Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 3 in McAllen

Wahooo!! We are starting week 3 of the transfer here in La VISTA. Man, It has been a wonderful and crazy week.  This week we had MLC(missionary Leadership Training) for zone leaders and STL's and STL training.  It was super fun.  I just learn so much everytime.  It is interesting having to focus on ALL the missionary work AND ALL the sisters in our area.  Ha. But the Lord provides us with miracles.  President kept saying 'by being obedients in your own areas and serving your 'flock of sheep' the Lord will bless you beyond mesure.  Baptism is not an objective, It is a consequence.' COOL RIGHT?  I really loved that.  When we as missionaries are living right, being obedient, having faith- we will have the consequence of baptism. =D It really made sense in my head.  I am striving every day to be the best missionary i can be. Man i have SOOOO much to work on.  It is great! Good thing that we have eternities.
SOOOOO- This past week we met a bunch of times with Oscar, Mina, and Rueban. Oscar and Mina are on track to get MARRIED!!! We are going to have a wedding!!! AHHHH!!!  Hahaha i don't think i have ever prayed so much in my life for inspritation during a Law of Chastity lesson.  Man i was dying. Ha Sister Ninataype and i were joking about going and getting them rings- then at the end of the lesson kneeling down and  proposing- "will you two marry eachother so you can enter the waters of baptism and become an eternal family?" it didn't work out that way. haha.. well the invitation was basically like that. But without the rings.  Anyways-  they are all for it.  Man they are too cutesy for me.  Bah. =D I love them SOO much and i am so excited for them to start their eternal family.  They love the idea of being sealed in the temple for time and all eternity.  SO- in the next couple of weeks you will be hearing about a wedding. YAY MARRIAGE. (after the mission) =D haha
I also had my first exchange on saturday.  Man that was crazy.  it was with Sister Vargus.  She is a missionary from Brooklyn New York.  She is super legit and black.  I love her so much.  I think we laughed ALL day.  OH MAN.  I must have lost my brain though-  So we had a zone meeting to go to.  So we were leaving early to go pick up some elders to give them a ride to the meeting- and i accidentially left the car and house keys in the house.  They definatly got LOCKED in there.  Man it was terrible.  Sister Vargus was just laughing her head off. So I had to call the zone leaders and the AP's to see if the office was open.  But it was closed- just my luck- because it was saturday.  AVERGUENZA! Embarrassing. SO- Sister Vargus pulls out a card from her wallet and we spent a good 20 minutes trying to break into our apartment.  NO LUCK.  Then- After dying in the Mcallen heat we decided to talk to the building manager.  So we went and found her and she had a key! Yay. So we got back into our apartment.  The entire zone meeting teased me about that though.  Such is my life I suppose.  it was a fun way to start of the day i guess!
Then yesterday Neida, Mina, and Rueban ALL came to church! it was AWESOME.  We had stake conference- so it was kinda really crazy. there were a million and a half people there. But it was great. and i loved it. =D AHHH!! I got to see my recent converts from DONNA!! They were there at stake conference.  Remember Ruby?  The 9 year old? She came up and gave me the biggest hug.  She was SO excited to see me.  Man it feels good when your investigators become strong active members.  her mom (who was less active) was there too. YAY part member families!!  I also saw Ana Ramos- the one that married the return missionary.  She is ALL sorts of married now.  She wants to come to mcallen to do lunch sometime.  so that should be fun.  AND MYRA.  AH that was the best one i think.  Probably because i prayed and fasted so much for that woman.  I love her so much. =D  So that alone made my day great.  I will send pictures next week- I forgot my cord again. oops.
We have another crazy week this week too. 2 exchanges and ALL sorts of things. Fun times being a missionary!! Well! That is about all for this week!  it has been wonderful.  I can feel my testimony growing more and more each day. I know that my savior lives! He loves us! and the atonement is SOOOO real.  I love testifying of its cleansing and enabling power.  The church is True and the book is blue! yay El libro de Mormon!!
Espero que tengan una buena semana!!
Until Next Week!
-Hermana WIser

Yeah!! hey mom President Maluenda Gave me permission to buy a guitar today! is that okay with you and dad?  i will use it in lessons and FHE's, ward activities, and missionary meetings. Also to give the Maluneda children lessons! cool huh?  is that okay with you?

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