Monday, November 4, 2013

Culebra-snake/Corbata-tie- What the!! im 21 this week!!

 Oscar and Mina invited us to carve pumpkins for halloween! it was fun! we made up some pretty great analogies of how we are like pumpkins- and applied it to the gospel! super fun!!
 This is a little girl that helped me play the piano at a baptism. hahaha. it was. interesting. So cute though. =D
 Here is a picture of all the STL's. we had a meeting with President and the ap's
 The entire cast. =D haha
This is a picatures of the Mcallen zone!!! As a zone we surpassed our goal for the month of october and helped 26 souls enter the waters of baptism!!
These are all the 'arboles' y 'jose smith' from the play. hahaha =D 

Hello wonderful family and friends!!! 

Thank you all for the birthday messages and cards. =D I feel so loved. This past week was literally crazy! and wonderful. and crazy!! I have some great miracles and a pretty good embarrassing one. so here we go!

This week we had a bunch of great lessons and things set up.  Remember JC? his real name is Jose Carlos- but everyone calls him JC. Anyways he went MIA for about 2 1/2 weeks. And we could not find him anywhere.  But then this week on Sunday we went over to Oscar and Mina's house and he was there! So we sat down and had a lesson with them.  At the first of every lesson we follow up with the commitments/invitaions that we left them with the time before (like baptismal date, reading the scripts, praying, church...ect.) The past visit we had invited mina and Oscar to read the book of mormon together.  And it was the 3rd or 4th time that they hadn't done it.  We were SOOOO sad. Before we started the lesson- we were all laughing and telling stories and stuff- but after we found out that they hadn't been reading their scriptures Sister Ninataype and I got really serious.  Because as missionaries- our role is truly to invite people to come unto Christ by making and keeping commitments.  Commitment helps people to repent and to change. Helps them to apply the basics of the gospel and truly come closer to christ.  When they don't do the little things like come to church- read the scriptures- pray...ect- they are litterally shutting themselves off from the Lords help and blessings. So anyways- we are sitting in Oscar and Mina's little tiny one bedroom apartment, - we had planned to do a recap of the plan of salvation- but sister ninataype and i both knew that if we let it slide they would never see the importance of the scriptures.  So we both bore strong and very bold testimonies on reading the scriptures- and the importance of doing the little things.  - All of this was done with love, don't worry.  Sisters always love. =D-  There was this one point that i looked at oscar.. and i could just tell he wasn't getting it.  So i called him by name and said 'Oscar, the book of mormon is another testatament of jesus christ.  It is holy scripture that can speak directly to you and answer any questions that you have. When you don't take time to read the scriptures, it is like you are looking God in the face and telling him that you don't want or dont have the time for the answers and the revelations that he has put in there directly for you.' bold right? man- I didn't realize what I had siad until after I said it. I then followed that up with a strong testimony how the book of mormon and had answered the questions that I have had in my life. and how God would answer their specific questions if they would take the time to read. After that- we read the chapter that we had invited them to read last time.  it was 3 nefi 11.  Which is when Christ comes to the Americas! what a powerful chapter!!!! We took turns reading it out loud, and the spirit was there super strong.  It was wonderful. We were once again able to testify of the truth of the Book of Mormon. That it truly is another testament of Jesus Christ.  And that he loves us enough to invite us one by one to feel the prints of the nails in his hands and his feet.  he loves us.  I know he does... because he loves me.  I have seen the power of the atonement work in my life and in the lives of my loved ones.  The atonement truly can heal any broken heart or wounded soul. No matter the damage it can be fixed throught the merits and mercies of our Lord Jesus Christ. What a blessing!! It was so powerful! Especially with our Recent Converts.  And JC was in there the entire time as well.  After we had read a little bit it started talking about baptism.  And oscar and Mina both turned and started teaching JC about the imporance of baptism!!!! it was AWESOME!!!!  We then invited him again to be baptized.  he is preparing for November 24. Pray for him!! he needs this and wants it. Wahooo!! miracles!!!

THEN- we were at church last sunday- and there is a lady, names Patricia, that was baptized in April with her daughter by Elder Crimm- who went to high school with me and Sis. Ninataype.  And her husband, Louis, has been coming to church, and wants to change his life. And so we are teaching him!! Tonight we have a lesson planned with him and we are going to set a baptismal date with him sometime in the next 2 weeks.  Pray that he can feel the spirit!  it is amazing the miracles that we witness! God truly does put prepared people in our path.  It is crazy- because we don't even have to worry about getting him come to church- because he has already been coming.  He is an amazing man- and he has had a very very tough life. But God has really led him.  Every time he see's us he tells us thank you for coming.  It has been such a blessing to teach him!  oh!! also- he is a professional chef.  So he cooks really great gluten free things for us. YAY. =D haha blessing all around.

AND- I work in the best ward in the world.  I LOVE MY SPAINISH WARD SOOOO MUCH!! Ah man they are great.  This week they did a ward FHE- for us to invite our investigators to and for members to come.  And they asked us to do a play of the restoration! SO- yup- I directed and wrote a play on my mission. Odd. haha sometimes the mission is odd.  But I made this legit script of the restoration and put music to the entire thing.  We only practiced once but it was great.  We have 6 companionships of missionaries serving in our ward. So it was a blast. The spirit was there super strong as well. I was happy with it- and i got to play the piano the entire time. so that was fun.  haha my favorite part was during the part of the actual first vision.  We didn't have any costumes- so i made signs with everyone's characters on it.  So there was one for 'Jose Smith'(joseph smith) and 'Arbol'(tree) and then we had narrators that did the speaking parts and all the other missionaries would act out what aws happening in the script.  In the part of the fist vision- Joseph smith was holding a picture of the actual 1st vision (we thought that would be more appropriate) with all the other misionaries standing around them in hilarious tree poses.  With their Signs on their necks that sais 'arbol'. it was super funny- but also very spiritual. After elder Montiel had recited the 1st vision- they all sang the last verse of Joseph smith's first prayer.  it was very powerful.  It was a great experience. and fun for everyone. =D

And here is the embarrassing story for the week. it is a spanish mistake. So- we were at the ward activity with Louis and Patricia. and for some reason they were telling us about this odd TV show they were watching about how these crazy animals would bite people. Like lions.. and bears.. and lizard/snake things.. So i Decided it would be fun to share my experience when i was like 9 and got bit by the boa constructor at Grandma's neighbors house.  Do you remember that?  haha i guess i can't really forget it.  So i start to explain it and i say 'Si, y mi mordio una corbata!!!'  everyone pauses for a moment and then just starts laughing their heads off. and i was confused- because that is not the normal reaction i get when i tell that story.  So i think about what i said- and sister ninatayped was laughing so hard that she was doubled over.  And then i realized that i had said  'Yeah! and then a neck tie bit me!' oh m an.. I was so embarrassed! but it was all fun.  So watch out ye humans that wear ties- they might bite you.

Haha well. I have to run! i hope you all have a wonderful week! love you! and thanks for the all the birthday-ness.


-Sister Wiser

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