Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

Hello family!!

This week has been crazy crazy crazy!! We had a 3 day leadership training, and an STL traning.  So my brain is just full of new ideas and new tactics to try! My mission president is truly inspired!  Man I just love the Maluendas!! I have so much in my brain right now- i just don't know where to start.  President talked ALOT about being prepared.  How that as members of the Church- in these last days- that we need to be prepared.  he then talked about how he got called to be a mission president.  he was call in by Elder Scott's secretary and went in and had an interview with him! Pte Maluenda said that they never once asked how they were doing finacially- or about the kids. After the first interview - about a week later- he got called by Elder Uchtdorf's secretary!  Then the call came!  So now they are here! With four kids at home in the house, running the mission!  it is crazy.  It just shows you that if you are prepared- the Lord will make up the difference- and qualify you for your calling.  So that is really great. He gave a wonderful training about making life plans- He used me as the example.  And asked me to share ALL my goals.  haha so now all the mission leaders know my hopes and dreams. But it was really helpful- because now i know how to make a detailed plan behind my goals!  So i will actaully be able to reach them.  It was a blessing really- because I had some questions about that.  I knew what i wanted to do- but i didn't know where to start in order to plan.  Haha The Man is inspired!! thank you Holy Ghost. =D
The TMM Trio had some funny experiences this week.  (Sister Garry, Kreis, and I)  We went to a members house yesterday, and had dinner.  At the end we offered to sing her the song that we sang in sacrament meeting( she had come a little late and missed it). We did the same thing that we did in spanish last week- just in our english ward. it turned out super good. =D Anyways- after we sang and shared a message- we naturally asked for anyone in the area that she knew of that could benefit from a message- and her husband gave us a name of one of the neighbors.  Then the sister said!  'Oh yeah!! Go and sing to them! They came and sang to us on christmas!'  So we did. =D It was really odd actually.  We knocked on the door- and they didn't answer the door... but they opened the window.  So we just did a contact through a window- and told her that we the members sent us to sing.  So then we just started to sing.  You could tell at first that she felt awkward a little- but by the end she had tears in her eyes.  Music brings the spirit super strong! And now the members are inviting them to come for a family home evening.  So that will be really wonderful.  =D The Lord works in mysterious ways. Use your talents!
One of the cool things that we can do with the trios is we can leave one of us with another set of sister in the mission- to help, and teach, and give animo...ect.  So i went with some sister this week!  And they were having some companionship unity issues. So I went and helped them make a plan to overcome the problems- then we went out and worked friday- and ALL day saturday.  it was crazy! Comp unity is so important!  if you don't have companionship unity you cant feel the spirit- if you can't feel the spirit you can't teach.  Teaching is kinda important as a missionary.. haha.  But we had some really amazing experiences.  We were talking to literally everyone that we saw on the streets- Asking for referrals.  And after we walked
all day we finally talked to some young men that were actaully prepared!  It is crazy-  how the lord leads you to people.  If we hadn't have contacted/ talked to ALL the people that we did- we never would have talked to John or Joey.  We started off- and Joey was kinda stand-offish- didn't really want to listen.  So we just invited them both to be baptized-  haha it is a really great invitation that gets rid of the smoke screen doubts.  John- said that he was happy being catholic.  But Joey wasn't sure how to respond.  We ended up teaching more in depth about baptism- and how Christ walked all the way from Galilee to Jordan to be baptized by John the baptist (and the importance of authority... ect) And joey asked us. "Sisters, how do  you KNOW?  how do you know that your church is right?" (I just thought- Perfect thought!  Thank you for asking.. haha) So we started to share our testimonies. the he asked "How did you recieve your answer?  When did you recieve it?"  (another great question that missionaries love to answer).  Then we all went on to explain our conversion stories.  I went first- then the next sister explained how her parents were converts and how the gospel had blessed her life.  THEN- The last sister took her turn.  And she shared a very personal life experience.  She shared how her brother had passed away when she was really young- and how at that age she HAD to know if it was true.  And how her comfort had only come through the gospel.  The spirit just whooshed it.  I got chills. and you could see a change in both of them.  We re-invited Joey to get baptized and he accpted for the end of march.  And john- who is apparently a happy catholic- committed to come to church.  it was really wonderful.  The best part was seeing the happiness on my companions faces! Man! The gospel changes people. 
Then- on that same exchange we to a less active/ part member families home.  And the lady that we were looking for wasn't home- but her daughter in law was.  She ended up inviting us in. She had a 3 week old, darling baby in her arms.  So we started off talking about her- and since her in laws and husband are mormons(less active), she did some research on the church.  And instantly had question on how she could have an eternal family.  It was really great.  The woman was SOOO prepared!  SO we just started with the plan.  How her little baby girl had just come from the presence of God. The spirit testifies of truth too!  it just filled the room.  Then we went on and explained about temples- and the importance of doing ALL the things that God has asked us to do here on the earth.  It was a wonderful lesson.  Of course- we invited her to be baptized.  She didn't accept a date- but her and her husband committed to start praying and coming to church! Miracles!!  God really does have prepared people for his misisonaries- espeically when we do ALL we can. 
Love you all!  have a wonderful week!
Church is true! Book is blue!
-Hermana Wiser  

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