Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

Hello lovely family!!
This week has gone by so fast! Holy Moly we are in febrero(easier to spell in spanish...haha).  I can hardly believe it.  This is the last week of our transfer cycle.  So there may be some changes coming up.  I am praying to stay another one with Hermana Kreis!  We are learning SOOO much and really having a great time.  Preaching the gospel is SOO great.  I love it. =D 
This week was cool.  It went so fast that i cannot remember anything that happened at the moment... So i am just going to start typing. Haha.  Brain dead.
OH!  SO we have been having Cockroaches EVERYWHERE.  Last night we were going to make agua de melon (its like melon flavored water- its a really great mexican thing.  I will make it for you sometime).  I was doing follow ups with our district leader, and out of no where Sister Kreis started screaming. Haha there was a HUGE cockroach crawling on the counter.  I Dropped the phone (on accident) and ran to grap the bug killer spray stuff(we bought the value pack..) And was trying to squirt it. But the think WOULDN'T die.   So I was screaming, and Sister Kreis was screaming.  People probably thought there was a mass murderer in our apartment.  Nope- just  a sick nasty roach. It did die eventually. =D so that was good.  We had to do a deep clean on the kitchen to remove all the toxic but repelent. haha oh the life of a missionary.
Gospel principals class was interesting this week.  There are times when it is really awesome.  Then there are times when it is....a little cray cray.  SO- We went to the spanish ward this week.  La familia Giron- the miracle family that went to church last week- the Mom and Daughter came to church this week. So we were sitting in Gospel principles and someone started talking about how the Angle Michael is Adam- and Jehova is Jesus.... we have names before we came... And a few people just went off about it in rapid fire spanish.  And our investigator raised her hand and asked some crazy questions.  So the entire world was responding with crazy answers- and Sister Kreis and I were like 'NOOOOOOOOOO!!"  It was terrible.  THEN- they started talking about aliens and extraterrestrial(spelling?) beings- and where those fit in. Basically it was crazy. BUT- we made it out alive.  I was just praying the entire time that we could get back on track and talk about the importance of the creation. The teacher did a really good job though- with reigning everyone in.  OH and there is this CRAZY lady- and she just talks the entire time- to the teacher- to the other members.  And it is SOOO disruptful.  So It was interesting. yay gospel principals.   
So that was intense.  The familia Giron is progressing well. =D We have a lesson set up that is great for tonight.  So pray for the Giron Family- and Juan.  Juan has been out of town for a few days.. so we haven't heard from him.  Pray that we can find him again.  This boy needs the gospel!!
We had a really neat experience this week.  We went to a member's house for a dinner appointment.  I had never really talked to this particular sister before.  She is a convert to the church- and her husband is SUPER less active.  He smokes and stuff.  So she only invites the missionaries when he is out of town for business.  So anyways we went over and had a meal with her (it was fish actually- you should be proud of me! i ate it! i only gagged like twice.) After dinner we shared a thought.  About prayer.  and i felt prompted to share our family experience when Mom had cancer- and how the ward did a fast- and how us kids prayed that mommy wouldn't lose her hair.  And the spirit just rushed into the room.  And the lady told us that she had been having a hard time- and we were able to comfort her with the scriptures.  So that was a wonderful miracle. =D Such a blessing.  (also president Maluenda held a special leader meeting this past week.  it was 2 hours long- all about getting referrals.  But not about asking for them timidly- but treat the members like your friends and Ask then to help you find- having faith that they will help. We have been getting tons of referrals!  our zone got 80 this week.  it works!! All you members- help the missionaries- fiil their schedules with people to teach- go and introduce them to people.  it is very helpful- then YOU can particpate more fully in the plan of salvation) -So we asked her if she knew anyone that we could go by. And she gave us a referral for her Dad- which was awesome.  And for a little boy that is in her 6th grade class.  His name is Ernesto.  He is in the Foster Care Program.  So we went to the house to contact the referral.  And a lady answered.  And she was super suprised.  Invited us in- and she is taking care of 6 foster kids right now.  So they ALL sat aroud us and we taught them about Jesus.  It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.  These poor children have such crazy lives. They are terrified about their futures.  They don't know much about the savior.  I feel really blessed that we get to teach them.  Because of their situation they can't get baptized - but we feel like it is a great use of time to help them get founded in the gospel.  Their names are Ernesto, Edith, Vanessa, Sylvia, Cesar, Clarise. We taught them to sing 'I am a child of God"- And we were just singing in their little house. And the spirit was there- super strong. it just flooded in.  AH- i just want to help them, and keep them safe. There is a reason why Jesus loved the little children.  And why he told us that we need to be like little children in order to enter the kingdom of God.  They are SOOO close to heaven.  Their faith is so pure and so strong. 
I love you all!  I hope that you have a wonderful week. I know the Gospel is ture!  Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.  He loves us- and is reaching out his hand to help us through.
Go strong!
-Sister Wiser

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