Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 9th 2013


Hello Family!!

How is everyone doing??  We are really great here! it is a little chilly.  Down to 40 degrees.  And this weird misty rain stuff.  it is odd.  But we are doing good =D SO I HAVE GREAT NEWS!!! On Christmas i get to skype to talk to you!!!! yay!!!! i get to see your faces!!!!  I will have 45 minutes on christmas.  I will let you know when i will be able to skype home on the P-day before christmas.  =D so i will set that up.  maybe start thinking about when would be good for you guys and let me know next p-day. I was so excited to tell you that.  =D haha anyways-

THIS WEEK WAS LITERALLY INSANE. AND WONDERFUL. AND INSANE!! We started the week off- pretty normal.  Working hard and praying- the usual missionary stuff.  AND THEN- we have MLC on wednesday.  it was a great Mission leadership council.  I love them! President is so inspired.  We had some really great trainings- then we started talking about the mission goal for baptisms. Since we reached our goal (+3) last month with 113(what a blessing!!) everyone started talking about raising the vision even more.  Especially in the beautiful month of December!! So as a mission (drum roll) we decided to have the goal of 150 for december!!!!!! can you believe it!!!  150 of God's Children will have the opportunity to enter the waters of baptism and partake of the special blessings that come with that covenant.  IT is CRAZY!! So if y'all could- pray for 150 in december for the TMM. =D yay!

So after MLC- Sister Ninataype and I were super pumped and excited about the work.  At this point of our week- we only had 1 investigator (martin) that has been missing in action since the day we met him.  So we were in serious need of some miracles to find people to teach (and help them progress to baptism).  So we went out with all the fire and enthusiam we could muster.  We had an appointment with the Jimenez family.  So we went there.  And on our way to their apartment complex we saw a couple waking towards us.  President is always telling us to talk to EVERYONE.  So we did.  haha and we were super excited and whatever.  We introduced ourselves and started talking witht them about the gospel.  It was great. Haha at first they looked kinda freaked out- like "who are these odd girls in skirts talking to us about Jesus on the sidewalk, in the dark?" But as the conversation went on they were eventually lauging with us and talking with us.   And we invted them right there to be baptized! and they accepted!  Then we found out they werent in our area.  haha so we gave the referal to the other sisters. But it was still cool!   Then we went to go and try to find Martin.  He wasn't home.  So we went to a potential in that same apartment complex.  and they weren't home.  So we went to these referrals that we have (also in the same complexes) and they weren't home.  So i was writing little notes to them. and all of a sudden we saw this HERD of people walking down the street.  So sister Ninataype and i looked at eachother- and i quick slipped the note in the door. and we RAN down the stairs.  We were walking on the sidewalk of the apartement complex- and they were on the normal side walk. And we we met them at the corner! and started talking to them!  It was a mom and her 5 children. =D So we just started talking to them. =D it was great.  we ended up walking them home.  She invited us in and we sat down and set 5 baptismal dates for the 29 of december!!!! WAHOOOOO!!!  AND- they have 10 people in their family.  The only one that is not old enough to get baptized is their youngest son (who is 6).  CRAZY RIGHT!!! a SMALL FAMILY OF TEN!!  AND THEN!! haha it isn't over yet.  The next day we found another family!  Our District leader did a blitz on our area- and found this family and gave them to us as a referral.  So all last week we were trying to find them. One day we found the kids outside. (their names are Naomi, Nahum, Hiram, and Hiromy)  We asked if their mommy was in- and they said she was buzy.  So we taught them how to sing "Soy un Hijo de Dios" (i am a child of God).  and told them to sing it to their mom.  So a few days later we came, and Sister Gricelda comes out (the mom) and starts talking to us.  We started the lesson with singing 'Soy un Hijo De Dios" then a prayer.  It was a boss lesson. and Naomi, Nahum, and Hiromy and Gricelda have baptismal dates as well for the 29th of december!! it is going to be a white christmas!! And we found a couple other single investigators with bd's as well.  This week has been such a blessing.  We went from 1 shaky investigator to 14.  yes FOURTEEN.  It is crazy.  We are SO blessed. It isn't us at all either- it is simple a blessing from heavenly father.  I know that he knows us.  He knows our needs.  he wants us to have success.  And when we do our part and have faith suffecient to rely on him- he provides us with miracles.  I LOVE IT!  I love the mission!  Me encanta la obra misional!! It is such a blessing to be a missionary. 
On sunday- we were asked to speak in our english wart and 9:00 and I was asked to sing in our spanish ward at 10:00. It got  a little bit crazy. haha.  But we made it.  And Gricelda and the kids came to church!! it was so cute! we were a little late to spanish ward.  But when we got there Hiromy was like "Hermana Wiser! Wiser! Ven aqui!!" (come here!) haha they had saved us seats.  it was so great.  miracles. =D 
Well i have to run! know that i love you! and i pray for each of you! have a wonderful week.  Let me know if there is anything i can do for any of ya!!
-Love Sister Wiser

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