Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hello from the Valley - September 3, 2013

Hola! HOLA!
How is everyone doing?? Sorry i didn't email yesterday- it was labor day! and yes- we were laboring. haha pun... okay-  i am doing great.  A week ago, last tuesday i got transfered down to the valley again.  It has been crazy! seriously crazy! I am speaking spanish again and eating la comida mexicana.  it has been great! SO- I am serving in the area called La Vista.  It is a part of McAllen.  It isn't really a seperate city- it is just a missionary area within Mcallen.  President Maluenda y his family are in our area and attend our ward.  So we get to see them ALOT.  it is super cool.  They are awesome.  SO- i am still learning the role of STL.  I have no idea what i am doing- but that is the fun of it.  keeps me on my toes. Basically we deal with sister drama, problems and concerns.  There are 3 sets of STL's in the mission.  We cover 6 companionships.  We do exchanges with each companionship every transfer- and if they ever need anything, we drop what we have and we go over to help them.  We also have all sorts of meetings and stuff.  STL is kinda like zone leaders- we are just over the sisters.  it is fun being an STL here in the valley though- Because we help the AP's a lot. Today we had kind of an emergency zone conference in one of the zones that we cover-  So we went to that.  We had a really newat meeting with president and the ap's and the zone leaders for the mision zone.  I learn so much! MAN our president is so inspired.  it is crazy.  i literally learn new things ALL the time. IT was really good.  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to help the hermanas of the mission.  it has been a fun first week.  Tomorrow we have MLC(missionary leader council) then thursday we have an STL training. Then saturday we do our first exchange. So we don't get a TON of time in our own area- but literally we are seeing miracles.  SO many!  it is crazy.  We currently have 5 investigators: Oscar and Mina- they are a young couple- they are getting baptized on sept 15, Rueban- who is a friend of oscar and mina- he will be getting baptized in september also.  Neida (who is the sister of a less active/becoming active member named Enidena) is preparing for baptism on sept 29. and Enrique- is going to be baptized on the 29th.  Man! SUPER COOL!! last week we found neida, enrique, and rueban.  Oscar and mina were found the saturday before I got to the area.  it has been so fun. 
Yesterday we had a really cool experience.  President invited us over for family home evening.  We invited Neida and Enidena to come.  So we call them and set it up.  Were super excited- the only thing he wanted us to do was prepare a special musical number.  So 5:00 comes around and we were rushing to get all the p-day things done. quick ate dinner then left to go to FHE at 7:00.  We called Enidena to make sure she was ready for the FHE- and she didn't answer the phone.... AHHH! So we were freaking out and praying.  We originally told her that we were going to meet her at the church so she could follow us to presidents house- so we went and waited for a good 15-20 minutes and she didn't show. So we went to her house- there was no answer there. and we called her like 50 times, probably.  So we just went to president's house.  We were dying- partly because of embarrassemt- partly because we were super sad.  So we go in and tell Presidente the situation- and he still invited us to stay. and about 20 minutes into being there our phone rang- and it was Enidena! She ended up coming.  We were so releived. it was a miracle.  Neida couldn't come- but we had a super less active that really needed a family home evening to come.  it was super cool.  The spirit was there.  And the entire thing in spanish.  I am trying to get my 'spanish ears' back.  It has been an adventure.  So anyways- we got to have FHE at the mission president's house.  it was super fun. 
My companion is awesome!!! I love Her so so so so much!  She is absolutely hilarious.  We are constantly laughing our heads off and having a good time.  It was super hard to leave Sister petersen- but I know the lord knows what we need.  And i am already enjoying this transfer.  it is great.  Sister Ninataype and i went to high school together- i actually graduated with her younger sister who is serving in bolivia. So it's cool! we both have a sibling out.  She is a great missionary and a great example.  We get along great! I love her!
HMMMM. what else can i tell you about this past week. Oh- our apartment is really old and gross.  There is a cochroach infestation. So that is gross.  It is like in the foundation of the entire complex... So they cant fume-i-gate the place really to get rid of them.  So we kill cockroaches and ants everyday.  That is an adventure. IT was a mess when i got there.  There was just a bunch of crap that leaving misisonaries had left behind.  So sister Ninataype and i completely re-arranged EVERYTHING. and cleaned the crap out of it. literally. OHHHH- We tried to use the vacume- and i went to take out the nozel part- to clean the corners of the floors- and a huge, nasty, moldy, hairy, discusting pile of dust crap fell out.  it was nasty.  So we cleaned out the vaccume.  it took us a good 25 minutes.  No one had emptied it for years- The last person to empty it was probably Joseph Smiths Mother.  Literally. it hadn't been emptied in ages.  It worked better after that.  we had a entire walmart sack full of ALL the nasty stuff.  So at least it kinda works now.  We deep cleaned and organized everything.  I got in the 'wow, we need to throw ALL the things away!" mode. -it looks pretty good now.  just needed some TLC.
We also had a cool experience with Enrique- i will tell you that.  The members in our area are stinking awesome! SOOOO great.  we were looking for a referral on saturday- an we could not find the house.  The house number that we had didn't exist.  there were two houses next to where it should have been. - So we decided that we were there for a reason. And knocked both the doors.  We set a return apppointment with the first door, then the second door Enrique came out.  He answered the door and we gave him the 'we are missionaries' spill- and he asked "SO.... do you want to sit down and talk about this?' Of course we said yes.  Taught him about the doctrine of chirst and baptism. He had a doubt- he said that he had already been baptized.  So we talked about it.  And the we ended up talking about real repentance.  He said that he had things in his life that he wasn't proud of. And we promised him that he could be free if of that if he was baptized by the proper authority.  He then answered 'Okay, where do i need to go to be baptized so i can feel better?"  =D it was great.  We just smiled and told him.  He accepted a date for the 29 of september.  it was awesome. and totally led by the spirit. YAY the Spirit!  I have such a testimony that God is leading this work.  he is- he is- he is!  He knows his children and exactly what they need to be happy and receive blessings. It is such a cool opportunity to be the instrument- the mouth peice.  AH- i just feel so blessed.  I love this work! I know that it is Led by God. Jesus Christ Lives and loves us.  If we take his hand he will lead us home.  !tengas confianza en El! 
love you all so much!! have a wonderful week!! onward and upwards.
Con amor,
La Hermana Wiser
PS- Invite someone to listen to the missionaries or come to a church activity this week.  Pray for a missionary experience- and you can help change the lives of God's children here.  Today in District meeting we did a roleplay and the elder that i was practicing with asked a great inspired question - He said 'think about the people you love, your friends, your family, your neighbors.  think about the blessings that are missing out on.  how would it be for you if you were passing through trials without the gospel of Jesus Christ in your life?' it put it in perspective for me.  Every member a missionary.  Go do WORK. ANDALE!!
love ya!!

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