Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

First off i want to give a shout out to my lil sis Shelby!! !!!Feliz cumpleanos mi amor!!! I hope that you have a wonderful quincenera! haha because you are turning 15 it is a big deal (at least in latino culture). =D  So happy birthday!  have a wonderful one!
THIS WEEK WAS GREAT. I LOVE MY COMPANIONS.  Haha we serisouly have way tooooo much fun. Sister Garry and Sister Kreis are both boss. We are the craziest companionship ever.  my abs hurt constantly- because we are always laughing.but-  We have had some really beautiful experiences this week, some rediculous(spelling?)  experiences, and some down right hilarious ones.  We will start with the funny.  SO- There are many odd people in Mcallen.  And we went to visit this very interesting lady who was a member referral- but before we found her we were talking to some people on the street.  All within about a 10 foot radius there were three different people outside (doing yard work, walking a dog..ect)  So we decided to divide and conquer.  I was talking to a dude names Pete.  Sister Garry was five feet away from me talking to a human that had a dog. Sister Kreis was talking to 2 abuelitas mexicanas.  I was just doing a normal contact when all of a sudden i hear "WATCH OUT!! HE BITES!!!" -Followed by screams.  Pete(the random human i was talking to) and I instantly look over- and Sister Garry was literally running around- doing a crazy dance- while this devilish weener dog was nipping at her ankles.  I looked across the street and all off us (me, hna Kreis, the humans) were all staring wide eyed- jaw dropped as Sister Garry was dodging the teeth of this maniac dog. We were all in shock.  Dont worry- she didn't get bit or anything.  But it was CRAZY.  I have never seen a human move like she did. hahahahaha it was hilarious.  Turns out that dog was terrible- and bit a lot of different people.  We know that we have angels with us!- Sister Garry didn't get a scrape or a puncture wound!
Then! Remeber the Solis family?  Dad and little sister are less active- Mom and Cassandra are investigating.  Anyways- we werent really sure if they were understanding what we were teaching.  they are very quiet people- don't have much to say. (Cassandra came to church last sunday and had a wonderful time) So we had a lesson planned- we took a recent convert with us to be a member present.  And we got there- and there was tension in the room.  For the first time we met the yougest daughter that got baptized with her dad.  She had never come out before.  Turns out that day- she had sluffed school and stolen something from the store.  Hermana Solis was distraught. And she strait up asked us for help- what they could do as a family  to teach their children.  So we talked about repentance- and how agency affects our day to day life- AND- more importantly- Our eternities. The spirit was there super strong.  And it was actaully a miracle that we brought Angie (the recent convert).  She shared her life experience.  She has a crazy life story. she just turned 15 and has had the craziest life.  Very non-functional home. Drugs/Alcohol. Cartels. -you name it- she has experienced it basically.  The elders found her and she changed her life.  She used to have a ton of pearcings- and one by one they have all come out!  it has been really cool to see the atonement change her into a daughter of God. yay! - But she shared her personal experience how she has absolutely no support of help from home. her parents hate the church and wont even let her go at times. She talked strait to the yougest Solis daughter.  And you could tell that her words cut deep.  It was really powerful.  ALL of us were crying.  Then we backed it up with the ability that we all have to repent.   And when we do wrong- that we can repent and become clean again. We also talked about the HOW.  Church(sacrament/baptism) Pray Read.  We gave them Enos 1 to read.  And set up a return appointment to come back the next night.  So fast forward a day.  On the return appointment we went back and the feeling was different in the home. We followed up on the chapter- and Hermana Solis and the yougest daughter- Alejandra both read it and shared their thoughts with it.  Then we taught (as a trio!! whoot whoot) the restoration.  The spirit just filled the room as sister Kreis gave the 1st vision. At the end we invited them to kneel as a family and ask God if the message was true.  Cassandra was the voice for the family.  her prayer was so sincere and pure. It gives me chills just thinking about it!! AH!  The spirit just whooshed into the room.  They all felt the peace that comes from the spirit.  It was so neat being able to help them recognize the answer.  Then- we invited them all to church.  Sure enough they ALL came to church on sunday! AHHH it was the most wonderful thing!  i entertained their 2 year old during sacrament meeting- but the mom was able to focus and listen.  They really enjoyed it.  They will be getting baptized in 2 weeks! Pray for them!!
They made the sacrafice to come as a family and they will receive the blessings from it. yay! keep the commandments!!
We also sing ALL the time.  pretty much every contact that we have we sing to.  Sister Garry Spoke in the spanish ward- then we all three did an a capella version that we make up of 'I need thee every hour".  It was really great actually.  I sing tenor above- Herm Garry sings soprano- Herm Kreis sings Alto.  it is really fun!  Yay. We joke that our life is a musical.  it seriously is.  We are ALWAYS singing. Just the way i like it. =D We have 3 day leadership training again!  That should be fun. 
All is well!! I love you all! Have a wonderful day! Enjoy the week! It is 80 degrees here.  So we are welcoming in the summer. haha lucky us!
Jesus is the Christ. This is HIS work.  As we all do our part we will see miracles poured down from heaven.  Onward and Upwards!
-Hermana Wiser
(the people in the spanish ward call me either Hermana Wise or Hermana Weezer) hahahaha super funny!
Have a happy birthday shelbs!!!!!!
CPR- Don't forget to Chruch Pray Read. =D

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