Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 30, 2014

Me and sister Moffat!  We did this selfie- then realized after that Jesus was in it too. 

Sandie- the day of her conformation!  she is so wonderful!!

Brother and SIster Hull! Newest member of the Church in Corpus Christi!

This is a brown recluse we had to kill before we filled the baptismal font!! AHHHH.  We sent sister nail after it.  =D
Savanna's baptism!!! Love her so much!!!

THis is a gluten free fruit pizza thing that Sister hull make me! SO SWEET! Love them! 

These are my Chilean gorditas!!  Love them both!! Sister Acosta and Sister Sarmiento.  I am Chilean too. =D hehehe.

All the sisters of Corpus!!!  WAHOOO SISTER POWER

Wiser and Price =D yay compi's

Wonderful sister Neil from the office!  love her so much!!

Sister Price and I finished part of the Spanish program!!! wahoo!! Captian and Mayor!!

Hello family!!

This week was really wonderful!  We took a little road trip down to McAllen with ALL the sisters in the mission.  It was like a family reunion.  It was so great to see all the sisters together.  It was a wonderful uplifting meeting. Tuesday evening after the meeting we drove home (as quickly as the speed limit would permit) to make to it the lesson we had set up with Savanna!! She is such a Gem!  She invited her cousin Izabelle to come over to learn more.  We started by going over the restoration.  Savanna was such a strong help too!  She just kept testifying left and right.  There was a beautiful spirit in the room.  At the end of the restoration- we invite people to pray about it- so they can receive a spiritual confirmation.  So we invited Izabelle to pray- after teaching her how to pray.  She said the most sincere beautiful prayer.  it was so wonderful.  After her prayer, before we could even help her recognize the spirit, Savanna jumped in and said, "Do you feel it?  Did you get it? Did you get your answer? That good feeling is God talking to you."  Best Member present friend ever!! Izabelle looked so happy!  She had such a light in her eyes!  She accepted a date to be baptized the 20th of June.  Her and savanna had a sleep over that night and picked out their outfits for church together!  haha so cute. typical girls. It is so amazing to see the fire of a recent convert!!  Savanna is so solid!  So strong!!  And she is helping to bring her non member family AND her less active family back into the fold.  So wonderful. 

Thursday we had another meeting.  Zone conference.  It was really amazing.  Sister Price and I gave a training about being  humble and having companionship unity.  We role played having a companionship inventory.  It was fun (kinda awkward) but fun!  I always learn more in trainings than the other missionary humans do.  President Maluenda is such a powerful teacher!  I just love listening to him open up the scriptures and learning from the spirit.  He really emphasized that- Always listening to the spirit- not the words he said.  I played the piano for sister Sarmiento to do a musical number. and I had a stupid spanish greenie moment. haha We were practicing. and I was trying to tell sister sarmiento (in Spanish of course)  to use the microphone.  so I said, "Hermana sing into the microonda". She instantly started laughing and I realized that I had said Microwave.  Durdadur- sing into the microwave. hahaha.  The real word for Microphone is Microfono.  I have been teased ruthlessly all week. ;) hahaha.

THEN- the unthinkable happened.  At the end of every zone conference the missionaries that are leaving the mission get up and share their testimony.  The missionary name for that is 'Dying Testimony'. (because when you leave the mission it is kinda like dying? I don't know- haven't done it yet.) Anyways- they called for Sister Price's group. AND THEN THEY CALLED FOR MINE. I didn't believe it so I just sat in my pew.  Then I saw sister welch get up and walk to the front. She was beckoning for me to follow.  So I started walking up and as I passed President Maluneda I asked him if he was sure that it was my turn to give my dying testimony.  and he said "Si, Hermana".  And my jaw literally dropped off my face and hit the ground.  I was so surprised.  SO I was in shock and had tears from the shock, rolling down my face.  and had to give my dying testimony. It was the weirdest feeling in the entire world.  The time goes fast. I am just grateful for my mission.  I LOVE BEING  A MISSIONARY.  I am going to be a missionary for the rest of my life.  WATCH OUT PROVO NON MEMBERS.  I WILL FIND YOU. =D

So then after the meeting we had a feeling to go back to a potential lady- and we went in and she is super prepared. Her name is Myrna. Her and her son are learning more- so that was a testimony builder- FOLLOW THE SPIRIT. Her name kept coming back to Sister Price's head so we went and we saw a wonderful miracle!!

Saturday I got to do an exchange with my sweet little sister Sarmiento!!  The one from chile. I love her so much!!  We saw another huge miracle!! We were out pounding the pavement in the wonderful texas heat- AND we received a referral for this house.  So we stopped by and found a family of 8!  5 of them are baptismal age!  So exciting!  Sister price and I have been praying to find a family that can get baptized her last sunday in the mission.  And we found them!!!  They are preparing to come to church with us this upcoming sunday and accepted baptismal dates for the 27 of July.  Such a miracle!!  I will tell you more about them next week. But they are darling.  THey have 6 little kids. OH!! And they speak Spanish!!! We found a Spanish family in the great white north!!! haha such a miracle!!

Then Sunday after church- we were on our way to an appointment and we felt the impression to go by this lady that we had randomly met.  And she opened the door like she was waiting for us.  We taught her as well and she accepted a Baptismal date for the 27th as well.  SO many prepared people.  Her name is Deborah.  She is new to corpus and you can just tell that she has been struggling.  We are excited to help her find the peace. =D 
Well I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Keep doing good work!! Help the missionaries!
Love you!
-Hermana Wiser

PS- Happy 4th of July. Stanton- don't blow up anything important. ;) hahahaha

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