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October 14, 2013 - Oscar and Guillermina Lucia-Anita Sanamiego Moctezuma: WEDDING AND BAPTISM

This picture is right after they got the marriage liscense!! yay!!

This is their son edgar. he is SOOOO cute

Dinner to celebrate the marriage liscense!! they found a place with super yummy gluten free pizza! yay!!

Right before she put on the wedding dress!!

The happy couple!!!

The first hug!! right after they got married!!

yay!!! they got Married!!

The bride and SISTER WISER. =D 
haha this is me tryng to be a photographer. They had fun. 

They are baptized!!! happy day!! 

Hello Family and Friends!!
This week hasd literally been the most INSANE week of my entire mission. SOOO MANY MIRACLES!!! First off let me give you a little account of the weekly schedule last week.  Monday- We had all of the new sisters- fresh from the MTC come to stay with us. It is SOO great to see the Greenie fire! What a blessing. Tuesday- Transfer day.  We had to pick up all the new sisters from the members houses they were staying with and take them to the mission home.  Then as we were dropping them off President Maluenda invited us to stay for breakfast with them as well.  So we went in and ate. Then while President Maluenda and the assistants were doing their thing and handing out 'new area callings' we did all the dishes and cleaned the kitchen.  It was nice to know that Sister Maluenda wasn't going to have to clean up after 20 new missionaries. So that was a nice little blessing we had. THEN-Tuesday afternoon OSCAR AND MINA GOT THEIR MARRIAGE LISCENSE!!!!! We were waiting there at the court house for them. Praying that they would show up. and sure enough, they did! They were so cute as well. Just happy and excited! I have pictures of everything that i will attatch. so stay tuned. 

Then tuesday night ALL the 'Dying sisters'(sister missionaries that were finishing their missions) came to stay with us.  it was crazy- Having ALL the newbies one night and the dying the next night.  It was really neat experience.  I have definately made friends on the mission that I will keep forever. 

Wednesday we did a training for a zone that we have sisters in. It was really fun! Our Topic was 'Overcoming discouragement'. It was fun. We were basically cheer leaders. haha. yay.  

Thursday we did an exchange with some of the Hermanas.  it is such a blessing to do exchanges.  I learn SOOOO much everytime.  At times I am not sure why I am an STL at this point. But I know that God is helping me to learn and grow. he is making me into the person that he wants me to be.  Such a blessing. I am so blessed. 

Friday- Sister Ninataype had a Doctors appointment- then we were filled with appointments with other investigators and people. 

Then SATURDAY!!! We started the day at our Mcallen Zone meeting. We did another training on the Book of Mormon and using it in helping the conversion of ourselves and of our investigators.  THEN THE WEDDDDDDIIIIINNGGGG!!! OSCAR AND MINA GOT MARRIED!!!! Everything turned out so beautifully. The ward was great and provied a really pretty cake. We had some members show up to help decorate. A member let Mina borrow a dress that was perfect. and one of the biggest miracles was Sister Neil.  She is a senior missionary in our mission. She is wonderful! She reminds me of Grandma Bassett. I give her a hug every time I see her. Anyways- earlier on in the week we were telling her about Oscar and Mina. and how we had a dress for her- but we didn't have a jacket/shrug/bolero thing to make it modest. And she offered to make one for her! So we showed her the dress and she made one that fit her perfectly in 2 days.  You can just see the love that she had for mina. It was such a miracle! Then Sister Ninataype and I  wanted to suprise her with a boquet. So we made one for her with the help of sister Neil.  Haha I never thought I would learn to make a wedding boquet on my mission. it turned out pretty good. =D yay. I did her hair and her new sister in law did her make up.  She looked beautiful.  She just kept saying thank you- over and over and over agian.  She really wansn't expecting anything- but it turned out beautifully. They were just SOOOO unbelievibly happy. The ceremony was super simple.  The bishop married them- and gave a few words of advice. Then they cut the cake and everyone got a peice. Then we took some pictures of them.  I think I might want to look into photography... haha =D it was fun.  They aren't the best quality pictures- but at leas they will have something to remember.  Then after that Oscars mom- Sister Rodreguiez- invited us over to eat tamales!! yummo!! They are super super super goood. All was well for the baptism Sunday at 12:30.

Sunday Morning we got up- as usual. And went to go pick up the suit that Oscar had borrowed from one of the elders in the mission and drop off some ties for him to wear to church. And ALL of a sudden they said that they wanted to post pone the baptism. and inside I was just thinking 'NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" So I said a prayer in my heart- and Sister Ninatype and I started talking about the blessings of baptism. And they were not going for it.  Sister ninataype then had the idea to change it to 6:00 that night instead of having it at 12:30. and they tentitively agreed. So we left the house praying that everything would work out.  We had literally done ALL that we could- Almost!  Neither of us had eaten yet that day- and we decided right then to start a special fast for them.  It says in the scriptures that if we ask, having faith that God would provide.  So we went on with our day in Faith. At first I was really stressed and freaking out. But I said a prayer and I just had this feeling of calm. I knew that everything would be okay. And zi had this feeling that Oscar and Mina were in the hands of God.  He knows best. So we went to our Spanish ward in Pharr Texas.  And zi did a special musical number.  I sang 'How Great thou art" (Grande eres tu).  It went well.  I hope it brought the spirit.  Then afterwards one of the sisters in the spanish ward asked me to help play the piano in the primary. =D So zi am playing the piano with all the darling primary kids singing in spanish.  The primary program is november 18.  It is going to be great.  I was sitting at the piano- listening to all these wonderful children just bustin it out- spanish style. And I could feel the spirit SOOO strong.  Especailly when they sang a childs prayer.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to help them out with their primary program.  I am starting to learn all of their names too. So everytime they see me the ALL come up and give me hugs. =D I love it. =D So we kept going through our day. Waiting to hear from Oscar and Mina. and we still hadn't hear a word.  Then about 3:45 Oscar called us. and said 'HEY sisters!! whats up!! hey we were just wondering what we need to bring for our baptism at 6:00. it can still happen right?" AND I JUST ABOUT DIED OF HAPPINESS. Prayer works!! fasting works!!! it works SUPER well!! So we got everything ready for the baptism.  The ward really helped us to pull everything together.  They asked me to give the baptism talk- so that was fun.  It was so great to see them standing there- in their white clothes. They were both smiling from ear to ear. Then we went to the font. =D Mina got baptized first. and as she came out of the water she just had the BIGGEST smile on her face. then she watched from the stairs as her NEW HUSBAND was baptized. The spirit was SOOO sweet and strong. after they were baptized Mina said to oscar "hey babe! wanna give me a hug?" So they hugged right there in the font. It was just great! I was litterally jumping for joy. hah ( picture me bouncing around- because that is definately what happened).  Then our ward mission leader (who is a boss) invited them to both share their testimonies.  And they were the most beautiful and simple testimonies.  It literally brought tears to my eyes as Mina testified of the power of prayer and her excitement to go to the temple. And oscar testified of the power of the priesthood- and his knowledge was that THIS is the true church. The spirit was there SOOO strong!! AHH I get chills just thinking about it. After the service- Oscar's Mom (who is a member) came up to me and Sister Ninataype and just hugged us over and over and thanked us.  For helping her Son finally take the step of baptism.  He had been SOOO close so many times. How great missinary work is!! uniting families!! I am just happy. As we were walking to our car- oscar was like lets jump!! haha so he counted to 3 and we all jumped and said 'yay!' or something close to that. It was funny.  They are just SOOOOOOO happy!!!!!! yayayayayay!!! It has been such a blessing to be apart of Oscar and Mina's life.  It was a bumpy road- but my faith has been strengthened. I know that God is a God of miracles. HE loves us because we are his children. He knows the things that we need. When we put our trust in him EVERYTHING works outs.  AlWAYS. because he is in control- and in his Loving arms we are safe.  I love you all! have a wonderful week!
-Con Amor
Hermana Wiser

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