Monday, September 23, 2013

Boda!!!!!---WEDDING!!!!! September 23, 2013

It was sister Ninataype's birthday!! yay!! And sister Garry was there because we did an exchange with them. It was AWESOME. Best Day Ever!!

little girl names Abril. She is is the spanish ward and wanted to learn how to play the guitar. SOOO cute.

The second picture is the group that sang. My voice was SOOO gone that i was sining as low as the elders! when i couldn't i  just mouthed the words... lame i know. o well. such is life.

Hello everyone!!!
It has been another great week here in McAllen Texas. =D it has been rainy!! super super rainy!! It has been such a great week though.  Yesterday we woke up at 6:30- of course.. haha- and got ready real fast to go wake up all of our investigators.  And we walked outside and it was 70 degrees! I was in HEAVEN.  It felt SO good outside. I just kept thinking- yay!! Utah!!! but then I saw the palm trees and the lack of mountains. but  It was a pretty cool day. the hottest it got was like 85ish.  I wore a sweater. =D

SOOOO this week is the big week!! Oscar and Mina are getting married and baptized on saturday! then confirmed on sunday!! It has been super super super crazy. super.  AHHHHH miracles!!!  They are excited.  And they are starting to save up now for a big wedding for when they get sealed in the temple in a year. We might be taking a trip to texas to see them get sealed in the San Antonio Temple. =D I love the gospel! it is just amazing the change that you can see in them.  They are so excited for the fresh start. Everyone is just happy. =D haha.  Now it is crunch time though.  We have a lot to do to get everything ready for this week.  We are also setting baptismal dates for the last week of october.  So we have to have a HUGE finding week this week. There is a family here that is ready to get baptized. I can feel it.  So we are going to find them this week.  It is crazy- the amount of balancing you have to do as a missionary.  Making sure we are Finding, getting refferals, contacting the refferals, teaching our investigators and helping them prepare for their baptisms, doing member work, reactivating less active families. Then- throw on the responsibilities of keeping the apartment, car and EVERYTHING clean.  AND sister drama. =D SO fun.  I love my life right now.  haha Somedays i just feel like i can't learn another thing then i do. That is the great thing about the gospel- there is always room for improvement.  For me there is a LOT of room.  I feel so blessed for the opportunity to serve. it has been such a blessing.
So we had zone conference this past week. and guess what!! hahah the assistants to the president played a part of living scriptures' AMMON. haha it was great! I LOVE LIVING SCRIPTURES!! and they are great in spanish as well.  We watch them sometimes in spanish. So thanks daddy for the living scriptures!   It was a really good Zone conference. We have the best mission president in the entire world.  They are wonderful. 

AHHHH!! I gave a talk in the spanish ward yesterday! my first one!!! I was so dang nervous. I originally offered to do a musical number, then they called and asked us to speak as well. Then last week i completely lost my voice.  it was SOOO ODD.  I am not used to not singing. but i literally could not sing. it was terrible. I don't think i have ever lost my voice so bad in my life.  So instead of singing i played the piano for the elder that was originally going to play for me.  We just switched it up a little bit. It went well.  And my talk went really well too! Thanks to the gift of tongues and my wonderful companion. =D Hahaha.  We were contacting on the streets the other day and were talking to this guy and he asked me where i was from. and jokingly i said 'soy de monterrey'.  Monterrey is a city in Mexico that has really fair skinned people. So we joke that we are from Monterrey Mexico.  Anyways- The guy believed me! hahaha. I died.  So then we explained that I am really from Utah. una Gringa. haha super funny. But he said my spanish was good.  and that i don't sound like a guera (pronounced wear-ah)(which means white person). Yay!
We have a return appointment with him, his name is Jesus. And we will invite him to be baptized. yay baptism!

Also- haha the best thing happened.  So our spanish ward in Pharr is wonderful.  We had a celebration for Mexican Independence Day.  It was great.  There was a group of 12 missionaries that sang at it. We sang 'Celieto Lindo' and used the new guitar( which i named Quatemoc Don Quijote de la Mancha). Then the ward mission leader made up a missionary version. it is super hilarious. I will try to send the vidoes.

Well i have to run! Pray for Oscar and Mina this week.  We need ALL the divine intervention that we can recieve.  I love the mission! Onwards and Upwards!
-Sister Wiser

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