Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 14, 2014

Hello Familia!!

This week has been legitimately crazy and wonderful. hmmm where to start.  Well- from the title you can probably guess that I contracted another sinus infection!! yay!! So that was the first adventure of the week.  My dear sweet companion took really good care of me- don't worry.  This one was pretty strong- I lost my voice- haha so imagine a very congested sister wiser, testifying between coughing fits in a 3-pack-a-day- smoker voice. It was pretty great. We saw some huge miracles from it though!!  First of all- we had planned to go to Beeville to do an exchange with some hermanas up there... but with my snotty state we rescheduled it for this upcoming week.  At first I was super bummed- because I was excited to go and help the sisters- and I hate it when plans are messed up because of me- BUT it turned into a wonderful miracle.  Since we weren't in Beeville we went out and worked with Debra (I know in the past I have spelled her name like 12 different ways- I found out that this is the correct spelling).  She is great.  She smokes about a pack a day- So we bumped up the word of wisdom lesson in our teaching schedule so we could start to help her give it up.  We took a wonderful member with us Monday- to teach about the gospel and repentance- it went really well.  AND- before we had even taught the word of wisdom
 lesson our dear member said "sister, I notice that you have a smoking problem!  don't worry we are here to help you overcome it!"  You have to realize that the member is a legit Texan- She is fancy with bleach blonde hair, wears her cowgirl boots to church- Always done up.  After that sentence she started talking about the negative effects of smoking to your beauty and health. It was pretty funny.  She brought it up with love though.  The next day we went with a different member to teach the Word of Wisdom.  His name is brother burke- and he is probably one of my favorite people that I have ever met on my mission.  remember the squirrel story in elders quorum?  We are talking about the same guy.  he has long surfer dude hair, he is in his late 50's, and he is hilarious. So we go through the things that we can't have, and talk about the blessings- THEN we start to make plans with her to help her quit.  She just kept looking at us like "you really wanna take my cigarettes away from me too?"- we sad puppy dog eyes. we just smiled.  SO THEN (this is the best part) Brother Burke started using this analogy.  Here it is.
          "One Day a lady got a brand new puppy.  The puppy was cute and white and little.  She took it to the vet because it had to get its tail cut off.  While she was in the waiting room she - waiting for her little doggie to go back, she kept hearing the yelps and barking of the other dogs in the back- who were undergoing the same procedure. The owner got more and more anxious as the moments past.  Finally her turn arrived and she walked her cute little puppy back to see the vet.  She felt so bad that it had to have the procedure that she asked the vet, "Please!! don't hurt it tooo much!  Only take off a little today. Then we will come back next week, and you can take a little more. So the Vet only cut up the first little bit of the puppy's tail.  The following week she took the dog back.. and the procedure was repeated until the entire tail was cut off of the poor little puppy."  -Gruesome right!!  But it makes a great point!  Debra was like "oh my word!  that is horrible!!! just cut it off all at the same time." then she had the realization that that was what she needed to do with the smoking and said "OHHHHH that is what I should do too!! Drat!"  Haha it was pretty funny.  She wouldn't go cold turkey- but she has cut down to half this past week.  we took a jesus card and wrote the number 10 on it and stuck it in her cigarette box.  Then we gave her a picture of jesus to look at when she smokes.  She has been doing really great- and got a blessing on sunday from the elders.  it was really beautiful.  pray for her to stop smoking!!!  Her daughter Breanna had a birthday party this week too.  we (meaning I)
will send you pictures. =D
So we went through out the rest of the week- and went to teach Debra the 10 commandments on Saturday- and one of Breanna's little friends sat in on the lesson.  At the very end of it Arwin(her little friend) said, "Man, my mom and sister need to hear this.  can you talk to them too?"  So right after the lesson we went and started talking to the mom and sister.  The mom wasn't interested. But the sister, Jessica started asking us questions.  So we went and sat down with her and had a BOSS restoration lesson.  She really is going through a hard time- and she felt the spirit super strong. You could tell by the way she changed.  She struggles with same gender attraction- and has been super lost and alone.  We invited her to prepare to change her life and be baptized- she accepted right away.  THEN she committed to come to church.  SO sunday morning- We were running around like crazy (getting ready for Izabelles baptism, and practicing for the special musical number that we sang for ward conference)- we walked into sacrament meeting and Jessica, Arwin, Debra, and Breanna were all sitting in the second row!! SUCH A MIRALCE!! After we left they were all outside talking and decided to carpool.  So wonderful- because debra didn't have a ride.  God works in mysterious ways!!  So bottom line- I was blessed with a sinus infection so that we would stay home from Beeville, so that we could find Jessica. =D  QUE MILAGRO!!
ALSO- Izabelle got baptized!! It was SOOO wonderful.  Her non member family came- Her dad is catholic.  But he seemed to be really touched by the spirit.  AND her younger brother (who is 8) mentioned that he wanted to get baptized too.  So many miralces! All because Savanna invited her family to her baptism.   Izabelle is so sweet!  She was so excited too.  We asked a brother, who is a recent convert of about 3 years, to baptize her.  And they had to do it 3 times because her arm kept sticking out.  But the 3rd time was perfect.  She is squeaky clean. =D  It was a beautiful service- and we had wonderful ward support.  The ward is just on fire!!  I will send pics in a sec. 
Then to top of the night- we were crazy busy all day and we weren't able to go to the Spanish  branch to see if rosa and her family went.  We called and the phone wasn't working.  I got asked randomly to play the piano in primary- so we ended up staying in the English ward. (we were also juggling Jessica, Arwin, Debra, and Breanna. Getting Debra a blessing to help her overcome her addiction, AND doing Izabelles interview- All at the same time) it was crazy.  So we were doing follow-ups with our district leader and he was like- Good job getting Rosa to church.  And we both were like.." uh.. Huh??  ELder, Rosa didn't go to church, the four that we sent in for the actuals was Jessica Arwin, Debra, and Breanna."  He just started laughing and said.  "sisters, Rosa came to church!  We thought you knew!"  SO WE HAD 8 INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH YESTERDAY. Such a blessing. The elders said that she loved it. SO prepared!!! we are super excited!!  we were so sad before- because we were going to have to drop their baptism date for the 27- but since they came they are still good!! wahooo!!  The lord is blessing us with so many miracles.  I love being a missionary!! Even with a sinus infection.  Keep on keeping.  Enjoy the week! have fun at EFY  Stanton and Shelby!!  Learn something great.  LOVE YA!!!!

-Over and out
--Sister Wiser

Stanton- you probably cant see the sign on the building in the background0 but it has your name on it!! that is the best picture I could get. hahah. =D

This is me... being a Texan!  haha =D with a boot.

We gave a helmet safety training in District meeting.  With a watermelon.  =D hahah. it was great.  Wear a helmet and tighten it correctly!!

This is Debra- if you look really close in her cigarette box you can see the picture of jesus sticking out at the top. =D  haha she is hilarious.  During the entire WOW lesson she was cracking jokes about rumcake and stuff. love her.

Sandie made me this quilt!! haha =D I love it.  =D such a treasure.

this is us during lunch. hahah that is our apartment.  your are welcome momma. =D

She is SOOOO sassy!  haha. We love her. =D  happy 10th birthday!!

THis is Breanna's birthday party!  she LOVES hello kitty.  We make her the pink and white "prayer" bracelet.

Izabelles baptism!!!

Savanna and I- yay for selfies

We lost the keys- for 45 minutes.  we literally tour the house apart to find them.  All the congestion was messing with my brain.  So I said a prayer- and I looked at the wall.  And Grandma Wiser was watching them for me!!  Thanks Grandma!  hahahaha we laughed pretty hard. love ya granny!

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