Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

Hello familia!!! How is it going!! =D it has been another great week in the Texas Mcallen Mission!! yay! Hmmmm what happened this week. This week went super fast.  Mission time is insane.  We saw some crazy miracles this week! Oscar and Mina got confirmed!!! yay!!!! So they are now official members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. YIPEEEE!!  They are now preparing to go to the temple! wonderful right? It was really great. I am playing the piano for the primary in the Spanish ward in Pharr. (i can't remember if i told you this)  But it is so fun! i love the primary program. And every sunday i get a million hugs from the little primary kids. It is so cute. I love the hispanic culture- everyone that leaves says hello and goodbye to EVERYONE. It has been really fun.  And the spirit that little children bring into the room is amazing. I love the primary hymns in spanish too! it has been SO fun. Thanks mom and Dad for the piano lessons.  Stanton and Shelby- practice the piano. you will be grateful someday.
 On thursday we did a really great exchange with some sisters in Edinburg. Their names are Sister Bettinson and Sister Petramalo.  Sister Petramalo(who is a greeny) came down to La vista with me and sister Ninataype went up to edinburg to work for the day.  It was a very ODD day. Because literally ALL of our plans fell through.  Looking back i know why though- Because we needed to go to our back-up plans.  We went to this man who was a referral from some other elders that worked our area (before the missionaries go home they are all chillin in our area, because the church and mission office are in our area. and they were all waiting for their exit interviews- So president sent them out to work.  And the elders found this guy named Ramon.) So Ramon answered the door and at first he didn't really want to talk, and was kind of stand-offish.  But Sister Petramalo was bound and determined to teach this man.  So we invited him to sit out on the front porch and began to teach him.  And little by little his walls came down. and we were able to feel the spirit.  he told us that he was just diagnosed with a tumor/cancer that week.  And it was really sad- because he truly had no hope.  It was heartbreaking. But we were able to testify of the peace that the gospel brings.  He didn't accept the baptismal invitation, but you could see that there was a little more hope in him.  We left him with a prayer and prayed specifically for the things that he needed. As we left he thanked us and told us we were welcome to visit back and that we had made his day.  That is what missionary work is all about. lifting people. helping them to see the hope we can have throught our savior Jesus Christ.  The gospel changes people.  The message of Christ literally changed Ramon from being cranky to listening and thanking us for coming.  it was a great and simple experience.  And greenie fire is amazing! Man- ALL the new missionaries are so much more prepared that I was when i came out.  It is amazing. The lords work is really moving!! don't get left behind.
Friday was CRAZY.  We had some crazy miracles.  Sister Ninataype  and I were working super hard.  We set high goals for the week and we hadn't really found anyone solid with a baptismal date in the month of november yet.  So we decided to go out and contact some referrals that we had received a while back- but never could find home.  So we went to this little apartment complex and talked to this man named Jesus- and he was busy- but he told us to go visit 3 of his neighbors.  So we went. The first door we knocked wasn't ready to listen quite yet.  So we knocked the second door.  And this man named Eleazar Martinez came to the door and we started talking to him about the Gospel(like any missionary would on a door contact..haha) and started talking about baptism. yay! and we invited him to be baptized right there after talking to him for like 10 minutes. and he accepted! and said "i have always wanted to be baptized, i just never knew where to go."  We were so excited. and set up a return appointment with him.  THEN we were walking back to our car that we had parked a little ways a way (we were contatacting formers and stuff in between) we heard someone walking behind us.  So we turned around and started talking to Christopher Pena.  And he also accepted a baptismal date in the first 10 minutes of talking to him. It was amazing. we set up another return appointment with him as well. So in 20 minutes we have 2 new investigators with baptismal dates. and we were like 'AH whats happening!! this is great!!'.  So we kept going. and went to visit a family that we have been trying to teach (another referral. we received 9 referrals this week and 8 last week. we have so many we don't have enough hours in the day) anyways- Crystal comes out. and once again we start talking about baptism. AND SHE accepted a baptismal date as well!! 3 new investigators in a 45 minute period of time.  it was literally insane.  Then we had a great rest of the night as well.  did some good member work and got another new investigator named Roxanne. She is super cool. =D  She is also a member referral.  She is super prepared for the gospel.  She has a lot of questions and stuff.  Pray for these people please? Thanks. =D November 17 is going to be a busy day for us. =D yay bautismo!! God is a God of Miracles!! I see them EVERY day. =D i feel so blessed every day.  Thank you so much for all the prayers and support.  Everytime i hear someone pray for the missionaries it makes me feel so good.  This is God's work! It has sped up! ATON! Nothing is holding it back.  I feel so blessed to be apart of it.  As you all pray to have missionary experiences you will as well.  You will be able to watch as family and friends  be filled with the hope and love of Chirst. They NEED the gospel that we have.  At times it is hard to step out of our comfort zone and invite someone to come unto chirst- but it is worth it. As we follow Christ's example and do hard things we will be blessed with miracles.  At times- the ones we invite don't accept-BUT the the success is not always just in the end result-  The success starts in the invitation.
I love you all! have  a wonderful week! you are in my prayers!!
-Hermana Wiser

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