Friday, February 14, 2014

February 10, 2014

Hello Family!!
So we have some news!! Transfers are tomorrow.  Haha AND!! (drum roll)  I am staying for my 5th transfer.  Sister Kreis is staying with me- AND Sister Garry is coming to be in an STL trio with us!!! WAHOOOOO!! YAY!! MTC dream come true!  Haha we are going to have WAY too much fun. This transfer is a little crazy too because they put a new sister area under our jurisdiction(haha is that a word... hope so).  So now we have 7 companionships!! BAHAHH!  it is going to be a might great adventure! Good thing there is 3 of us! Wahooot.
This past week was crazy.  It just flew by.  We found some new investigators and are still teaching La Familia Giron and Juan.  I don't remember if I have said anything about the Solis family. So if i have- sorry you get to hear about them again.  But! We were Looking for a family to reactivate.  On our lists we saw the Solis family.  So we went by like a month ago-  The dad and the daughter was baptized a year ago. But they stopped coming to church. So we went and had a lesson with them.  It was super good- and invited Hermana Solis and Cassandra(la hija) to be baptized!! So they are preparing to be baptized right now. Cassandra is so GOLDEN. PURO ORO. She came to church yesterday and loved it.  She is 17- and the Young women in the ward did a great job fellowshipping her.  She is progressing super well! We are excited!  Pray that Hermana Solis can find a new job that gives her sundays off.  That is the only struggle that we are having with them.
THEN- We found this crazy investigator!! His name is BOBBY. OH BOBBY.   So we received a referral for this guy- and went to his house and he wasn't home- but his brother(bobby) was super prepared and invited us in! (don't worry there was a lady in the house. haha)  Long story short-  Bobby started doing drugs in 6th grade. Tatoos everywhere.(we told him we were representitives of Jesus Christ, and he lifted up his shirt and there was a huge tatoo of Jesus on his chest and said 'I love Jesus.' ...haha.)  He went to jail when he was 18 for 5 years.  He got out of jail and got a job, bought an apartment, and a motorcycle.  Then one day he was driving his motorcyle and he was trying to pass a car- and the car turned infront of him and he t-boned the car going 80 miles an hour.  AND he didn't do his helmet up. He ended up dying on the crash site- but the paramedics brought him back.  they did emergency brain surgery on him (without the MRI- because they didn't have time! crazy!) And he was in a coma for 6 months. He finally woke up and had to re-learn everything. walking, talking, eating.  EVERYTHING.  SO he is just now coming out of therapy.  And he wants a new life.  We started talking to him about being baptized and he said "oh! I want to do that, how can i get baptized? what do i need to do?"  So we taught him word of wisdom right there (1st lesson), and CPR.  Church, Pray, Read. And he accepted a date. =D  Pray for him that he can make the changes that he needs to.  It was really amazing- the more we talked to him and shared with him the more light seemed to shine through his eyes.  He is HUNGRY for the truth.  The GOSPEL CHANGES PEOPLE!!  We went back the next day for a return appointment. and he said "Sisters!  After you left yesterday i went and threw away ALL my drugs.  I don't want to do that anymore."  COOOLLLL HUH??  Sister Kreis and I about died.  The church is true- and people make changes.  =D I love it!
THEN- we had another great miracle!  So we were on exchanges.  I went with Hermana Hunt.  She is currently confined to the apartment because she is sick- so i went to entertain her for the day. She served in ecuador- but had to go home because she got super sick.  It is acting up again here- but she is taking it easy so she can heal.  She is such a wonderful strong sister!! Ah i just love her.  -But sister Kreis and Sister Moffat went and ate at Chik-fillet(spelling?)  And one of the cashiers asked them if they were mormons!  And She said yes (obviously- skirts and name tags..haha) She asked us to come to her house! So we went yesterday and had a lesson with her.  And she is prepared too!! The Lord has been working double time in our area!  We are seeing so many miracles! She is preparing to be baptized on the 9th of March.  Wahoo! (it freaks me out that we are setting for march) But it is great!  I love the mission.  I love my companion- and soon to be companion- Hermana Garry.  The Lord knows us.  He knows the things we need.  I have really learned that we have the experiences that we need- to help us become who God wants us to be.  We have the ability to choose how we will react.  We can either- let the lord strengthen us- or we can give up and be bitter.  The choice is ours.  In the words of Shane Wiser- "Make it a great day!".  We can choose!  I Think it is great. yay.
OH!! Happy Valentines day this week.  How odd! That just crept right up on me.  Have a wonderful day- and consider yourselves hugged from Sister Wiser. =D
Well- that is about all for this week.  Things are crazy. =D como siempre!
Love you all!!
-Hermana Wiser

This is half the zone!! lots of people are moving!! crazy transfer time!!

haha a inside out oreo.  Blonde...brown....blonde. =D yay. This photo was taken like 5 seconds ago! We will pick up sister Garry tomorrow!! YAY!!

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