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November 18, 2013

hahaha funny picture.  Oh ps- sister garry and I want to be roommates at BYU. And if we dont get into byu we want to go to Uvu but live in byu housing. so yea. we decided that.  =D lov eyou!!

Yay louis got baptized!!! yay!!!

 Another week down.  SO crazy. =D So- we got transfer news.  And sister Ninataype and I are staying together for another 6 weeks. We are super pumped! We already have our christmas cards planned out!  I love my companion. So fun. 
So this week has been literally the craziest/weirdest/most draining week of my entire mission so far.  Remeber Louis? Yeah.  We have just had a crazy week with everything. So last monday- during his interview the doctors called his wife into go.  We found out that she was being tested for cancer.  So after the interview, the elders gave Hermana Patricia a blessing. All was well.  Louis super passed his interview and was ready to get baptized. Our district leader also talked to the ward mission leader and the bishop- and all was well.   So we came and emailed and did the rest of the random things that we needed to do.  Then we were going to go bowling for a zone activity.  So we get to the alley at 3:15.  we walk through the door and say hello and whateves.  Then we get a call from hermana Patricia.  And we both just got this sinking feeling.  I just kept thinking 'oh no!!'. Sister Ninataype answered the phone and I instantly knew that something was wrong.  She was speaking rapid fire spanish, and was totally freaking out. She kept saying that Louis wasn't going to get baptized.  So Sister Ninataype finally got a word in and said "where are you? we are coming right now." So we left the activity and went to their house.  We got there at 3:30 and didn't leave until 7:30.  It was probably the longest day of my entire life. We found out that Patricia has STAGE 4 breast cancer. And that she had a appointment the next morning to figure out what she needs to do about the treatments.  It is her second bout with it. (the first time was stage 3.  She had a Mastectomy and 3 hefty stages of chemo.)  And because of the tension they were both freaking out.  Both just scared out of their minds.   With the tension came fighting, and he ended up leaving, slamming the door behind him.  We stayed another hour, just praying and talking with sister patricia.  It was crazy.  I just felt so helpless, and I don't have very many life experiences.  But we were able to testify of Christ and his healing power and his miracles.  And actually we had a crazy thing happen.  We went to walmart before this entire thing- to print off some pictures, and so Oscar and Mina could get their pictures from their wedding.  And when I was paying for the pictures I had this feeling to get 20 dollars in cash, I knew there was some in their from my birthday.  I usually don't do that, but I did and put it in my wallet.  And while I was sitting there talking with her, I remembered the 20 dollars in my wallet. and had this strong impression to give it to her.  At first I was really worried about it, because people get offended and stuff, and I didn't want to seem weird.  So I dismissed it.  But like five minutes later the same impression came back- but even stronger. So I gave it to her, and at first she wouldn't take it.  But then I shared our story.  When Mom had cancer.  And just asked her to take it.  Then I was able to share my testimony again.  So we left her that night, and she was feeling somewhat better (i hope anyways).  and on the way out we saw Louis.  So we talked to him as well. Left him with a prayer.  And even though it was crazy- i just knew it would work out.  So the next day we go over again. at 8:30.  and we sit down.  And both of them are super chill, holding hands. So everything was good.  Then Patricia looked me straight in the eyes and said "Sister Wiser, thank you for the 20 dollars you gave me yesterday" Then she went on to explain that the appointment was going to cost 75 dollars.  So her son pulled 80 dollars out of her account.  But when they got there they found out the appointment was 100 dollars.  If  I wouldn't have followed that prompting, and given her the 20 dollars, she wouldn't have been able to have her appointment.  And the most they could pull out of her son's account was 80, because of rent and stuff.  It was crazy.  She just kept saying thank you. That was a wonderful birthday miracle. I feel so blessed to be able to take part in little miracles.  And Heavenly father always provides for his children when they have faith.  That experience was a little tender mercy for me. I wouldn't have wanted to use the birthday money in any other way.  Heavenly father is SOOOO great!! He just gets everything right- even to the tiny dollar amounts.  We didn't bring up the baptism that night- because it was 9:00 and we had to get back home.  But on exchanges on wednesday (with sister Garry and Sanchez) Sister Ninataype when over and re-set the Baptismal Date for Saturday!  So all is well. and we had the program, once again and the ward all on board, we had plans to combine it with another baptism that our district leader was having.  So all is well, then Firday night rolls around. and we were sleeping. and all of a sudden the phone went off.  At 11:45.  Patricia said that Louis got called into work tomorrow. and that he couldn't change it or get it off.  We were like NOOOOOO!!!  Satan did not want this man to get baptized! so we got out of bed and had a prayer that everything would work out.  We went back to sleep and woke up saturday morning.  We literally tried everthing in our power to have the baptism, but every single thing we tried fell through.  We literally did ALL that we could do.  So sunday rolls around and we call patricia and find out that Louis got out of work at 3:00.  So we set up the baptism for Sunday night at 5:30.  AND we were determined to make it happen.  So was Louis and Pati. So sunday rolls around. and I was literally praying ALL DAY LONG. 4:15 rolls around and we still hadn't heard anything from them.  So we called Pati. and she was like "hermanas!! he just got home from work!! we are coming!!".  I was so happy.  We said a thank you prayer.  Then prayed that their car wouldn't break down, or that a T-rex wouldn't fall out of the sky and eat him. literally- with all the craziness, anything could have happened.  So he Got there and was baptized at 5:30 on sunday.  It was beautiful.  Sister ninataype and I gave the talks, then we sang.  Then he was baptized by a brother in the ward. The spirit was beautiful. And he looked SO happy and at peace after his baptism.  We talked to him after and he said that he felt 20 pounds lighter.  That the burden he had carried for so long was completely lifted.  That is the miracle of the atonement.  That is why I am a missionary.  I love this work! I know that God works miracles.  We see them every single day.  It is such a blessing.  Love you all sooooooo much! have a wonderful week.  There was so much other stuff that happened this week to. but i just don't have time to tell it! dang.  O well. Erick is getting baptized this following sunday- and he is already doing missionary work.  He is our neighbor, and he knocked on our door at like 10:15 at night.  and we answered it (after we looked through the peep hole, don't worry daddy) and he was like "hey sisters! my friend here wants to know about Joseph smith. Can you talk to him?' haha so we set up a return appointment with him. It was great! miracles miracles!!
Love yall!
-Sister wiser

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