter 10.  Heavenly father literally hand picked 3 nephi 11 to read together.  It couldn't have been more perfect.  So we read and had a little book of Mormon study.  Then Sandie started to share her testimony.  It was super powerful- how she is so ready to be baptized and how she knows this church is true...ect.  I looked over at Savannah to see how she was reacting and she had HUGE tears streaming down her face. When she saw us looking over at her- she said, "I am sorry! I don't know why I am crying.  I just feel SOOO good and happy right now!"  Overall it was a miracle.  I also took my guitar and we sang a bunch of songs.  It was a wonderful experience all around.  I am so glad that we followed the spirit and invited Savannah to come and visit our investigator Sandie!! When we follow promptings- even if they sound crazy- the Lord can work miracles and help everyone to feel the spirit.  It was great. Then on Saturday we had an awesome church tour with them.  Invited them to come to the chapel.  We took Bro Perez' home teacher with us to fellowship.  It turned out super great.  Usually when we do church tours we show them around the buildings and give a brief summary of the classes. Then end in the chapel. The focus is the sacrament- because that is the most important thing.  So we read the sacrament prayer and talk about the blessings and the role that Christ has in helping us overcome ALL the things that we need help with.  Then I usually pick a hymn to play on the piano- while they read the words of the hymn and ponder on the meaning.  Saturday I felt strongly that I should play 'Where can I turn for Peace".  It brought a beautiful spirit into the room- as they pondered on Christ.  After we asked what the song meant to them- and they both had a connection.  It made Savannah tear up.  She said, "man! I always cry when I am with you guys!!" But then talked about how this is what she needed right now. That she was ready to make the change in her life so she could feel the peace.  AND- DRUMROLLL- They came to church!!! And it was great!  I love prepared people!  
Sandie finally was able to go home this week from the nursing home.  She had a really miserable time there- So we are happy that she is home.  Right now she is preparing to be baptized on the 15th of June.  But it all depends on her recovery from her crazy heart surgery.  So pray for her!! that she can heal!!! She is so optimistic and ready to learn.
I wanted to share a scripture today that has been in my brain lately- I might have already shared it... but that's okay! repetition means it is important!!  SO- 3 nephi 11:14-15.
I love this verse because Christ is inviting us- personally to come to him.

14 Arise and come forth unto me, that ye may thrust‍ your hands into my side, and also that ye may feel‍ the prints of the nails in myhands and in my feet, that ye may know that am the God‍ of Israel, and the God of the whole earthand have been slain for the sinsof the world.

I was thinking... hmmmmmm. Why did Christ do that?  Why did he take the time to invite every single person up one by one?  They were all there and could hear his voice and see him.  Why then, did he give them each a personal invitation? And I realized that it is because he really does love 'THE ONE'. Not 'the one' group of people- but 'THE ONE'- those individual souls.  He sees us each as we are- and loves us perfectly.  He took the time to show that personal love to strengthen every one of the people that were in that crowd.  I think it is amazing.

15 And it came to pass that the multitude went forth, and thrust their hands into his side, and did‍ feel the prints of the nails in hishands and in his feet; and this they did do, going forth one by one until they had all gone forth, and did see with their eyes and didfeel with their hands, and did know of surety and did bear record, that it was he, of whom it was written by the prophets, that shouldcome.

I was really trying to put myself in the shoes of those people.  Having the chance to walk up to feel the prints of the nails in the saviors hand.  IT would probably be a long walk to actually get to him.  What would I be thinking? What would I have said if I had the opportunity to see him face to face?  What would I DO? I am not really sure what I would do exactly.. but I can just feel the love that I have grown for the savior.  What a wonderful experience those people had!! And the invitation is the same for us- To come and know the savior.  To study his life and apply his atonement in our lives. and then in return- to go and nurture 'The One'. The friend that is struggling, the less active that you were assigned to home teach, The little kids in the primary.  The list goes on and on!  And WE have the chance to help in the wonderful work. what a blessing!  Savannah felt that when she came to visit sandie with us- and it helped in her personal conversion.  If we want to come to know the savior- we have to do what he would do- the best we can.  -That has been in my thoughts these past couple of weeks.  I have been trying so hard to focus on 'THE ONE' and do as the savior would do.  It makes such a difference. 
Last night we had a cool expierence- we were walking down the street- and Johnny was outside.  He was a referral that we had received and contacted- but he didn't have time to meet that day.  So we ran into him again and invited him to listen for a few minutes.  So we started with a prayer- and this really rough looking kid with tattoos and gages walked out the front door and asked us what we were doing.  So we introduced ourselves and invited him to listen too.  And he actually sat down with us and participated in the lesson. As we talked about the restoration and the love that God has for us- his entire countenance changed.  Completely changed.  He started to open up- and you could see his desire to be filled with God's love always.  At the end of the lesson we invited them both to be baptized- and Ryan accepted without hesitation.  We asked him Why he wanted to be baptized. he said "I just feel like this is the thing I am missing.  I want to feel like this more."  He didn't have words to describe the spirit- so we helped him to recognize it.  It was so amazing!!  It just shows the importance of loving everyone- and not judging based on outward appearance.  I love those little reminders I receive. =D  Pray for RYAN too!!
This week was a wonderful one!! I am already excited to work and see the miracles that will unfold this upcoming week.  I know that I am no where near perfect,  but I am so HAPPY that the Lord is willing to guide me.  That he is willing to let me feel the joy that comes through inviting others to come unto Christ.  There is no feeling like it in the world!  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.  It means the world to me.
Love you all!! Have a wonderful wonderful week.
Hermana Wiser

This is Layla!! She is wonderful little girl we are teaching.  she is soooooo sweet!!

When I went back to McAllen I got to go visit Elena and Lesly!!!! They are so wonderful!!

Here are the STL's of the TMM. =D  so fun!!

Sister Price, Sister Rich and I visiting Sandie at the nursing home!  Love all of them!!

ELder WARD!!  hahahah his grandma is in our home ward!!  We are in the same district.  He is hilarious. =D

This little boy is AJ. He is crazy.  And was running around with a bucket on his head.  Then he came and put it on me!! haha it was funny.