Thursday, March 14, 2013

We heard from Shayna!

Shane has a manager, who has a wife, who has a job as a dietician at the MTC!  Katie texted me today and said the following:

"I saw Shayna today! I asked her when her P-Day is and she didn't know.  She said she really had no idea but maybe Saturday?  She also doesn't know who her district leader is yet.  Shayna said she is thinking she will need her carry on suitcase because they gave her a ton of books and she won't be able to fit them all. :)  But she was really proud -- she ran two miles today!!  and so far she is liking the food (She had a really good cupcake today!) She will also be teaching a lesson in Spanish tomorrow and was super funny about it!  She said she's getting along really well with her companion.  Anyway, she seemed like she was doing really well!"

This makes my heart so happy - Thank you Katie for keeping us updated.

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  1. That's awesome to have a 'Shayna sighting'!! Shayna will be an amazing missionary!! I look forward to reading more on the blog!