Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Buenas tardes!! And happy MARCH.  AHHHHHHHHHH.  I can hardly believe that it is march. It is super crazy.  First I would like to start out with a shout out to STANTONIO!! My lil bro!  Feliz cumpleanos this coming tuesday!  You will be 17! Crazy.  Happy birthday! have a wonderful one, and eat some gluten free cake for me. =D

Where to start..  We had a beautiful and wonderful miracle this week with the Solis family!  Man,  I have never met a more prepared mother and daughter in my life. They are just so wonderful. They were baptized friday night at 7:30.  And there was great support from the ward!  it was the best showing that we have had at a baptism in ALL the time i have been here, and thats a long time! 7 months! It was really beautiful.  They were both so ready.  Grandma Bassett made me some christmas snowflakes to give out during Christmas- But I ended up saving a few.  Momma Solis asked me to give the talk on baptism,  So i gave them each a snowflake- with the scripture Isaiah 1:18.  It turned out really really well.  They were just SOOOOOO happy! After they were both baptized, we asked them how they felt, and they both said they felt clean, and full of peace. What a wonderful feeling!  What a wonderful blessing that we have to be members of the church!! yay!!

We also had a meeting on friday during the day with 2 brothers that serve in the missionary department of the church.  They came and gave us a training on how to teach better, and simpler!  It is completely different than anything i had ever learned on my mission!  He first talked about the gospel (faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, enduring to the end)  And how all of those principals lead to conversion.  I learned a few things that blew my mind!  One of them was about the atonement.  Brother Donaldson said "You cannot fully acess the atonement without sacred ordinances."  I was like "WHAAA?".  Then I was thinking about it.  Can you really be forgiven of your sins if you haven't been baptized by someone holding the PROPER authoirty of God? I just pondered that for a good long while.  Brother Donaldson compared it with the gift of the Holy Ghost. ALL people on the earth have the ability to FEEL the influence of the Holy Ghost, But until they have the ORDINANCE- of laying on of hands to recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost- by someone holding the authority- they cannot have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost.  So the atonement is the same- people can feel the influence of the atonement- but until they are baptized by the proper authority, or renew their baptismal covenant with the sacrament they cant fully ACCESS the atonement.  There is a reason why God instituted special ordinances! Man.  It just gave me so much more urgency in inviting people to come unto Christ.  Missionary work is nothing to mess around with!  it is serious business! The Savior came to the world and suffered, died, then resurrected for us.  With out the ordinances we cant even acces the gift he gave to us. WE NEED TO INVITE EVERYONE!!!! Anyways that was something that I learned.  I learned a LOT more.  I feel like i just learn great things every day!  Study the scriptures!  The Lord really does unfold truths to us line upon line, precept upon precept. I love that. 

I really am just grateful to have the chance to be one of God's missionaries.  It is so humbling.  I came- really wanting to serve God and somehow pay him back for all the blessings that he has given me in my life. But I really have recieved so much more than I could ever give back.  I know that we have a Father in heaven who loves us.  He has to love us!  Or we wouldn't have families, the true church upon the earth, ordinances, or even the Savior.  I know with out a doubt that he loves us.  And his purpose if for us to live back with him one day.  I know that it is only possible through the atonement of Jesus Christ.  We have to do our part to access it.  We have to constantly do our best to learn and to grow.  And really to live the gospel.  We really arent here to just float through life.  We are here so that we can one day inherit the kingdom on God.  I love the gospel! I know that it is a the only Church on the face of the earth that has everything we need in order to fulfill God's eternal purpose for us. Man! I just love being a missionary!
Love you all!
Have a wonderful week!
Con amor- Hermana Wiser
PS- It is freezing here today!  We are in the 30's!  Tempremental texas weather!  yesterday it was low 80's.  haha crazy.

The little girls want to be future missionaries!! cute!!!

Haha this is Hermana Alvarado.  She fed us lunch one day- so i helped her cook.  She said "Hermana! You need to take a picture of yourself cooking! So you can find a good husband!"  So then we took a picture with knives. 

look who peels potatoes... haha oh man

Fun exchanges with the edbg sisters!

Solis family baptism!! yay!!

How lovely!! It was such a miracle!!

the TMM trio!! Wassup.

McAllen ZONE!  YAY!! 

Sister Newey (yw pres in the ward) had a birthday! so we went to help with an activity- about how to be a missionary.l  It was really fun. =D we taught the plan of salvation.

This was on valentines day. Sister Kreis got flowers from her cute sister!  Haha so we posed... in our kitchen.  =D

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