Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Hello Lovelies!
I hope you all have had a wonderful week.  This week was literally CRAZY for us. But really great as well. =D  We have seen so many miracles!! It has just been insane! So the first crazy thing was that I translated a young womens leadership meeting from english to spanish.  IT WAS TERRIFYING. But really fun as well.  Hah! one of the ladies that is in the Stake Young Womens presidency call and asked for help translating.  haha! I am almost positive that they were looking for Sister Ninataype- But she super got transfered!  AND we were on exchanges that day as well- So I got the chance to translate the ENTIRE hour and a half meeting from english to spanish.  It was crazy.  It went pretty well- Some things I translated were completely ridiculous. haha- but thats what happens when you ask a little white girl to translate.  it was a really cool- and I used the actual machine that you talk into- so the people can wear headphones and listen.  The gift of tongues is real!!
The second amazing thing!- Juan!! He came to church! and to the YSA noche de hogar! AND basketball with the YSA elders quorum.  It was amazing.  =D  He is just a gem. We felt inspired to teach him 'revelation through the book of mormon'- which is odd- because we usually save that one for later.  But that just shows you that we are supposed to teach people- not lessons.  So we taught that, and one of President Maluena's Daughters came with us. (after I gave her a voice lesson! that has been really fun as well! she is getting super good!) And it was just an awesome lesson.  Then sister Kreis had a brilliant idea.  So we all wrote down a specific question that we had in the front of our copies of the book of mormon- then we read a chapter- waiting for the answer to come.  We decided on Enos.  The entire time I was just praying for Juan to understand, and to have his question answered so that he could have a testimony of the book of mormon.  So we read and discussed- AND SURE ENOUGH!! He had his question answered!  AH the spirit was there so strong!  It was great.
Then- he came to church on Sunday!  and wore a tie and everything. Sister Kreis and I were so happy I think we were going to die.  During gospel principals the teacher had us split up to do a little scripture study-  And Juan shared a great experience with us!  So- he sad that after the lesson that we had with him- his friends and him went to hang out at a cemetary (creepy, I don't know why they would want to do that...but whateves) And After they went to a party.  Juan said all the kids were drinking, and one of his friends threw him a beer.  Juan tossed it back to him and said, 'I'm fine with a Soda."  his friends were like 'really? seriously?'.  And he said "yup, I am fine with a soda." -THEN he said "I have a testimony of the scriptures,  Since earlier in the day we read the scriptures together- I knew that drinking wasn't right." WOW!!!! COOL HUH!!!! AHH he is such a blessing! and he is SOOO prepared!!  So he is progressing super well. =D
THEN!!! The miracles just kept falling on us.  After church we got a text from the missionaries that live south of our area- and they sent us a boss referral.  A family of 5 THAT WENT TO CHURCH!!. They told the other missionaries that they wanted to be members- and asked them how to do it.  So that was wonderful. =D  So we rearranged our evening plans and went over.  They all sat down with us.  It is a family from Honduras, they have been in the states for about 9 months.  The mom was baptized in Honduras like 20 years ago, and now they want to become more united as a family and join the church!  So we went and the spirit was SOOOO strong in there.  We read some great scriptures on baptism-  Then invited them to be baptized.  They are preparing for the 16th of February! WAHOOO!!  We are so excited! We might pass out.  Before we left, we invited the Dad to say the closing prayer.  So we all knelt down, and He offered a prayer- The first out-loud prayer in his entire life.  Man the spirit just SWOOPED IN and filled the room.  It was such a beautiful experience!  The Lord has definitely blessed us!  I love being a missionary! The Lord really does change the hearts of his prepared children.  I feel so blessed to be on the Lords team- working for the salvation of souls.   
Before I finish up- I just want to send my Love to the Taylor side of the family. You are all in my prayers.  How blessed we are to have knowledge of the Plan of Salvation.  That when we lose loved ones- its only for a short time. A scripture that has brought me comfort many times is Alma 40: 11-12.  "Behold, it has been made known unto me by an angel, that the spirits of all men, as soon as they are departed from this mortal body, yea, the spirits of all men, whether they be good or evil, are taken home to that God who gave them life. 12 And then shall it come to pass, that the spirits of those who are righteous are received into a state of happiness, which is called paradise, a state of rest, a state of peace, where they shall rest from all their troubles and from all care, and sorrow." Through troubling times we can truly find peace in the Gospel.  Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of the World, made it possible for us to see our loved ones again.  He offers us peace that we cannot find anywhere else. He can make us whole if we take his hand.  Christ himselfs says, inJohn 14,  "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."  I love you. you are in my prayers.
Just keep swimming!
Love you all.
-Sister Wiser
This first picture is at the Jiminez family house!  Hermana Jiminez had her baby this week.- We were visiting the night before.  So we thought it would be a wonderful idea to have sister kreis play on the piano and sister wiser sing.  HAHA train wreck.  But it was the thought that counts!  Haha the little plunky key board didn't have a damper pedal- So it was "savior redeemer of my soul"- Staccato style. Pahahah.  We laughed a lot.  =D it was fun.  a memory.  Love ya!!

The second picture is of Oscar and Mina!! They moved!!  So we are standing in their emply house.  The little boys are Edgar and River.  We will miss them!

Here is me and edgar! haha so cute. =D love this little boy!

Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

Buenas Tardes familia!!
??Que onda?? THIS WEEK.  haha it has been great.  I didn't get drugged again!- Haha so that is good.  I am very much awake and alive.  So this past week we had 2 exchanges and a few comp studies and some great sister drama.  So we were running around like crazy people.  Exchanges really are so much fun!  They take so much energy though- Ya gotta prepare well, then work super hard, solve problems- it is just a fun challenge. And it is so nice to know that I can make a difference, even if it is a little. 
I forgot to tell you!  -Last week Sister Kreis and I did a musical number in Sacrament meeting.  SISTER KREIS IS A PIANIST!!!! talk about a divine companionship!! SHE PLAYS AND I SING!!! Haha Heavenly Father is very kind to me.  Anyways- we did 'Savior, Redeemer of my Soul" by Rob Gardner.  It is wonderful. AND- at Texas Thrift(a boss thrift store) We found these hilarious matching skirts.  We will wear them again sometime so that we can take a picture. They are actually kind a cute.  =D it was fun anyways.  I LOVE MY WARD.  I can pretty much call every member in the ward by name now.  AND- they just started passing around a calander to feed the missionaries(they stopped for a while for some reason)  and we have a dinner appointment every single day.  Wassup member work. The members here are so great,  We are really building great relationships with all of them.  it has been super fun.
OSCAR AND MINA MOVED. =( They have been talking about finding a bigger apartment for a while now.  But on Wednesday i had this little prompting to call them.  So we did.  And sure enough- they were pretty much ALL moved out!  and they are in a different area, in a different ward, in a different stake! So.  That was kinda sad. But the elders that are in their area now will take good care of them.  I am grateful for little promptings of the spirit.  We were able to go over and teach them one more lesson and talk with them.  The are Bosses!! Just pray for them that the transition goes well from Mac1 to the other ward.
We are starting over with investigators in the area.  This week we found an awesome kid!! his name is Juan. (along with all the others...haha everyone is named juan, jose....ect) We found him on the saturday exchange.  Sister Kreis was in Edinburg, and I was with sister Moffat.  haha she is hilarious.  She is from Salt lake area.  She is just a hoot.  we had way toooooo much fun.  But anyways we were looking for this random less active that lives in one of our apartment cities, and Juan just walked out the door.  So we offered to give him a pamphlet then ended up sitting down with him and teaching him.  We invited him to be baptized and he accepted for the 16th of Feburary.  He is a super cool kid.  He is 17, has a bunch of tatoos and pericings, but is ready and willing to change his life around.  He kept saying over and over 'I just want to be clean.'.  And the great thing is that he can be! Through baptism- and the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ. Wahoooo!!  So that was a wonderful Miracle.  He didn't make it to church yesterday- But it is because he couldnt find it.  Pobrecito. So we will be getting him a ride so that he can make it to the church.  It is wonderful though. =D So many MIRACLES.
This isn't my story- But sister Moffat told me when we were on exchanges. and i just about died i was laughing so hard.  now we have an on-going joke as well.  So sister Moffat and her companion- hermana Petramalo- were walking down the streed and this fat white chihuahua was running in the road and chasing and barking at cars.  The stupid thing got in the way and got hit by a car. (i know that that part isn't funny- at all)  But THEN.  This little old mexican lady ran out of the house yelling. and she said "JUERO!!! PORQUE TE SALISTE DE LA CASA!!!" And she just kept yelling at the dog in spanish. poor dog. Haha. translation -White guy!!! why did you leave to go outside!!!-  It is not funny in english.  But in spanish it super is.  People yell at eachother in spanish all the time. it is great.  and Juero- is what mexicans call white people.  So that was pretty funny that the dogs name was juero. (anyways.. if this story is too gruesome... sorry- you can just keep it for the family to read. and someday i will tell it to you in real life. whatever you think.   Stuff like that happens all the time.)
I LEARNED SOME WONDERFUL THINGS this week. Everyone needs to watch this MORMON MESSAGE.  Today.  It is called 'Wrong Roads'  By Elder  Holland.  And it is SOOOOOO good.  It really opened up my eyes, to experiences that i have had in my life, and in my mission now.  He basically goes on to explain an experience he had when his son was young.  They went for a day trip to some place in arizona.  And as they were getting ready to drive home they came to a fork in the road.  So elder Holland invited his son to pray about what road to take. The boy said that he felt good about the right road, and Elder Holland recived the same feeling.  So they left to start driving down that side.  and a little ways into it it became a dead end.  They turned around to go back.  On the way back- Elder Hollands son asked "why did we feel good about that road if it was the wrong one?"  Elder Holland thought for a second then answered.  He said at times the Lord lets us go down the wrong road for just a moment- so that we can know for SURE that we are on the correct road.  After they traveled a moment on the wrong road they were able to turn around and know fur SURE that they were on their way home.  That way we have absolutey no doubts as we walk along the correct path.  That really opened up my eyes to a lot of things.  I have had time on my mission when we have plans to do 2 things- and we feel prompted to go somewhere- but the people end up being gone.  So when we do the other plan we know for sure that that is where we needed to be.  I am not sure if that makes sense.  watch the video. haha Holland explains it really well.  Anyways-  It strengthened my testimony.   I know that we can trust in the Lord to lead us.  And if at first we walk for a moment down the wrong path- The Lord can lead us back- and we can have that ASSURANCE that we are on the correct path.  The Lord loves us.  We are Gods Children.  He cares about the things we go through and the details in our lives.  As we pray and plead for help through prayer- we can truly see miracles.  I have seen it.  EVERY DAY. I know it works!  I love you all!  Make it a great day!
-Hermana Wiser

Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

Hello family!!
What a wonderful day!!  I know I say this every single week- but this week was literally crazy.  It has been a really great week. =D a week full of learning.  So lets start of on Monday.  Haha Sister Kreis and I have been having a great time.  This week has been one of those weeks where you plan stuff- and it NEVER works out.  Haha it has literally just been hilarious. 

So- Monday we had this really great lesson planned with Rodi (who is Eric's brother, our next door neighbor) And we had a member present all lined up and a great Church Tour planned.  So 8:00 roles around.  And it was dark, and freezing, and raining outside.  And we go knock on  Rodi's door and it turns out that Eric had taken the car earlier- so he didn't have a ride to the church.  So we call the member (who is already at the church) to come pick him up.  And by the time we get to the church, someone had come and locked down the building.  we were like 'NOOOOOOO!!!" But we just stayed happy and kept moving forward.  So we walk up to the Church Door. (its is raining- and we are drenched) and it is so dark that you can't see inside.  So our Member (who is a boss) pulls out his phone that has a flash light on it.  And shines it through window.   Haha so we literally gave a Church Tour through the window with a flashlight, in the pouring rain.  But the great thing about it was that the spirit was there.  We were able to testify of the importance of coming to church and the love of the Savior.  haha it was great.  I am grateful for great members, and a great companion.  Satan can't stop us!!

THEN- there was tuesday.  Monday night at 10:00 we get a call from the zone leaders- and they let us know that we had interview with president.  Every other transfers we have interveiws with him.  So we prepared ourselves the best we could.  I have such an awesome mission president!! He is great.  It was a great interview.  While we were waiting for all the other missionaries to get interviewed we had a huge zone/companionship study.  Feeling the spirit is exhausting sometimes!! haha. It is wonderful.  So we were at the church from 7:30 in the morning to 5:00 at night.  And I was actually feeling kinda sick.  I had a really big headache and a stomach ache (don't worry mom, haha just the usual girl stuff).  So we ran to the apartment to change into proselyting clothes and to grab a few things that we needed for our lessons.  So I was hurrying and changing- Sister Kreis asked if she could do anything for me.  So I asked her to get me 4 ibprofen. I usually don't take that much- but i just wanted a clear head so I could actually think.  So she brings it to me, and we leave.  We had an appointment with Oscar and Mina- we have been watching some Living Scriptures- then we read the stories in the Book of Mormon.  It has been really fun- and their 4 year old LOVES the Jesus Movies too.  So we opened up the scriptures and started to read about the prophet Abinadi.  And were teaching and everything was great- it was a super powerful lesson.  Then all of a sudden my world started spinning.  And the floor was moving and I was going to pass out. So I laid back on the couch and I completely fell ASLEEP.  completely out.  On oscar and Mina's couch.  for an HOUR.  I don't remeber any of this- but Sister Kreis drove me home, made me some dinner, then put me to bed.  And I slept from 6:00 at night until 6:30 the next morning.  I was super dead.  So the next morning we were talking about what happened- and I realized that I have two different kinds of ibeprofen on my desk.  AM- and PM.  And Sister Kreis accedetially grabbed 4 ibrpofen PMs. .   And man oh man. If ya ever need a good sleep- Ibprofen PM works real well.  haha So my companion Drugged me. =D She felt SOOOO bad. Haha I just think it is hilarious.  I just picture myself- conked out on the couch of our recent converts for an hour- while sister Kreis told church history stories to them.  it was funny.  Adventures of the mission!!

Then we just worked hard the rest of the week!! THEN ON SUNDAY!!
 So first of all- we had some amazing miracles this week!! Remeber Oscar!! (how could you forget)  So last week- they finally came to church. And that was the best thing in the entire world.  Then yesterday they came to church again.  AND!!!! (drum role) Oscar was ordained to the Aronic Priesthood!!!! WAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!  I was so happy I think that i died a little.  Literally.  It was the best feeling in the entire world.  I am just so happy!  That is one more family that will have the blessing of the priesthood. I love the Plan that God has for us.  Every little thing along the way is to help us progress.
THEN!!! Remember Luis?? Pati's(the lady who had brest cancer) husband?  He was blessed with a new job!!! So he doesn't have to work on sundays anymore!! SO HE FINALLY GOT CONFIRMED!!!!!  Yay!! So many miracles.  I feel so blessed to be apart of the Lords work.  I learn so much every day it is ridiculous haha =D.  I love the Lord.  I love this work! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONRY!!

I just want to leave with one scripture.  D&C 6:36 "Look unto me in every thought; Doubt not, fear not."  In whatever situation we may be in- if we keep our sites set on the Lord we have no reason to doubt or fear.  With trust is the Lord Jesus we can do ALL things!
Love you all!
Have a wonderful week!
-Sister Wiser

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 6, 2014

Hello Lovely family!!!

I do not have a lot of time today- but I just wanted to share a few experiences that I had this past week!  

SO transfers were tuesday!!! IT has been a crazy week. Super dang crazy.  Monday we ran around and did stuff for Sister Ninataype.  Then monday night- 3 brand new greenies came to stay with us.  So we welcomed them in.  And I packed Sister Ninataype up.  It was so ODD.  She just sat there and talked to me.  hahah.  it was fun though.  Then we went to transfers tuesday morning at 9:00 and I got my new companion!! AND GUESS WHAT!! I am a grandma!! haha my daughter (Sister Petersen) is training.  So that makes me officially an old missionary.  it is crazy how the time goes.  So let me tell you about Sister Kreis.  She is WONDERFUL.   Haha She is tall and blonde and sweet.  She did pageants before the mission. Google her (Bridget Kreis).  She was Miss Orem and People's Choice Miss Utah.  So she is super legit.  She is a powerful teacher and a wonderful missionary.  We are having so  much fun together already!! AH I just love the mission.  Hahah i think one of the greatest rules is that i have on the mission is to have a companion with me all the time.  I realized that i hate being alone.   So that is nice. She is really great.  There are going to be great miracles happening here!

SO New Years was funny.  Because of transfers we were running around all day.  THEN President Maluenda let us watch MULAN as a zone.  hahahah I love Mulan.  I forgot how much i like watching movies.  I am such a missionary though! Haha the entire time we compared Mulan to a sister missionary. "i'll make a man out of you!!' haha So we enjoyed that.  Then that night the Sisters that were going to go home came to stay at the apartment. So that was fun as well.  It is officially 2014.  I can hardly believe it.

Then on Friday we had MLC with President and the Ap's. IT WAS AWESOME.  I learned so many great things.  President talked alot about setting goals.  That when we set a goal we need to make sure it is not just a desire. Desires VS Goals.  There is a big difference.  He also talked about the difference between Faith and enthusiasm.  How when we have faith we need to act.  Because faith without works is dead. With faith and animo (enthusiasm) we can accomplish great things. Last month as a mission we set a high goal.  And it was mostly based on enthusiasm.  So half way throught the month we all kinda puttered out.  We didn't do our part in order to reach the goal.  And president knew it was going to happen!! but he let it happen so he could teach us and help us learn from the experience.  It was really wonderful.  And I needed it. I know that all the experiences that we have in our lives are for our benefit.  it doesnt matter the situation that we are in, or had in the past.  We can learn from all of them.  The struggles can either weaken us- or we can use them to our benefit- and become stronger. I know that as we focus our lives on the savior and truly keep our covenants we can overcome any challenge that comes our way.  When the focus is on the Savior and his atoning sacrifice- we can learn the things that we need.  He can MOLD us into the people that he knows we can become.  True sons and daughters of God. Mosiah 27:25-26. How wonderful!! I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!! I LOVE MY MISSION. I am so grateful for all the prayers and the support.  Thank you. =D
Have a wonderful week!
Onward and Upward!!
-Sister Wiser