Monday, December 16, 2013

Dec 16, 2013

Buenas Tardes Familia!!

I can hardly believe that it is already the middle of December! The days are slipping through my fingers.  I am offically an old missionary. I have more that 9 Months in the mission.  It freaks me out, frankly. I always just hope i am doing enough. 
This past week was wonderful.  Exaustingly wonderful.  I enjoyed every moment. First of all- We had a mission tour- With Elder Tad R. Callister- who is a president of the 70.  HE IS A BOSS.  Oh my word- that man.  He is definately called of God to be a general authority.  I am grateful for the opportunity I had to listen to him and his wife, and our area 70- Elder Villareal, and Presidente Maluenda.  It was wonderful.  This always happens to me-  I start to feel like I know what i am doing, that i know my way around the scriptures, that i can teach the restoration.... But then- A loving Heavenly Father lets me know that i have a lot of work to do.  =D  I am grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary.  To be able to learn ALL the things that i am learning.  And let me tell you- i am learning A LOT. About the Gospel- and Just life in general. Elder Callister talked a lot about the atonement.  IT IS SO DEPTHY.  It is always nice to learn  from other people's experiences and insites.  He talked about the atonement being the ability to CHANGE our nature. This is the first sentance he said.   And it has really made me think for the past couple of days. That we can literally CHANGE our nature.  We know that the scriptures say that the Natural Man is an enemy to God... and therefore he(the natural man) cannot dwell with God. Heavenly Father is so loving- and he knew this little problem that we would face here in this mortal life.  So he gave us his son, Jesus chirst to help us overcome our personal 'natural man'. We can change.  Through the Atonement of the Lord Jesus.  I have always know this-  but it means so much more to me now.  I think- as a missionary- everything is magnified.  We have a lot more rules, hight expectations, a hefty daily schedule, AND- the biggest one- We are on the Lords errand. (even though i have been here and doing this for 9 months- This still blows my mind!  That the lord would entrust me to help spread the good news) I have really learned that I am not a perfect human being (I just picture Sterling, stanton, or shelbs saying "Duh, sister wiser.. I could have told you that one!! hahaha).  I guess the point of this is that i am grateful for the chance that i have to repent every single day.  When we do all we can, and can't quite make it all the way- the lord carries us the rest of the way.  And when we mess up and make really lame mistakes- we can repent and start again. I think it is great.  And i have seen it work in my life. I have literally seen old habits and quirks that i had in the past- improve-or literally go away.  Not all of them- i still have a lot of work to do.  But it is cool.  -Sorry- i just started writing all the things in my brain.  So that is why it is all over the place- Welcome to my life. haha it is so entertaining.-

Anyways- Elder Callister-  probably my favorite thing he said was this "There is no such thing as a spotted or a cream colored repenter."  I LOVED THIS.  There is no such thing as half way repentance.  You either repent- and through the Merits and Mercy of the Savior you can change.  OR you don't.  You stay subject to what ever frailty, mistake, and weakness that we have as humans. I just really love the Gospel.  We know exactly what we need to do- in order to live with God again in his kingdom.  It is such a blessing!  I hope that made sense- if not- you can ask me in 9 days.  =D hah weird.

This week was really really really great.  So remeber the Rangel family of 10?  Yeah we went and found them again! So it was saturday night after the christmas party for our english ward (I sang 'mary did you know' with Valeria maluenda-Pres. Maluenda's daughter. it was fun) We went to find them.  We knocked on the door- and the dad (who we hadn't met yet) Answered.  And we basically just asked if we could come and share the message with him. And he let us in.  Then he gathered the entire clan! it was like the lesson of every missionaries dream.  Haha there were 10 people crammed in their tiny living room.  And I will admit that i was nervous- because it was kinda a do or die lesson-  but i just prayed the entire time.  And we focused on jesus christ.  And then we went around the room- and re-invited them to be baptized- one by one.  name by name (yes i know ALL of their names).  And the dad- whose name is Simon- accepted with tears in his eyes.  AHHHH the spirit was so strong!! such a blessing.  After the lesson- as we were getting ready to go, the dad stopped and said "i just want you girls to know that i don't let people into my house.  But when i opened the door- i saw the light of the lord in your faces, and i knew that i had to let you in. Thank you for coming to my family." I think Sister Ninataype had to scoop my jaw off the floor. It was really great.  Pray for them! (he also invited to feed us.. so we are going to do a fhe with them.)  
AHH i am out of time!! more for next week!  Love you all.  I am seeing miracles.  I know with my whole soul that God is  God of miracles.  My faith in this grows every single week.  I know that the heavens have been re-opened and that as we do our homework, and pray- we can receive the personal revelation that we need to guide our lives.  Our Heavenly Father is only a prayer away- he is waiting to help all of us.  All we need to do is ask!
-Onward and Upwards.
-Sister Wiser 

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