Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

Hello lovely family!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!  I can hardly beileve it is monday again.  we only have 2 weeks left in this transfer!  the time is shooting by.  First I want to give a shout out to GRANDPA BASSETT!! Happy Birthday!!  You are wonderful! -consider yourself sung to by the TMM Trio- Sister wiser, Garry, and Kreis. =D  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
This week we saw some really awesome miracles. We have been working a lot with members and preparing them to come out with us!  There is so much work behind the scenes that i never knew about!  President Maluenda compares it to being good chess players. Too bad I am bad a chess. haha Good thing i have 3 brains!  I love being in a trio. =D But this week we were able to do member splits.  Sister Kreis went with a sweet sister from the ward.  It was her first time going out with the missionaries.  She had a great experience and even make cookies for the humans they went to visit.  Then sister Garry and i went out together.  We received a referral from a member- for their neighbor.  So we went and knocked on the door. The members had told us that someone in the family had passed away.  We both felt really good about introducing ourselves and saying "we know that families can be together forever- do you have a few moments that we can share this with you?"  The man and his daughter let us right in.  So we used the new method of teaching( where we only use the pamplet pictures- and help them to teach themselves.  Basically all we do is asked good inspired questions- then follow the answers they give. We hardly talk at all!! Which is hard for me because i love talking. =D) haha But it went really good. The little girl who is 11 (names ariana) was SOOO prepared.  We got to the page about joseph smith and before she even read the 1st vision- she looked at the picture and said. "oh this is God and Jesus huh?"  She then read the 1st vision and was like "oh yep!  I knew it!" We were like blown away.  Because usually people say-  "oh these must be 2 angels talking to that boy."the spirit just whooshed in.   The dad and the daughter both had tears in their eyes as we testified.  At the end we invited the little girl to pray if the message was true.  She said "I dont need to pray about it.  i already know it is true."  It was amazing!  The pure faith of a child.   So we focues on the dad.  he got an answer and they both accepted baptismal dates for the 30 of march!  It was a wondrful answer to prayers. We have a lesson with them tomorrow.  pray that it goes well! we will be giving them the Book of mormon! wahooo!
Haha the funny thing from the week-  We were teaching a lesson to a guy that ended up being super dang catholic- and wasn't really interested.  But he was polite and listened. But his friends were so prepared!! So it was a great appointment.  Hope those men look up the website.  Anyways- on the way out-  I was looking for a door to leave- and i was talking to the family behind me and i accedentally opened the closet and walked right into it.  Hello musty coats and broom.  They got a good laugh out of it.  I felt like a dork. =D  yay. missionary moments. 
Well I have to run!  I love you all so much!  have a wonderful week!  Full of learning.  Take time to feast upon the scriptures.  LOVE YOU!!
-Hermana Wiser

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