Monday, December 2, 2013

November 25, 2013

Hello everyone!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!

How crazy. November is almost over.  I would like to give a shout out to my cousin Zack Empey! He is heading out on his mission soon! love ya kid! tear it up in Korea.

All is well in texas! It has actually been super cold here this past week.  Like in the 40's. Haha i know that doesn't seem cold compared to the lovely utah weather- but when you are used to upper 90's and it is 40's with 60% humidity- it is cold.  haha and we don't have any warm clothes.  So i look like a dangus. I have been layering everything.  I am grateful for the little cardigans i brought. =D It has been crazy- and no one has really been out on the streets.  My little texas has seemed a little lonely.  But its all good! 

This week ERIC BLACK GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! Wahooooo!!! it has been a month of miracles! The baptism was super great.  A bunch of YSA kids showed up to welcome him into the church.  it was really great.  After the baptism- we asked him how he felt and said "ah, i feel fresh.'' Sister ninatype was like 'Fresh like 'hey! wassup!'- or "Fresh like a vegetable?" He laughed and said "Fresh like HEYA WASSUP."  So that is great.  Feeling fresh after your baptism. That is what we like. 
We had a wonderful little miracle this week!  We have a member- She was baptized like 4 years ago. Her missionaries helped her and her husband Jose get married and baptized.  And for the past month we have been working with her.  She has a fear of praying out loud.  LIke she will start by saying "padre celestial.." then the words wont come out of her lips.  It just terrifies her.  So about a month ago we started giving her little progressive committments to pray out loud. First by herself, then with her babies, then with her husband.  And we kept following up.  The entire time we were sharing stories and personal experiences and just encouraging her.  Then this past week we went and were sharing a little thought with her about faith. we both shared our testimonies and a scripture in ether.  At the end of the lesson we asked if we could leave her with a prayer, and aksed her who she would like to offer it.  And she said 'I will." Sister Ninataype and I were both super surprised! haha. and she started to pray.  And the most beautiful spirit entered the room.  And Sister Jiminez offered the most humble, faith filled prayer i have ever heard.  When she finished we all had little tears running down our cheeks and started hugging and stuff. (like any sister misisonarie would)  It was so great!  And it was a testimony builder for me- because through faith Heavenly father can HELP us overcome our fears.  I wish you could have seen sister Jiminez' face! AH the light in her eyes was so bright and beautiful. It was a wonderful experience.  I live for those little moments as a missionary! 

I love the work! I love the lord!  I KNOW that all things are possible with him.  We can overcome any doubt, trial, fear, or weakness. if we have trust in the our Savior- who has already payed the price.  Have a wonderful week! and an attitude full of gratitude!! I am so grateful for the gospel in my life, for a Savior who would walk the lonley road to pay for our sins.  I am grateful for Family and friends that support me, and for the prayers.  I feel them every day.  Thank you. thank you all! have a wonderful thanksgiving. consider yourselves hugged!

-Sister WIser

ps- funny/stupid spanish moment for the week.  Sister Jiminez invited us over for thanksgiving(yay!) and she was asking us what we like to eat with our families.  So i was like "pos, usualmente comemos polvo." - I was trying to say turkey- which is 'PAVO' - but instead i mixed the word "pollo"- which is chicked- and something else.  "Polvo= dust.  So i guess we eat dust for thanksgiving. haha embarrassing.  We had a pretty good laugh out of that one.  Yay. =D
Have a great one!! 

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