Saturday, March 16, 2013

How are you all doing??  Thank you SOOO much for the package with the treats and the letters! That was wonderful! I never knew I would love getting mail so much!!  Thanks for all the letters and the love and support!!  Man, where to start!  The past three days have been the craziest days of my life! The MTC is such a cool place. It is awesome to be surrounded by thousands of missionaries. The spirit here is wonderful. Seriously it is awesome! Ha dad told me not to give you the boring play by play about the schedule- so I will just say that we never have a dull moment.  Every moment is planned for an activity. whether it is preparation time, eating, or study.  Even gym time! Yes Sterling, Stanton, and Shelby.... I have been working out! You would be Proud!! MY companion is a work-a-holic! She is super athletic and sporty. So she has been helping me get motivated to work out in the Gym.  Her name is Hermans Garry.  She is awesome! I am pretty sure that if we weren't paired together by force we would be best friends.  We have so much fun and we teach well together! Which reminds me!!!! We had to teach our first investigator IN SPANISH last night.  We have had 8 ours of language/instruction time. and we had to teach!  IT was CRAZY.  We were only allowed to talk/teach in spanish.  So.... That was interesting.  But we really prayed hard that we could focus on the investigator (her name is Alejandra) and listen to her needs and follow the spirit.  It was really awesome.  And even though we are not even close to fluent in the language it taught both me and Hermana Garry to rely on eachother and rely on the Lord.  The spirit was there and I even teared up a little bit when I was sharing my testimony!  One thing that is amazing though is that I was remembering all sorts of crazy stuff in spanish that I learned in JR. High. The Gift of tongues is real! And the Holy Ghost (Espiritu Santo) can bring anything to our memory.  It was an awesome experience and I am SOOOOOO excited to go to Texas and teach the people that the lord is preparing there.  The spainsh is coming!!!  I feel like I have learned more in the past two days than I did all through JR high and high school. It is crazy!  Stanton--practice your spanish! someday it will come in handy, and going spanish speaking is the BOMB.COM. I lOVE IT. It is so fun. haha and my companion and I speak in spanglish all the time. and when we speak in english- it is ALWAYS with an nacho libre accent.  (speak in ALL the mexican accents!!)  Ha we have so much fun.  And we are learning a lot!
Are Grandma and Grandpa home yet??  I have been dying to hear about Isreal! and I want pictures!! I will be watching for a letter from you two!
I know I already said this- but Thank you for the mail! it was such a pick-me-up!
OH!! I see Katie here in the special diet room almost every day!  IT is great. She took a picture of us. did you get that?? OH and the food is good. I have been eating great. I will probably turn into a little GORDITA...
I have also seen Sister Cara Bassett, Sister Katie Esplin, Elder Destry Wride, Elder Andrew Sandstrom, and Elder Zack Tingey.  IT is so awesome that there are so many missionaries going out to serve!! This past wednesday brought a TON of new sisters!  The Elder to Sister ratio is now 50%! Which has never happened!! Way to go Sisters!. My district is super awesome as well.  there are 12 of us. 6 boys and 6 girls. We have fun, but we also can learn together well.  In our little MTC dorm, all the girls from our district live in there.  so its a little crowded but it is awesome.
Okay-- so here is the funny story for the week
we were in our lesson with Alejandra- which, like i said, was ALL in spanish. and we get in there and we were trying to explain how God loves his children and how God loves Alejandra. Dios ama usted, alejandra. and we start talking and its going really well. i am sure i had the worst grammer in the entire in the world... but the spirit was there and you could tell that she was at least understanding what we were saying to her.  Then we moved on to tell her about how God answers our prayers because he loves us.  and we wanted to read James 1:5- if any of ye lack wisdom....ect- and I could not find James in my Spanish BOM!  I searched for like fifteen minutes( probably only like 3, but it felt like forever) and finially alejandra says something about her boyfriend Santiago- and says that all the 'Gringos' call him james.  So that is how i learned that Santiago is the name for James in spanish.  Haha and it gets better.... Then we were trying to tell her about joseph smith.. and we didn't even look over the restoration in spanish. so i was like- Alejandra, are you familiar with any prophets in the bible? (all in spanish) and she starts talking about Noah's ark and stuff.... SO I was scrambling in my brain (HOW AM I SUPPPOSED TO TALK ABOUT NOAH WHEN I HARDLY KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HIM IN ENGLISH??) So i start by saying God showed his love to Noah by teaching him how to build a boat and ... then i had no idea how to say flood or save from the flood.  So i started using hand motions and sound effects.... which was awful.  SO just picture me sitting there, saying random spanish words, and instead of saying the word for 'flood' i was doing the hand motion where you slit your throat and saying ( NO- awkward throat slitting hand motion- y grande aqua- while making my hands look like water!) so it was kinda of embarrassing. I hope that made sense.  IT was pretty dang funny. It was cool though because we brought it around and bore our testimonies and taught her how to pray.  and she ended up saying a prayer and praying to know that god was read and that he loved her.  It was awesome.  We are teaching her aging tonight!!
I only have 3 minutes left on the computer. so i better run!!
I love you all so much! and even though i miss you all,  I know that I am where i am meant to be.  The lord is in need of missionaries, and I am so grateful that i can be apart of his work force.
The Church is true!! La Iglesia es verdadera!!
Hermana Wiser
PS- I think stanton took my hair dryer out of my bag... and used it on wednesday?  Is it at home??  Ha stanton... you naughty boy! good thing i live with a million other girls!!
Scripture of the week- Isiah 49:5 look it up!
OH and i will try to figure out how to send pictures next week... i am technologically challenged!

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