Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 17th, 2014

Hello Lovelies!!  I hope you are all having a wonderful day! 

Where to start!  This week just flew by so fast.  We taught a lot of lessons this week- which was awesome.  I love having a full agenda!! it is the best!!  SO-- some updates.  Remember Karla?  Her parents wont allow to be baptized... =( Saddest thing ever.  BUT its okay- because God know the perfect time for her.  And preparing for herself for So long will really bless her.  Remeber in my 1st area- Kalena?  She finished her personal progress before she was able to get baptized.  it was the same kind of situation.  And she is now fully happy in the gospel. Pray for her and her parents- A miracle still could happen.  Because she has permission to meet with us and come to church. =D  So that is good.

Another day this week we had to run to the office to drop something off.  And we walk in- and Sweet Sister Neil (one of the office missionaries) was talking to a young mother and her little girl.  She was making them sandwhiches and bring them water.  The tire on their car had blown up/out
(whatever the term is) right in the parkinglot of the church.  So the Dad ran into the office- looking to use the phone- but Sister neil had a jack for him to use.  She then brought the wife and daughter in while he was fixing the tire.  We walked in at the perfect moment and sang for them.  Then we sat down and taught them the 1st lesson.  Invited them to be baptized and they accepted! So we will be having the 2nd lesson with them this week!  Haha crazy how the Lord works sometimes!  he just helped them to stop right infront of the church!  And they are SOOOO prepared!  They quit going to church because they are looking for the full truth!  They found it!  Yay!  It was such a wonderful lesson, and it was so great to have sister neil participating.  I loved all of it.

Another wonderful miracle happened.  It was approaching 9:00- when the sisters turn into pumpkins (haha) and we were visiting someone in our apartment complex- and there was an elderly lady sitting outside- enjoying the weather.  And so we stopped to talk with her.  We asked her if she knew of anyone that was going through a difficutl time and could use the light of Christ more fully in their lives. She answered yes, and gave us the address to her son, George.  George was in a really bad car accident about 30ish years ago- and it ended up disabling him- physically.  he has a hard time speaking and walking.  But he is the smartest sweetest man!  We went and had a lesson with him.  And he told us that he knew it was true.  Hahahaha it was SOOO funny.  He said something that We didn't quite catch and sister Garry said "OH- he wants to make us napales!'. George was like "um... no" (napales is a cactus thing that they make edible.)  it was hilarious.  I love my companions.  He is preparing for the 20th of April.  So that is wonderful.   The Lord is blessing us with SOOO many people.  We are busy.  I love it!

THEN- President called us and asked us to do a musical number for a stake conference that Elder Roberts came to.  So we call the 2 zones that were involved and set it up.  it was great.  One of the sisters was on the flute.  Sister Kreis played the piano (we made up a cool arangement) And then I divided up different parts.  There were about 45 missionaries.  We sang 'Onward Christian Soldiers'.  It was perfect wrap up to a stake conference about missionary work.  The spirit was there super strong! I feel so blessed to be apart of the work!  Onward! Ever Onward!  Those are just a few of the miracles we have seen lately.  the Lord is really hastening his work.  I LOVE IT! Yay!  I Have such a testimony that the Lord really is in charge of his work.  He is the one that is leading and directing it through it holy prophet. We all need to do our part in the work of salvation.  THIS IS WHAT IT IS ABOUT.  -Helping our brothers and sisters make it back to the presence of the Father. 

I love you ALL SOOOOO MUCH!  Have a wonderful day!

-Hermana Wiser

Also- Transfers are this week! We will see what happens!


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