Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014


This week literally flew by!!  I wanna start by giving a shout out to Grandma Bassett!! Happy birthday on the 23rd!!! And to ELDER WISER.  Feliz Cumpleanos on the 26th!!  Enjoy your birthdays :) Love ya both so much.

Sister Price and I had some mighty great adventures this week.  It went very very very fast.  We did 3 exchanges this past week.  With our sisters in Annaville, Beeville, and Everhard.  It was great.  I love the sisters so much!!  I just keep learning ALL the lessons.  We took a little road trip to Beeville.  It is a tiny Podunk town. My GPS decided to give up the ghost- so we asked a member to print off some google maps for us. There are a couple of major free-way switches- so we got pretty nervous when we saw a sign that said "SAN ANTONIO 97 MILES".  Don't worry- we didn't go to San Antonio.  We made it alright-  Beeville is the most northern city in our mission!  So it was super fun.  AND HOT.  I got a little sun burnt. I have some pretty knarly sister missionary tan lines. =D  yay. We went out and worked super hard.  We stayed and worked Friday night and Saturday- between the four of us we found 9 investigators.  It was a really amazing blessing.  I had been praying to have success on that exchange for about 2 weeks- and we saw a LOT of miracles!! Heavenly father really does hear and answer our prayers.

Savanna and Izabelle went to the temple this week!!! THEY LOVED IT.  Such an amazing experience! Man- I wish I could have been a fly on the wall.  We went over earlier in the week and helped Savanna set up her family history account- then we started putting stuff in. She is the first one in her immediate family that has even touched family history.  So we got all the information for her to do a baptism and confirmation for her Grandma.  Izabelle did one for their Great Grandma. It was cool.  Brother Perez was there and started pulling out birth certificates, passports, and other random documents with names, birth dates, and death dates.  We put them in then and there!  The spirit of Elijah was there!!  You could feel it.  It is amazing how a temple trip will solidify a recent convert.  They had an amazing experience. I will have them send a picture to my email so that y'all can see it next week. 

Sandie is doing great as well!! We got a call from her on Saturday- and her friend was admitted to the hospital. So she called and invited us to go and sing with her- AND she called the bishop and invited him to go give her a blessing.  We went into the hospital after church. it was an army of Mormons!! ( Sandie, Bishop, Sister Price and I, Chelsea Cornwell and her husband Logan.)  We filled up her room and sang 'I am a child of God'  It brought such a beautiful spirit.  The lady just started crying.  You could tell that she just needed to feel Heavenly fathers love. Then Bishop and Brother Cornwell gave her a blessing. It was really beautiful and the spirit just whooshed it.  After that she asked us what church we were from.  Sandie instantly answered, "We are Mormons!  it is the church I just joined!!"  Then she shared her testimony!  AHHHH!! SO POWERFUL!!! She is being a missionary as well!  And the Hulls invited a less active family to come to a family home evening tonight at their house.  They have the desire to help others come unto Christ.  So exciting!!  Sandie said that she is hoping that her friend wants to learn more.  We will probably go and see her again. So great!! 

It has been great!! This is Sister Prices last week in the mission. We have some hefty goals- so we are going to hit the ground running this week.  Rosa, Angela, Roel, Andrew, Breanna, and Debra preparing to get baptized this upcoming sunday.  Pray for them!!!  Especially Debra.  She has cut her smoking in half.  and committed to smoke 2 less cigarettes every day this week.  That will have her ready for her baptism.  They are all progressing SOOO well. Rosa texted us yesterday after church and thanked us for finding her family.  They are so prepared.  

I love my mission!  I am grateful to serve the Lord in this time.  I know that this is HIS work. He loves us and is there to strengthen us. The atonement is real.  I have felt its power in my life and I have seen it change people.  We just have to use it!!  The church is true the book is blue!  Have a wonderful wonderful week!  Love you all!!

-Next time you hear from me I will know who my new companion is!

Les Quiero Bastante!!
-Hermana Wiser

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