Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

This week is the last week of the transfer!! Super crazy!!  This transfer has just flown by! MAN. We took another road trip to McAllen this week for an STL meeting and MLC.  It was really great!  President Maluenda is such an inspired Mission President! The changes he is making are really helping the mission to grow. =D We went down to McAllen on tuedsay- and worked with the La Vista sisters for the afternoon and evening. I Got to work with my querida Hermana Kreis!! Haha it was just like old times.  I felt like I just went on a really long exchange then went back to work in La Vista. hah  it was fun.  We were walking around- trying to find prepared humans- and there were 4 boys outside. They were all around 14-15 years old.  And they wanted to learn about the message and ALL accepted baptismal dates.  We set appointments with all of them and their families to go back.  So that should keep them busy for a while. =D  One of the boys- Robert- was talking about how the sisters had been teaching his family not to long ago- and how THAT VERY MORNING- they were talking about getting baptized and finding the sisters again.  God knows where we need to be- when we need to be there.  That was super great.
The theme that I pulled from our meetings was the power of prayer.  President Maluenda shared a really really cool experience from his life. (he has tons of cool life experiences).  We were talking about the importance of ASKING for what we need. Like it says in the scripture Matthew 7:1-13

 7Askand it shall be given‍ you; seekand ye shall find; knockand it shall be opened unto you:  For every one that asketh receiveth; andhe that seeketh‍ findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.
Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask breadwill he give him stone?
10 Or if he ask fish, will he give him serpent?
11 If ye then, being evilknow how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give goodthings to them that ask him?

He then shared an experience.  When Pres. Maluenda was little he always loved studying English.  When he was 12 he asked his dad to enroll him in English classes. And he ALWAYS wanted to serve an English speaking mission.  So from the time he was about 12- until he put his mission papers is he prayed that Heavenly father would send him to an English speaking country.  At the time that was really rare for Chile- ALL the Chilean missionaries would serve in a different part of Chile.  But President Maluenda prayed with faith that he would get sent to an English speaking place.  He said he bought an old video cassette in English.  Every night he would listen to 20 minutes of it before he went to bed.  After a year he could understand the entire dialog! Crazy right?  talk about determination.  Anyways- he put his papers in and he was the 1st missionary to be called to an English speaking country from Chile.  He served in Washington state.  How cool right!! His experience really touched me. It reminded me of how I prayed to serve Spanish speaking!  yay!  I LOVE SPANISH. =D 
He then talked about how the Lord does hear our prayers.  And IF we ask him.  he will grant the things that we desire and need.  I know its true! It has really helped me to be more sincere in my prayers.  I have really learned how to converse with my Heavenly Father on my mission.  He already knows everything- but He expects us to tell him, and ask him for the things we need.  A lot of times- we don't receive simply because we don't take the time to ask.  PRAYER changes things.  Prayer is more that just I list of things.. It is a communion with God. =D

So we had a super ODD moment this week.  haha we were walking in this little neighborhood of our area right by a park.  And out of no where this big old snake slithered out of the weeds and started chilling in the middle of the road. it was pretty big- like 3 feet long. (I am not exaggerating here!) and it was all coiled up and as cars were driving by it was striking at the cars. Randomly all these people came out side- there were probably 14 people standing on the side walk just watching it. and then a HUGE beefed up- Texan truck  ran over it. It died. with a crunch.  I think that all the 14 people( and us) were in shock.  When sister Price and I gained our composure again we walked around and gave Jesus cards to all the people that were staring at the big dead snake.  Hahaha. Yay missionary work. =D  it was really interesting.  after we started giving out cards and talking to people a lady came out with a rake and put the thing in the rain gutter... I am not sure how healthy that is for the environment... but seems legit!  haha.   Yay big snakes in texas.

Well I am out of time for today!  Love you all!  Keep praying for Savanna and Sandie!  They are getting baptized this week!!! PRAY FOR THEM!  Thanks. We are seeing so many miracles every day.  This is the Lords work.  We can all be apart of it if we are willing to act!! 
-Hermana Wiser

Also- our mission is receiving a TON of sisters!!  This transfer we will be getting 8.  Next transfer 14.  The transfer after that we will get 9.  They are opening up new sister areas!!  wahoooo sister power!  =D  Get ready to serve Hermanita Shelby Sue!  You will be great!

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