Monday, November 11, 2013

Hello family and Friends!!!
Thank you ALL so much for the birthday cards, letters, and packages!! I am such a spoiled missionary!! Thank you all!  You will all receive a letter- haha it might take me a few weeks- But you will.  Thanks for making my birthday special!
ALSO!!- I would like to give a shout out to my new cousin ADAM!!! He was born on my birthday!! YAY!! Congrats Deana and Michael!! He is beautiful!!
SOOOO this week was literally INSANE. and GREAT. and really insane. =D So we had the 3 day leadership training.  And we always see crazy miracles during the trainings. So all the Zone leaders, district leaders, and STL's come from all over the mission- and it is like 3 days of intense spiritual learning (like the MTC) compacted into 3 days.  Then during the evenings- they put us with a different companion- to go out and work and see miracles.  and MY oh MY!! we saw miracles!! last week we found 8 new investigators.  it was literally crazy.  And I got to work with my mission mom! Sister Sanders!! It was so fun to get to work with her again. She is such a wonderful BOLD missionary.  Man- President has really focused a lot on opening your mouth and talking to everyone- so we have been.  and it has been really cool.  There was one guy though- that had got a hold of anti-mormon- material- and he was... difficult.  But Sister sanders just testified boldly I loved one thing that she said "Brother, we are called as representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ, by a living prophet.  We are here to call people to repentance." then we both shared strong testimonies with him..and basically called him to repentance (with love. bold love) . and left. but it was crazy! But it is true!! WE ARE REPRESENTATIVES OF THE SAVIOR!! Our calling is real- and the time is now!!  I have really tried to start teaching and inviting with more urgency.  Because- really the salvation of human souls is at stake.  I feel so blessed to have this calling! yay!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!  So my birthday was tuesday! and our zone leaders and district leader and his companion (E. barrionuevo, barth, garcia, and knighton) came and knocked on our door at 7:00.  We were kinda of exercising so we had to run and put decent clothing on. haha.- but we answered. and they made a Gluten Free bithday cake for me! it was so nice!! and sang.  Hahah it was the first cake any of them had ever made- and I knew it was GF because one of them muttered (yeah.. it was kinda expensive) haha. YUP. I thought it was great.  Then they sang to me in english and spanish.  Then- at the training ALL the missionaries sang to me at lunch time.  Ha I actually turned red in my face. it was fun though.  Sister Ninataype worked with sister myers- and they set a baptismal date with our next door neighbor and his brother! Erick is SOOOO prepared it is nuts.  We have had a lesson every day with him since- and he came to church.  It is so cool- because he has really truly been searching for this.  and he loves the book of mormon.  You will hear more details in the future.  But he is super cool! and he is going to get baptized this month!!
THIS IS THE CRAZY PART!!- Remember our investigator louis?  We we lost contact with him since last sunday- he just found a new job and has been working like crazy. (if you dont remember- he is the husband of patricia- that was taught and baptized by Johnny Crimm)  And our commitment for him last time was to pray with his wife- about a date. Because he is literally ready for any day this month.  So- we weren't able to follow up with him until last night.  We didn't have any plans to go over and see their family- but We had a tiny little spiritual prompting to go over.  And he had walked in moments before we went and knocked on the door.  So we started with a prayer and started up with following up- seeing if he prayed.  And he said that he had prayed and that he wanted to as soon as possible- But his new work schedule takes up ALL of his evenings- including sundays.  But then he said "but i have tomorrow off." Then Sister Ninataype and I looked at eachother- then asked "Louis, would you like to be baptized tomorrow?" and he said YES!!! and got the biggest smile on his face! and his wife looked SOOOOO suprised!!  So we called the ward mission leader- and prayed a lot- ALL is well for the baptism tonight!  We set up the program- and he passed his interview. SO he is getting baptized today!!!! It has been such a miracle!!!!! So you will get pictures next week.  It has been a crazy day.  But at 5:30 Louis Saucedo is getting baptized. happy day!!
It was a great great week!  Thanks again for all the birthday wishes!  I know that God is a God of miracles!  He answers prayers. He knows the things that we need- and when we pray- FULL of faith- he will answer.  Love you all!!
Do some missionary work!
---Sister WIser =D
 Best package ever!! Thanks mommy and grandma!!! i am spoiled for sure
 This is the present lay out. haha- we had so much fun opening all of them!! it was great
 This is a super ugly picture of me.  But it was at 7:00 in the morning... haha and i was happy! because i got cake!! thanks Elders!! They sang to me then we all ate cake and ice cream at 7 in the morning. haha only on the mission. how great. =D
 this is the birthday cake. yummy
  This is me and sister ninataype, and elder barrionuevo after they all sang to me at lunch! thanks for the dress momma!
this is me holding a toad.  it was super freezing this day! and had rained all night long- and there were frongs in the back of the elders truck.  i am not sure why. haha funny.

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