Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

 This is Sister Stradling! She was the new sister missionary that we welcomed in at the beginning of the transfer. =D -Its crazy- because her mom found my blog i guess- so she had been reading parts of it.  SMALL WORLD. oh- and she is from snowflake. =D
 This is Eric blacks baptism! yay!
 This is an odd picture of me making the bows,. haha nerd central. =D love ya mommy!

So- See the bows?  This is your christmas present.. So sorry that it wont be a surprise.  but they are for your christmas tree.  Pati- She insisted on helping us- so that you can have a beautiful tree and that in some way i could help you with the decorating.  She loves you.  =D i told her about you.  So- when you get a random box of ribbon- fix it to look like the bow on the top. and then all the little bows are to go around. I wasn't sure if you were going to do a red tree or a blue one! so i chose this one.  I hope you like it! merry Christmas!
 I LOVED THE CHRISTMAS TREE MOMMY!! tell all the couzins thanks for the ornaments. =D that it is so cute!! we loved it. =D

It is offically December 2. I can hardly believe it! November just started. time goes so fast.  This past week was really great.  We had a wonderful thanksgiving.  I was so stuffed they literally had to roll me home. haha.  We had 4-yes FOUR- dinner appointments on thursday- right in a row.  I prayed all week that my stomach would stretch. haha i will send pictures of all the families that we had dinner with.  It was a really great thanksgiving. One of the ladies was GF too! So i even got Gluten Free pie. Yay thanksgiving miracle. =D haha.

The first appointment was with the Andraskos at 1:30. It was really great.

This is the first family we ate dinner with- The Andrasko family! super fun!
 This is Kelsea Andrasko- we all matched! so we took a picture. =D yay!
at 3:00 Then with the Newey's- and some recent converts- Lupe, Hilda(member) and her daughter Kassie.  Then the Harding family was there as well.  It was really fun. =D They made everything Gluten free too.  It was SOO nice of them.  After the Newey's i was pretty dang full but we had another one.
This is our 2nd thanksgiving. with the Neweys, Hardings, Hilda, Lupe, and Kassie(the one with the curly hair and glasses) i love them!!
So we went to the familia Jiminez at 4:00- it was good they had tamales too. IT was so funny.  Their 4 year old son Brandon is SO cute.  He speaks puro Tex-Mex.  As his dad was leaving for work he said "Bye Papi, Cuida you en the trabajo" -Which is basically 'be safe at work'.  But it was literally half and half english and spanish. Both of their boys love me because i always give them stickers. haha It is crazy.
This is the Jiminez family! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.  Elder Garcia and Elder Knighton were invited as well. =D i was sooo full. =D

This is the Jiminez Christmas tree! i made the bow on top. =D it was fun to decorate it.
Then at 6:00 ALL the missionaries in the Mcallen 1st ward got together at the Hernandez home. There were 12 of us there. it was great! and I ate a TON. literally. but i put it all down.  I even out ate Hermana Ninataype- and most of the Elders. haha when there is a will there is a way i guess.  After we all ate- everyone gathered around the piano.  I played and we sang Christmas hymns!  It was great! and the spirit was there super strong. I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC.  It was a really great day.   And that was our thanksgiving.  =D
this is our last thanksgiving! ALL the missionaries

This is Hermano y Hermana Hernandez. =D
 everyone again! haha =D
haha this is the piano. i don't know why my eyes are closed. haha. asian painist? yup. =D
SO WE HAD A HUGE MIRACLE AS A MISSION!!! So- a month ago in MLC (mission leadership council) We literally took an hour and a half to set a mission baptism goal.  With the help of President and a lot of faith we set the goal for 110 children of God to be baptized in the month of November. We had a mission fast that first sunday of the month (imagine 200 missionaries fasting for the same purpose! powerful!)- Then prayed every single day that we could reach our goal of 110. and we did! We found 113 of God's Children that were ready to be baptized in the month of november.  It was a great miracle. We haven't baptized such a huge amount in a really long time.  It just tells me that God is mindful of me, and of the missionaries in the TMM.  That he cares and wants each of us to suceed.  When we have the Faith- we love the people- and we work hard- we can CALL down the miracles from heaven.  God is a God of miracles! YAY!
Sister Ninataype and I taught young womens yesterday in Mac 1. It was really great.  I loved quoting the theme. it takes my old soul back. =D haha. The lesson was on 'Building the Kingdom'.  I found a great mormon message- its called 'Stand'. Shelbs look it up. it has a video of a young girl and a young boy- and it shows them preparing for their lives- then how the scriptures helped them.  there isn't words in the actual video- but the song is great. =D look it up.
Recently in the Book of Mormon I have been reading in Mosiah- and I just love it.  And i was thinking about Abinidi. because of Abinidi- Alma was converted. Alma then went and wrote the words of Abinidi- and started teaching.  Because Alma shared his testimony- 204 souls entered into the waters of baptism. then 400-something people left the city.  From Alma- Alma the younger (after his rough patch) and the sons of mosiah helped to build the kingdom- Then the sons of Mosiah went and taught the lamanites. THEN NATIONS were converted to the LORD and BAPTIZED.  Then I got thinking about the power of 1.  Because of one man sharing his beliefs and standing up for what was right- Nations were effected.  It is great.  Each one of us can be that '1' that God needs.  We may not see the fruits of our labors right away- but GOD KNOWS ALL.  And as we trust in him we will be able to see miracles. Our children and childrens children will have the beautiful truths of the gospel.  So lets go out and open our mouths! yay!
That is pretty much what happened this past week. All is well in south texas!  Love you all! have a wonderful week! I LOVE the Lord and i LOVE being a missionary! ( hi from sister vargas feliz navidad!) haha Go do some missionary work! Invite someone to hear from the missionaries!
-Sister Wiser
This is a funny picture. haha we were at oscar and mina's house. and they walked us out to the car. then all of a sudden we saw this little old lady dumpster diving. and she was pulling out these brand name shoes. it was crazy!! So- sister Huskinson just hopped in. and started helping her. hahaha. oh the adventures of a missionary. they were all mis matched though. -hence the reason why they were in there. funny.  =D don't worry we used hand sanitizer and stuff.

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