Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28th, 2014 - Good bye Sister Price - Hello last transfer!!!!

Hello family!!

This week was especially crazy!! and Great.  And Crazy. =D I will just start and go through the entire week in order. 

Monday (last Monday)-  Our bishop and a few members took us to the aquarium! It was super fun! I will attach pictures here in a second. It was a crazy p-day- we finished all of our stuff by 1:30 and were going to see little fishies.  it was record time. Our members spoil us!!  Then Brother and Sister Hull had a family home evening with us and another family in the evening.  So we went and they had food set up and everything. They have come so far! in January brother hull was less active and sister hull wasn't  a member yet!  Now they are having family home evenings and inviting people to come to church.  Hasten the work!

Tuesday we had our last district meeting of the transfer. Since Sister Moffat and Sister Price are going home the elders did a hilarious safety training about "airline safety" it was great. Then we went to district lunch at this place called Eddy's.  It is owned by a less active member and they feed us for free. they are super great. and the food is great too!
Wednesday President Maluenda came up for interviews. (it is the transfer for interviews)  We found out Tuesday night at about 7:30. So we went and had some really awesome trainings.  President Maluenda is really inspired! I always learn so much!!

Thursday, Friday, we just had a ton of appointments- we were running aroud like crazy having lessons and stuff.  It is always fun to be super busy! We have found some really great people this week.  I will give more details as they progress a little bit more.  Friday afternoon we were in this apartment complex- and we saw this little girl trying to get something that fell in the but huge trash bin.  She was standing on her bike to get up and get it.  so we went to help her.  When she was dumping the trash the little can fell in.  So we helped her get it out.  Then of course gave her a picture of Jesus. We asked her for a referral and she told us to go and visit her friend.  So we went and knocked- but no one answered.  So we set off to find some other people that lived in the complex.  on our way back to the car we saw another lady- again dumping things in the dumpster. so we invited her to learn more and she invited us in to her house. AND- it was the same family that the little girl had referred us too.  that was pretty neat.  we went in and they both accepted baptismal dates for august. it was really great.  We are excited to teach them.  It is a mom and a daughter.  their names are Julie and Serenity. cute family. 

Saturday-  We had everything set up for Rosa's baptismal interview!! and the kids!  there ended up being a special meeting in McAllen for new trainers and district leaders- so a bunch of missionaries ended up going down. So we had  Sister Gibson and sister Perez with us.  Our district leader had 2 other Dl's with him as well.  We started out the day doing service (yes all of us. there were 11 of us) at this sisters house. Then she made us a carne asada after. It was super good.  After that we all headed to the church for the interviews! Rosa and her kids were there waiting outside the front door- all dressed up cute and ready for their baptism interview.  SO PREPARED. Since there were 3 district leaders they helped our district leader with the baptism interviews. So that shortened up the time a little.  While the kids waited for Rosa we made copies of some living scriptures coloring pages. they had fun coloring.  We had a good time with them. 

Sunday- They got baptized!!!!  It was such a great miracle!!  The Spanish branch was super excited as well- they haven't had a baptism in a while. so the entire branch was there to support.  Sunday we also gave talks in church and I played the piano for the meeting.  As we were going to help with the Gospel principal class one of the brothers came and asked me to go and play the piano for primary. So that was fun!  I really enjoy primary. Rosas 6 kids really added a lot to the primary.  Angela, Roel, and Andrew were so excited for their baptism.  When they announced it in primary they were beaming.  So cute. The service  went really well.  Rosa texted us later and thanked us for coming to find her family. She told us that she knew that God sent us to her.  HE DID!  I know he did.  Such a miracle to see a family enter the waters of baptism.  Her husband came to support as well-  so hopefully we will start to teach him as well.  Pray for him!!
Debra and  Breanna were supposed to be baptized as well, but they just need a little more time.  They are doing well though- progressing super well. pray for debra to stop smoking! it has been super hard for her.  we will be re-setting her date with her this week.  we have some great plans to help her to progress! 
We got sister price all packed up last night! It is so weird seeing her empty desk and closet!  She really has been a wonderful companion.  We will be friends for life!  if yall want to go to Arizona her homecoming is the 10th of august. =D haha. I love her so much!

By next week I will for sure know my next companion! I will be staying in Weber for sure. I am happy about it. 
Well- I love you all!! have a great week!! enjoy the heat!! I love being a missionary.  I know that Jesus Christ is the savior and that he lives. He leads this holy work- all we need to do is be instruments in his hands. 
Love love love love love ya!! 
-Hermana Wiser.

Sister Sarmiento and I at the Aquiarium

Group of sisters!! so fun!!

this is a funny one. sister moffat went to peru. sister sarmiento is from chile. and I am in corpus!!

Here are the kids at there interview!!

Rosas baptism!!!!
Rosas other son Rodger!!

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