Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

This is Sister Vargus. She is from Brooklyn New York.  AH i love her so much! haha She says 'Man, Wiser! Yoo SO hood!' So i guess that i am ghetto fabulous. andale! I look more like a 50's style school girl in this picture.  Thanks for the skirt mommy! and the Shirt Gram!

Sister Ninataype and me. yay car pictures. =D
The first one is of me killing roaches up there before bed time.  Que MALO!! haha it is really terrible. kill ALL the roaches.
Saw this funny sign that says 'Jesus Rocks'. Yes, yes he does.

Hello Family!!
Crazy week, as usual. (So there are 2 hispanic men sitting at the computer behind me, and they are speaking rapid fire spanish about furniture and random stuff. its a little distracting- because i can understand them. haha weird. yay spanish!)
Anyways.  This week.  I cannot believe september is over!! where did it go!!! man.  SO i have some bad news.  The wedding didn't happen on saturday.  They were driving to the courthouse to get the marriage license(cant spell this odd word), and they never made it all the way there.  And we were going to go with them, but we were stuck in a zone conference for one of the other zones that we cover. So, that was super sad.  But i have actually learned a lot from the experience.  It truly is the saddest thing when you love these people SOOOOO much, and they don't accept one thing or another.  After they called us telling they were going to the courthouse, we didn't hear from them again until saturday night.  They had a bunch of crazy family things happen, so they were NEVER home.  They went missing in action for a few days.  BUT we did call them last night(sunday) and set up an appointment for that night at eight.  And we have some BOSS members in our ward that called them saturday and set up a FHE for tonight! So that is great.  SO anyways- we went to go and teach them, but they were at the landro-mat (i have no idea how to spell that word either. haha sorry!).  They tried to cancel the appointment but we were like 'NO!! haha Where is it? we will come help you fold laundry!"  So we went to this super ghetto laundry place and talked with Mina. Oscar had to bounce, but we had a nice long talk with mina.  I was able to share some personal experiences about following the commandments and following the answers that i had received. Like how i knew that i needed to be here on a mission- and how i had a LOT of adversity before coming. I think she was able to relate it to her life. She remembers the answer that she recieved.  She knows that they need to get married, she just got cold feet. So- They will get married. hopfully soon. We need to have a smack down lesson and set a wedding date and a baptismal date with them this month.  Feel free to pray for them ;)
The crazy thing was how all over again I learned the importance of relying on the Lord. That when we do all we can, the lord will carry the load the rest of the way. There are so many times when we just think- 'I have to do this! I don't need help!!' (kinda like a 2 year old) But then we are humbled and realize WHO it is that we rely on. Alma 26:12 - I know that i am nothing, as to my strength i am weak, therefore i will not boast of myself, but i WILL bost of my God, for in HIS strength i can do ALL things. I know that this little trial that Oscar and Mina had will make them stronger. It will help them get to the temple. To be sealed for time and ALL eternity!   When we overcome temptations, or adversity- THAT is when we truly become converted. THAT is when we see miracles. So i guess in a way this little sad thing was truly a blessing.  I know that things happen for a reason, and that we may not know that reason. But GOD does know.  Trusting in him is just easier than being distraught.  So that is what we have been doing. =D  I really think it will be a blessing in the long run.  I have never prayed for an investigator as much as i have these two.  man.  It is going to be a good week. =D miracles are on the horizon.
SO- ALL of our other investigators are in the spanish ward now. hah we did a complete switch from ALL english to ALL spanish!  It has been alot of fun. Man- there are SOOOOO many ways to express things in spanish.  I love it.  I am going to be a spanish master someday. Hopefully sooner rather than later. We currently have 3 investigators. Antonio (and his 2 children). Gustavo- who is married to a super super super less active member that we didn't know existed. and Maria.  Who is wonderful.  She is truly looking for God in her life.  She is so sweet. Also a man names Jesus. and another less active member named Alma. ALL of these people are in Oscar and Mina's apartment complex. So we are there A LOT. haha it is funny.  Last night we had a off the cuff group lesson with Jesus, Gustavo, and Antonio. and we had our ward mission leader with us.  He is a champ. =D I love the people here. =D yay!!
Relief society was SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!  I loved it. I feel like everything that was said was directly applied to me. yay. =D If you haven't had a chance to watch it- check it out on line.  It talked about keeping covenants. SOOOO good. =D i will let you all look it up.
Man!! i am pumped for conference! WAHOOOO!! Can you believe it a year ago at conference they changed the age for sisters and elders? Super cool.  I can't believe it has been a year already. Supes Cray. I am looking forward to hearing your favorite talks and such. =D Write down what stands out to you! Personal revelation is real!
This week is also insanity! We have an exchange tomorrow after district meeting, MLC wednesday. Zone conference friday. and General Conference this weekend. =D it is going to be a great last week of my 4th transfer. =D  Transfers are next week already!
OH!! I read an AMAZING talk this week. it is called Grace(or something) by Brad wilcox in last months ensign.  it is simple- but SOOOO profound. i love it.  Read it.
Well i Love you ALLLLLLLL.
Thank you for you love, support and prayers.  They are all greatly appreciated.
Onward and upwards!  Enjoy the words of our beloved profeta!! Oh wow that spanish word came out. Prophet. =D
-Hermana Wiser

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