Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28th, 2013

Buenas Tardes!!
Hello humans of home! how is it going?? I just realized that halloween is this week.  It is crazy how fast october flew! We had another great week in the texas Mcallen mission. We did 2 exchanges and had interviews with Presidente Maluenda (every transfer we swap between having interviews and zone conferences).  So it was a great week!  This week I got to do an exchange with a sister that was in my MTC district. So it was SUPER fun.  and crazy. but mostly just fun.  

SO- we were out doing missionary work, as usual, and they had got a referral for a preacher in their area.  So naturally we went to go contact it.  And this little, old, white haired man answers the door. And immediately invites us in.  (as I went in I was thinking, 'Oh, cool, he will probably share some stuff with us, then we can share some stuff with him...blah.blah...blah) YEAH... that didn't happen.  he held us captive- trying to bible bash with us for almost 2 hours.  it was ODD. But I did learn alot about the importance of teaching with the spirit, that listening is a huge/majorly important part of teaching, and that bible bashing does no good.  Don't worry- we didn't bible bash.  We just listened- expecting him to give us a turn too... BUT on the bright side his crazy little wife made us lemonade. So that was nice. The crazy thing is how he did have points of truth- BUT it was clouded with thick lies.  That is truly how satan works, he might have a tiny-little-baby part of truth- but the majority of it is a just a big lie.  I will admit- The man had a beautiful testimony of the savior, But it was clouded with other peices of false doctrine. There was one point when he started singing to us- hahah a great little gospel jingle about Jesus.  I enjoyed that part. But then he tried to give us anti-mormon literature.  That was the point that I stood up and thanked him and headed for the door, with Sister Welch following behind me.  As we were leaving he was yelling after us things like "I WILL PRAY FOR YOUR SOULS!!" and 'REPENT AND ACCEPT JESUS OR YOU WILL BE DAMNED TO HELL!!!'.  So we just smiled and waved.  Then after, before we contacted another human, we sang about 5 hymns.  All about the prophets and book of mormon.  We were able to feel the spirit again, and finished out the night strong.  it was a great exchange. Odd.. but great.  The experience really helped me learn the importance of letting the spirit teach.  As missionaries we are simply the mouth peices. The spirit is the real teacher.  And when we get in the way- that is when we don't see the miracles. SO- teach with the spirit and don't bible bash. :) fun times on the mission.

That was probably the craziest thing that happened this past week. But we did encounter another man that wanted do to the same thing (bible bash).  Heavenly Father ovbiously had something he wanted us to learn about this week. =D As I look back at my time as a missionary- I can see little 'themes' that God wants me to learn.  (does that make sense?) How great. Heavenly father truly loves us and continues to teach us, if we let him.  This upcoming week is going to be crazy! We are thinking about dressing up as elders for halloween. with a white shirt and tie... haha. we will see though. maybe just for the sake of a picture. I want to see pictures of all your costumes! People really get into decorating for halloween here.  Some of the houses are really crazy. So I will be glad when halloween is over so that all the creepy houses will turn back to normal. I still don't like scary things! -

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA the man sitting at the computer across from me just looked over my compter and said 'HOLY COW GIRL! ARE YOU REALLY TYPING THAT FAST?' So i said yes... and he said "wow! it is like a movie or something.. that is wrong, man that is wrong.'  So i guess that I am a fast typer... yay. hahahah. Odd humans of texas. i love it.  

We are doing another exchange with Sister Garry this saturday.  So we are excited for that! It is so fun to work with my MTC companion. It is so crazy how we are all in the same mission- but we are all having such different experiences!! The mission is literally like a little personalized school for life.  I love being a missionary!! it is so great!! Well, I have to run! but I love you all! have a wonderful week.  Enjoy halloween.  We will probably give out pass-a-long cards if any little kids come to our house. yay!  

I love the Savior.  
Through him All things are possible.
Onward and upward!!
-Hermana Wiser

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