Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7th, 2013

This is me and Edgar. Oscar and Mina's 3 year old son.  He is hilarious. ever time he sees us he says 'HEY THE SISTERS!!!" then every time we leave he says "I LOVE YOU GUYS!!' so dang cute

one of the sisters had a birthday! so we celebrated with ice cream.  She is also alergic to Gluten. so i was able to hook her up. =D yay.

This is a picture of us drinking Mexican fruit punch. SUPER GOOD. Oscar tried to teach us to pop off the little metal cap things with a lighter and our big knuckles. funny joke oscar. it didn't work.

This is our STL board from last month. Crazyness!

This is a HUGE roach we killed. Sister ninataype started screaming one night. and this little friend was chillin on our wall. So we both got a raid can and sprayed it to death. yummo.

These are some humans in our zone that came to lunch after conference! at red robins they make GF burgers! i ate one with a bun! it was super super super good. =D yay.

its butterfly season. and i saved this butterfly from being squished.

This is a  picutre of us and our zone leaders. after conference President invited us to the mission home for ice cream. and then we had a little 'share your talents' thing. SO i sang come though fount. accomponied a couple of people. and then sang with SISTER SANDERS! my mission momma. and sister dudding. it was fun. yay

How is everyone doing? What a wonderful week! We had a bunch of great miracles this week.  Good news- Sister Ninataype and I are staying the the great area of LA VISTA. I am SOOOO happy. I was praying that we could stay together another transfer.  It has been super super super great.  And we have SOOO much work to do here. ALL the people are going to get baptized. 
HMMM where to start. Literally we have just had a super crazy week.  We ALWAYS have something going on. (obvously.. we are missionaries) Ha but really- We always have appointments.  We don't have enough hours in the day.  We started the week off with a really great Family Home Evening with some BOSS members- The carpenters and Oscar and Mina.  Sister carpenter talked about eternal marriage and getting sealed in the temple. Which was perfect for oscar and mina. They are back on track!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!!! miracles.  So that was the start of a really good week. Then on thursday night Oscar's mom (who is a member in the hidalgo zone leaders area) invited them over for a lesson. Oscar and Mina wanted us there. So we went and ate some really great Mexican food and again had a lesson about the blessings of keeping the commandments(marriage=D).  So- The wedding is planned for sunday and the baptism is for sunday night.  We are getting the marriage liscense tomorrow at 3:00. then they are getting their baptismal interviews on thursday. Bah! it has been crazy and great.  THEN to top it all off- we had conference.  Oscar and Mina came to the saturday morning and the sunday morning.  AND THEY WERE PERFECT.  Haha you can always rely on the prophet to say it right.  I loved all the talks on baptism and keeping commandments and covenants.  They were literally perfect for oscar and mina.  And Mina was SOOO pumped to listen to the prophet.  They love Thomas S Monson.  It is super cool. it was just great. So- This week is going to be literally insane. The wedding WILL happen.  We are also doing 2 trainings at 2 different zone conferences. And this week we have all the new sisters coming from the MTC staying with us, then tomorrow all the sisters that are ending their missions are staying with us. Plus all the other missionary stuff. and an exchange on thursday. Yay! Craziness!  I am loving every minute of it. It truly makes the time FLY.  My Birthday is on our huge transfer calendar.  SO WEIRD.  We are thinking about november. AHH. We are setting baptismal dates for November.
I can hardly believe that a year ago i decided to serve a mission! And now i am here in 'almost mexico'. It has been wonderful.
So something great happened this week.  I was talking to a lady- and i had a full conversation with her in spanish and it didn't even phase me! I think i am finally getting it! Yay! Gift of tongues. =D
Also- we have this amazing little japanese member in our ward.  She is a widow- her husband passed away a few years ago.  She is literally the sweetest lady ever. She doesnt speak much english. But she is helping us make TIE SKIRTS.  They are going to be great. So we went over there for a minute and we had done all the preparation (i have no idea how to explain this to you.. i can't sew.) anyways she looks at me and says "you sew?" and my eyes got really wide and i said... 'uh no... but i can learn!' and she said 'NO, no no you cant mess up this fabric.' haha epic fail. =D then she said. 'its okay its okay... i sew it. i sew it.' She is so darling.  We love her.  The great part was that we were visiting her one day and we told her that we wanted to make a tie skirt. and she stood up and walked out to the room. She came back a few minutes later with a tie skirt in her hand. haha she had already made one! So soon you will have a picture with all three of us wearing our tie skirts.  We are spoiled. =D
This week i realized how terrible i am at home making. I CAN clean. hah but can't always cook. and definately cant sew.  it is a work in progress.  Hey Grandma Bassett- Remeber those super yummy twice baked potatoes that you make? Yeah. I had a major craving for them this week.  And we were with oscar and mina and they wanted to eat with us after conference. So i volunteered to make those, and i really talked them up... and made them sound delicious. haha i had absolutely NO idea how to make them. So Sister Ninataype and I run to the store. and she was like 'What do you need?' and i said 'A cook book. Hurry!' so we are running through the isles of the HEB, looking for a cook book that has the recipe to grandma's potatoes. No luck.  So We just grabbed what i thought was in them.  Cream cheese, cheese, bacon, and potatoes. So sunday morning- we pull out all the stuff. and i still have no idea how to make them. So we bake the potatoes- but have to leave so we don't miss conference (mistake #1) they were almost done so we just turned the oven off and let them sit in there. When we got back we started making them and they were not cooked all the way.  But we had already cut the potatoes in half and put the insides in a bowl. SO i just started adding stuff.  I have no idea. And i said a prayer that they would work. =D haha like any good little missionary would. It was looking really bad.  So we just kept adding stuff. like milk, butter, cream cheese, salt and pepper. It tasted okay- but they were super gluey and nasty. But we decided to have faith and take them anyways. So we put the gluey nastyness into the potatoe skins and covered them with bacon and cheese then threw them in the oven to bake again.  We went over to eat, and i was so worried that they were going to be terrible. BUT GUESS WHAT?  We had a twice baked potatoe miracle.  THEY WERE SO GOOD.  Prayer works, and our oven must be blessed. They went from terrible-nasty-yucky- potatoe mush- To Heavenly-cheese covered-fluffy potatoes. they were a hit. =D haha. SO- grandma, maybe  you can send me the recipe? haha thanks. =D
AND CONFERENCE!!!!! AHHHH IT WAS SOOOO GOOD!! it is not every day that the Prophet of God says that this was his favorite session.  it was good.  Oh man i took so many notes i cannot even begin to share them all.  i loved the quote 'Doubt your doubt before you doubt your faith'. SO true.  And i loved all the stuff on missionaries and member work! It is so true! Without the missionaries and members working together it is impossible to have success.  NOW IS THE TIME.  Another thing that i thought was really crazy was when..i can't remember who said it... Said something like 'now is a time just a epic as the first vision'... and all the miracles of the past.  Can you believe that?  The Lord has truly saved us to do his holy work here.  The prophet has called us to help too.  It is such a miracle.  I loved the whole 'make a family missionary plan' thing as well. It every person in the world would invite 1- just 1- person to come unto christ by christmas- we could have 15 million NEW members. COME ON PEOPLE!! Start inviting! Even if it is something simple like to youg womens (shelby) or young mens(stanton) or relief society (mom) or motorcycling(dad) hah. What ever it is we can always be inviting.  Thanks mom and dad for always being such a great example. =D The time is truly at hand.  We are preparing for the coming of our Lord and Savior. When it is all said and done- when we stand before the judgement bar of God- I want to hear the words "well done my good and faithful servant." I know that we determine that conversation we have with God by what we do now.  If we do what God has commanded us and truly apply the atonement of Christ we can stand SPOTLESS before him. One day we will ALL have a personal interview with the Father.  I am SOOOO grateful that i have the gospel. That i have the truth. That i know the way back to the presence of GOD. We are so blessed. 'and when you are converted, strengthen your brethren'.  We are so blessed to be able to share what we know to be true. Lets do it! yay! we are apart of GODS ARMY! Lets go out and DO WORK!! WAHOOO!!
Love you all! have a wonderful week! i am excited to hear about all of your missionary experiences. =D An invitation given with love will never offend. =D invite! keep your missionaries super busy up there.
-Hermana Wiser

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