Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

Hello Family!!

Hope you all had a wonderful week.  Our week was super dang busy!!  So Transfers!!!-  we still dont know. And they are tomorrow.  haha. Yay crazy mission life.  This transfer is a really big transfer because 10 zone leaders, 1 assistant, and a bunch of District leaders finishing their missions and heading home.  So President has been super busy!  The original transfer was that sister Garry was going to go to Donna- BUT she is super allergic to dogs! And cant live in sister Chamberlins house because of her three dogs.  So we are in limbo land with transfers right now.   I could stay- or I could Go.  Or sister Kreis could Stay.  Or she could Go.  So that where we are.  I guess you will find out next week!  haha.  I have a hunch that sister Kreis will be going to Donna- sister Garry and I will stay for one more.  Then next transfer they will send me to Corpus. To finish.   But that is just Sister Wiser speculation.  Good thing that President Maluenda is a inspired servant of God!  He knows what the Lord wants, and what the Lord wants is best. I am just happy to be her for the ride. 
We have been having some really great/ crazy experiences this past little while.  Haha i really wish that you could all see the TMM trio in action.  We have WAY too much fun.  So- This week we found some really great people.  We were knocking the door of an investigator that we have (named Letecia), and her neighbor randomly opened the door (she heard us singing... haha we are loud!).  So we contacted the neighbor and she invited us to come in and teach her and her big brother.  Her name is Haley(13) and her brother is Matthew(17).  They have a crazy story.  Their dad is a truck driver- So he is never there(we actually met the dad outside about 2 weeks ago- God has been preparing their family!!).  Their mom died 2 years ago from a drug overdose.  Just by how they speak you can tell the kind of things that they have been through in their lives.  They live in a super humble apartment with no furniture really. But they are so prepared!!  We taught them the restoration and set baptismial dates with them.  The spirit was there and they were both so quick to catch on.  You could just tell how hungry their souls were for the gospel.  It is wonderful.  Yesterday after church we went back for our return apointment and their dad was there!  So we did a book of mormon lesson- and gave each of them their own copy.  And their dad gave us permission to continue teaching them. I think he was relieved that they would be talking about Jesus instead of roamin the streets of Mcallen.  So that was a blessing!  They are such strong spirits!  They just need to be led on the right path.  =D Yay!  Good thing that we have the right path. =D So that was a miracle. We meet with the kids again on tuesday.

Remember the Giron family?  They have been a little off the radar for about a month now.  We went back- and the mom has been super sick.  So we called some brothers from the Pharr ward to come and give her a blessing.  Home teaching in its finest.  I love it when members teach and invite investigators to come to church.  And while we were there Abuelito Giron( the mom's dad) started talking to us.  AND HE TOLD US THE ENTIRE STORY OF NEPHI.  He literally read ALL of 1st nephi and is somewhere in 2 nephi.  It was awesome.  He was reading about baptism and had some questions about it- so he found the gospel pamphlet we left.  He told us he wants to be baptized- BUT he is afraid of the water.  So this week we will be going and setting up a baptismal date for him! He is wonderful!  It is crazy-  When we went for lessons we never even thought to focus on Grandpa!  The Lord knows.  We found out that a million years ago in honduras Grandpa Giron and his wife used to feed the missionaries every week. They never got baptized- but they have been prepared for a long time.  Miracles!

OH!! I Got chased by a bassett hound this week.  I dang near died.  So I was on exchages with Sister Price in Hildalgo and we went to contact this referral that we had recieved.  Outside of the house there was this hilarious bassett hound- with its super long ears and droopY eyes.  In my head i just kept thinking about the disney movie "fox and the hound'.  The part where the little dog says "I'M A HOUND DOG! RHOOOO-ROOOOROOOO". Anyways- i was being tough- and not afriad of this dog.  but it just kept getting closer and barking louder. He was freaking me out!   So finaly i gave and started running!  and So both me and sister price were running and screaming.  ALL the neighbors that were outside stopped what they were doing to see what the ruccus was all about. Just two little sister missionaries running from a stupid houd. It was funny.  I think we grew some abs- because we laughed so hard. After- we did go to the neighbor who was outside and teach her the restoration.  New investigators! haha. So it works out.  =D

OH MY.  Something else hilarious happened to.  So we had another referral that we were going to contact and this sketch guy opened the door.  He wasn't interested in learning more- so we asked him if he knew of anyone that could use a message about Jesus Christ.  He said "OH YEAH- you can go visit my Baby mamma."(classy eh?)  he then went on to explain the drama that was going on in his life. So we wrote down the address- and right before we walked away- sweet Sister Kreis turned and said!  "Oh! Brother!  Do you have any other baby mommas that we could go visit?"  It took ALL my strength not to laugh out loud.  It was probably the best referral question that I have ever heard. Leave it to sweet, innocent Sister Kreis. As we walked to the car she was like. "Awe man.. that was a horrible question. Jesus would never ask that question.  I'm sorry Heavenly Father!"  We have been laughing about that all week. I LOVE MY COMPANIONS.
We had a really good week.  We were chased by dogs another time too. WE are SOOOO loud.  It is great. Everyone knows when the TMM trio is in the house. 

Well love you all so much. I love the Gospel! I love being a missionary!

Have a wonderful week!

-Hermana Wiser

Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 17th, 2014

Hello Lovelies!!  I hope you are all having a wonderful day! 

Where to start!  This week just flew by so fast.  We taught a lot of lessons this week- which was awesome.  I love having a full agenda!! it is the best!!  SO-- some updates.  Remember Karla?  Her parents wont allow to be baptized... =( Saddest thing ever.  BUT its okay- because God know the perfect time for her.  And preparing for herself for So long will really bless her.  Remeber in my 1st area- Kalena?  She finished her personal progress before she was able to get baptized.  it was the same kind of situation.  And she is now fully happy in the gospel. Pray for her and her parents- A miracle still could happen.  Because she has permission to meet with us and come to church. =D  So that is good.

Another day this week we had to run to the office to drop something off.  And we walk in- and Sweet Sister Neil (one of the office missionaries) was talking to a young mother and her little girl.  She was making them sandwhiches and bring them water.  The tire on their car had blown up/out
(whatever the term is) right in the parkinglot of the church.  So the Dad ran into the office- looking to use the phone- but Sister neil had a jack for him to use.  She then brought the wife and daughter in while he was fixing the tire.  We walked in at the perfect moment and sang for them.  Then we sat down and taught them the 1st lesson.  Invited them to be baptized and they accepted! So we will be having the 2nd lesson with them this week!  Haha crazy how the Lord works sometimes!  he just helped them to stop right infront of the church!  And they are SOOOO prepared!  They quit going to church because they are looking for the full truth!  They found it!  Yay!  It was such a wonderful lesson, and it was so great to have sister neil participating.  I loved all of it.

Another wonderful miracle happened.  It was approaching 9:00- when the sisters turn into pumpkins (haha) and we were visiting someone in our apartment complex- and there was an elderly lady sitting outside- enjoying the weather.  And so we stopped to talk with her.  We asked her if she knew of anyone that was going through a difficutl time and could use the light of Christ more fully in their lives. She answered yes, and gave us the address to her son, George.  George was in a really bad car accident about 30ish years ago- and it ended up disabling him- physically.  he has a hard time speaking and walking.  But he is the smartest sweetest man!  We went and had a lesson with him.  And he told us that he knew it was true.  Hahahaha it was SOOO funny.  He said something that We didn't quite catch and sister Garry said "OH- he wants to make us napales!'. George was like "um... no" (napales is a cactus thing that they make edible.)  it was hilarious.  I love my companions.  He is preparing for the 20th of April.  So that is wonderful.   The Lord is blessing us with SOOO many people.  We are busy.  I love it!

THEN- President called us and asked us to do a musical number for a stake conference that Elder Roberts came to.  So we call the 2 zones that were involved and set it up.  it was great.  One of the sisters was on the flute.  Sister Kreis played the piano (we made up a cool arangement) And then I divided up different parts.  There were about 45 missionaries.  We sang 'Onward Christian Soldiers'.  It was perfect wrap up to a stake conference about missionary work.  The spirit was there super strong! I feel so blessed to be apart of the work!  Onward! Ever Onward!  Those are just a few of the miracles we have seen lately.  the Lord is really hastening his work.  I LOVE IT! Yay!  I Have such a testimony that the Lord really is in charge of his work.  He is the one that is leading and directing it through it holy prophet. We all need to do our part in the work of salvation.  THIS IS WHAT IT IS ABOUT.  -Helping our brothers and sisters make it back to the presence of the Father. 

I love you ALL SOOOOO MUCH!  Have a wonderful day!

-Hermana Wiser

Also- Transfers are this week! We will see what happens!


Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

Hello lovely family!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!  I can hardly beileve it is monday again.  we only have 2 weeks left in this transfer!  the time is shooting by.  First I want to give a shout out to GRANDPA BASSETT!! Happy Birthday!!  You are wonderful! -consider yourself sung to by the TMM Trio- Sister wiser, Garry, and Kreis. =D  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
This week we saw some really awesome miracles. We have been working a lot with members and preparing them to come out with us!  There is so much work behind the scenes that i never knew about!  President Maluenda compares it to being good chess players. Too bad I am bad a chess. haha Good thing i have 3 brains!  I love being in a trio. =D But this week we were able to do member splits.  Sister Kreis went with a sweet sister from the ward.  It was her first time going out with the missionaries.  She had a great experience and even make cookies for the humans they went to visit.  Then sister Garry and i went out together.  We received a referral from a member- for their neighbor.  So we went and knocked on the door. The members had told us that someone in the family had passed away.  We both felt really good about introducing ourselves and saying "we know that families can be together forever- do you have a few moments that we can share this with you?"  The man and his daughter let us right in.  So we used the new method of teaching( where we only use the pamplet pictures- and help them to teach themselves.  Basically all we do is asked good inspired questions- then follow the answers they give. We hardly talk at all!! Which is hard for me because i love talking. =D) haha But it went really good. The little girl who is 11 (names ariana) was SOOO prepared.  We got to the page about joseph smith and before she even read the 1st vision- she looked at the picture and said. "oh this is God and Jesus huh?"  She then read the 1st vision and was like "oh yep!  I knew it!" We were like blown away.  Because usually people say-  "oh these must be 2 angels talking to that boy."the spirit just whooshed in.   The dad and the daughter both had tears in their eyes as we testified.  At the end we invited the little girl to pray if the message was true.  She said "I dont need to pray about it.  i already know it is true."  It was amazing!  The pure faith of a child.   So we focues on the dad.  he got an answer and they both accepted baptismal dates for the 30 of march!  It was a wondrful answer to prayers. We have a lesson with them tomorrow.  pray that it goes well! we will be giving them the Book of mormon! wahooo!
Haha the funny thing from the week-  We were teaching a lesson to a guy that ended up being super dang catholic- and wasn't really interested.  But he was polite and listened. But his friends were so prepared!! So it was a great appointment.  Hope those men look up the website.  Anyways- on the way out-  I was looking for a door to leave- and i was talking to the family behind me and i accedentally opened the closet and walked right into it.  Hello musty coats and broom.  They got a good laugh out of it.  I felt like a dork. =D  yay. missionary moments. 
Well I have to run!  I love you all so much!  have a wonderful week!  Full of learning.  Take time to feast upon the scriptures.  LOVE YOU!!
-Hermana Wiser

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Buenas tardes!! And happy MARCH.  AHHHHHHHHHH.  I can hardly believe that it is march. It is super crazy.  First I would like to start out with a shout out to STANTONIO!! My lil bro!  Feliz cumpleanos this coming tuesday!  You will be 17! Crazy.  Happy birthday! have a wonderful one, and eat some gluten free cake for me. =D

Where to start..  We had a beautiful and wonderful miracle this week with the Solis family!  Man,  I have never met a more prepared mother and daughter in my life. They are just so wonderful. They were baptized friday night at 7:30.  And there was great support from the ward!  it was the best showing that we have had at a baptism in ALL the time i have been here, and thats a long time! 7 months! It was really beautiful.  They were both so ready.  Grandma Bassett made me some christmas snowflakes to give out during Christmas- But I ended up saving a few.  Momma Solis asked me to give the talk on baptism,  So i gave them each a snowflake- with the scripture Isaiah 1:18.  It turned out really really well.  They were just SOOOOOO happy! After they were both baptized, we asked them how they felt, and they both said they felt clean, and full of peace. What a wonderful feeling!  What a wonderful blessing that we have to be members of the church!! yay!!

We also had a meeting on friday during the day with 2 brothers that serve in the missionary department of the church.  They came and gave us a training on how to teach better, and simpler!  It is completely different than anything i had ever learned on my mission!  He first talked about the gospel (faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, enduring to the end)  And how all of those principals lead to conversion.  I learned a few things that blew my mind!  One of them was about the atonement.  Brother Donaldson said "You cannot fully acess the atonement without sacred ordinances."  I was like "WHAAA?".  Then I was thinking about it.  Can you really be forgiven of your sins if you haven't been baptized by someone holding the PROPER authoirty of God? I just pondered that for a good long while.  Brother Donaldson compared it with the gift of the Holy Ghost. ALL people on the earth have the ability to FEEL the influence of the Holy Ghost, But until they have the ORDINANCE- of laying on of hands to recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost- by someone holding the authority- they cannot have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost.  So the atonement is the same- people can feel the influence of the atonement- but until they are baptized by the proper authority, or renew their baptismal covenant with the sacrament they cant fully ACCESS the atonement.  There is a reason why God instituted special ordinances! Man.  It just gave me so much more urgency in inviting people to come unto Christ.  Missionary work is nothing to mess around with!  it is serious business! The Savior came to the world and suffered, died, then resurrected for us.  With out the ordinances we cant even acces the gift he gave to us. WE NEED TO INVITE EVERYONE!!!! Anyways that was something that I learned.  I learned a LOT more.  I feel like i just learn great things every day!  Study the scriptures!  The Lord really does unfold truths to us line upon line, precept upon precept. I love that. 

I really am just grateful to have the chance to be one of God's missionaries.  It is so humbling.  I came- really wanting to serve God and somehow pay him back for all the blessings that he has given me in my life. But I really have recieved so much more than I could ever give back.  I know that we have a Father in heaven who loves us.  He has to love us!  Or we wouldn't have families, the true church upon the earth, ordinances, or even the Savior.  I know with out a doubt that he loves us.  And his purpose if for us to live back with him one day.  I know that it is only possible through the atonement of Jesus Christ.  We have to do our part to access it.  We have to constantly do our best to learn and to grow.  And really to live the gospel.  We really arent here to just float through life.  We are here so that we can one day inherit the kingdom on God.  I love the gospel! I know that it is a the only Church on the face of the earth that has everything we need in order to fulfill God's eternal purpose for us. Man! I just love being a missionary!
Love you all!
Have a wonderful week!
Con amor- Hermana Wiser
PS- It is freezing here today!  We are in the 30's!  Tempremental texas weather!  yesterday it was low 80's.  haha crazy.

The little girls want to be future missionaries!! cute!!!

Haha this is Hermana Alvarado.  She fed us lunch one day- so i helped her cook.  She said "Hermana! You need to take a picture of yourself cooking! So you can find a good husband!"  So then we took a picture with knives. 

look who peels potatoes... haha oh man

Fun exchanges with the edbg sisters!

Solis family baptism!! yay!!

How lovely!! It was such a miracle!!

the TMM trio!! Wassup.

McAllen ZONE!  YAY!! 

Sister Newey (yw pres in the ward) had a birthday! so we went to help with an activity- about how to be a missionary.l  It was really fun. =D we taught the plan of salvation.

This was on valentines day. Sister Kreis got flowers from her cute sister!  Haha so we posed... in our kitchen.  =D