Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7th, 2014

Howdy Folks!

This week was super wonderful! We took another road trip down to Mcallen for MLC.  That was super fun. We went down Tuesday afternoon to go and blitz some of the other sisters areas.  I got to work in Mission East with sister Campbell.  She is wonderful!  We had a great time.  We were going to find one of their investigators- but she wasn't home.  BUT- the lady gave us a referral for the neighbor.  SO we immediately went to knock on the door. This girl answered and after a few minutes of talking with her she said, "hmmm I think I want to join your church, do you have time to come inside?".  MISSIONARY DREAM COME TRUE!! We went in and taught her and her twin sister.  in the middle of the lesson their mother walked in- turns out she was a former!  We set them on a date and left.  I am excited to see how they are progressing.  The Lord blesses us with miracles!!
MLC was really great. It is always really great.  The AP's gave a training on fasting- and reminded us of the experience that we had last November- when we hit out goal of 113 as a mission.  We had a mission fast in order to reach the goal- and we received SOO many blessings.  Elder Grant (one of the AP's) asked all the missionaries that were in that MLC to raise their hands.  AND only sister Kreis, Elder Grant, and I were in that meeting!  All the other zone leaders and STL's are new.  You can call me Abuelita Wiser- haha most of the sisters do.  Pretty crazy.  This month we are reapplying these principals so we can hit our goal this month.  We had like a 6 hour training on setting and reaching goals.  It was pretty legit.
We had another wonderful lesson with Izabelle!  She is SOOO prepared!  Her original baptismal date was for the 20th of July- BUT we moved it up to the 13th!!!  Our ward is taking a youth temple trip and Savanna and Isabelle want to go!! SO EXCITING!!! So we moved up Izabelle's baptismal date so they can go do baptisms for the dead.  IT is such a miracle. AND- Savanna told us that she wants to go on a mission!!! Sister Price and I were dying.  We are So excited!  Looks like we might be coming back again to go through the temple with Savanna in about a year and a half.  SO exciting.  She is going to be the most wonderful missionary.  She is already sharing the gospel with her friends and family. Pray for her that everything works out. 
Debra came to church this past Sunday with her daughter!! that has been another wonderful blessing. She even signed up to bring food to a ward activity that we are having in a few weeks.  Pretty great!  We had a church tour with her- and some of the greatest members came with us.  The cornwell family-  Brother Cornwell is a convert of 3 years-  His wife helped him to find the truth!  AND THEY ARE SO STRONG!!  It was a wonderful experience to have them there, testifying.  Keep Debra and Breeana in your prayers. 
We had to go in early on the 4th of July.  Texans go BIG on the 4th.  So for safety reason we had to be in early.  We didn't know what to do with ourselves.  So we ate a huge tub of ice cream and read the scriptures!  Yay book of Mormon read-a-thon. I have really been enjoying reading it through it again.  I decided to read it for the "read the BOM before Sister Wiser gets home challenge" in English. It is super weird!  I haven't really read the BOM in English for more that a year.  But is has been fun.  I love the Book of Mormon! It really is another testament of Jesus Christ. =D
We get a normal work week this week without meetings!! So that is fun.  We are ready to pound the pavement.  On Friday and Saturday we are going to a little town called Beeville to work with some sisters there.  (Sister Welch and her greenie) So that will be fun!  Beeville is the most northern city in our mission.  They are closer to the San Antonio mission home than to ours. hahaha. Pretty crazy. 
All is well is Corpus!  I love being a missionary! 
Have a wonderful week.  Invite someone to learn more about the savior.
-Hermana Wiser

The one car shot when we look crazy is when we found out that our investigator Rosa is on page 50 of the book of Mormon!  We gave it to her on sunday.  =D  cool!!

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