Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

This week has been a wonderfully crazy week! The work is moving here in south texas!!  We have just been seeing sooooo many miracles! Savanna was baptized yesterday!!  it was such a wonderful service.   She was so ready for it too.  She showed up Saturday for her interview all ready.  Before that she went to buy a new dress to wear.  So cute. =D you will see it in the pictures. She invited a bunch of her non-member family members.  SO that was wonderful.  She is already spreading the gospel!!  Her cousin wants to learn too!  So we are going to start teaching her this upcoming week.  It is amazing the difference that one person makes.  Savanna is helping her family sooooo much!   She is such a wonderful example.  Her families home teacher, a brother from the ward, was able to baptize Savanna after working with their family for 4 years.  HOME TEACHING IS IMPORTANT!! It took four years- but now their family is even closer to heavenly father.  They (Savanna and Bro Perez) are preparing to go on the youth temple trip in about a month!  SO WONDERFUL!!!! It has been such a blessing to work with them.  At savannas baptism we took the guitar and did a rendition of 'when I am baptized'. the primary song that talks about rainbows and baptism.. haha =D it turned out really good.  And brought the spirit into the room.  it is amazing how much music can add!  Such a blessing.

Sandie was confirmed a member of the Church yesterday as well in sacrament meeting.  They are just the sweetest. They have become our Corpus Cristi  grandparents.  I love them so much!  Sister Price and I sang 'how great thou art' in sacrament.  It is brother Hulls favorite hymn.  So that was a nice little touch. 

Basically we have just been working our guts out in the blazing texas heat!  I forgot how HOT it is in the summer.  Haha it is character building. =D

This upcoming week we have an ALL sister meeting in Mcallen.  Road trip! hahah it is crazy having to drive so far for a meeting.  Then we have zone conference after that.  So that is going to be super fun. =D I am excited to go!  And I am ready to learn more!!

We had a crazy miracle this week!  literally crazy.  Haha so we had a member with us- her name is Morgan.  She is wonderful. She is engaged right now- and comes out with us every week.  So we had this crazy experience.  WE were going to a lesson with our new investigators that we found, Arnold and Brittany.  And we had planned to teach them about the book of Mormon.  BUT..... we forgot to put more copies in our car.  I had checked the night before and the car was completely out of copies of the Book of Mormon.  As we were driving over to their house I realized that we didn't have a Book of Mormon for the lesson! MISSIONARY NIGHTMARE!! (whoops.. lack of preparedness- don't worry I repented. :p)  Anyways So I said "Sister Price! Hurry say a prayer.  we need one!"  So she said a prayer right that moment.  She literally prayed for a 'random book of Mormon."  So we got out of the car to look in the trunk AND THERE WAS A RANDOM BOOK OF MORMON THAT APPEARED OUT OF NO WHERE. Heavenly father answers our prayers.  We went and had an awesome lesson with them!  Such a miracle.  Morgan, sister price and I were all so shocked!  Prayer works if you have faith! 

Well I hope you all have  a wonderful week! 

Love you all so much!!! enjoy this last week of JUNE. AHHHHH.  Time is flying.

-Hermana Wiser

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