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March 31, 2014

Hello familia!!
Hope you are all having a wonderful last day of march!  Crazy!  This week has been chuck full of miracles. =D i have enjoyed every second of it. So- With transfers!! I am still here! in the area of La Vista.  I am really greatful that i have another transfer to work here.  it is great!! Sister Kreis is with me.  Hermana Garry went to open a new STL area in harlengin.  She is a boss!  She will do great.
Then- we had another companionship move into our apartment!  Sister Wonnacott(sister kreis trained here)  and her Greenie! Her name is sister sarmiento- and she is from chile!  She was in the MTC for about 3 months learning english.  She is the sweetest!  Estoy pasando Chancho- is a chilean phrase- its like  "everything is great!" or "we are cool!" haha it is cute.  we are teaching her little dichos as well. =D  Our spanish is improving a lot to!  yay.
Sister Sanders finished her misison this past week!  Man!! My mission mom is home!!  That means that i am offically an old sister missionary. I had a good talk with her.  I am so grateful for great examples. I know the Lord really does put us with the companions that we need- in the times that we need them. what a blessing!
WOMENS CONFERENCE WAS WONDERFUL!! Yay!!  It was like a great little apetizer right before general conference this week!  WAHOOO!!  The spirit was there super strong.  I loved how they talked about being a covenant keeper. and being the Lords hand in serving others. there is always a spiritual "help wanted sign."  So great! Go and read the tafile:///Users/laurawiser/Library/Containers/  The music was super wonderful too!  It just makes me tear up.  Especially when the darling primary girls began singing.  That was a POWERFUL message!  We as (future) Mothers need to teach the children to walk in the light.  Man!  I loved that! Way to go Sister Wixum.
Then- we had a great miracle!  We went to visit kassandra, the rest of the family wasnt home- so we decided to stay and have a book of mormon reading session with Kassandra.  She has started reading on her own!  Which is great!  She was at the beginning of 1 nephi 7.  So we read out loud and discussed what we were all learning.  MAN!  some of her insights shocked me!  They were awesome.  We then read chapter 8- the tree of life- and she got it.  We started to ask her what she thought the tree, path, iron rod, and mist of darkness meant to her.  And she NAILED it. It is amazing watching the spirit teach. I learned a few new things as well- so the spirit was definatley there.  At the very end she said, "I am going to keep reading this book, because I never want to fall away." She was referring to the people that wandered off and got lost in the midst of darkness.  It was so refreshing!  I love the Holy Ghost!  I love watching people progress in the gospel.  It really is step by step. 
Alejandra- kassandras sister- is already reading clear in 2 nephi.  She is cruisen!  And Abuelito Giron was in Alma 4 when we visited with them on friday.  So wonderful.  Conversion really does come throught the book of mormon.  Take time to study it out!
Love you all!
Enjoy conference!!! WAHOOOOO!!! I am so excitied!!! Take good notes! I expect to hear what yall learned!
Have a wonderful week!
-Hermana Wiser

We had an end of transfer dinner with the perea family. They are recent converts of 1 year- and brother perea is the ward mission leader!! He is a boss!

He is so cute!!!

You can see my desk!  haha.. This is the night that we welcomed sister sarmiento( the one closet to me) and sister Perez (by sister garry) into the misison!  So fun!!

My last picture with momma sanders!!  Sister kreis and i helped to cook breakfast for all the missionaries that were finishing!  it was crazy. 

bike day!  it has been super hot!  The summer has offically begun.  Welcom 100 degree weather.. haha =D

Sister kreis and I opening a coconut with a screwdriver and a pot.  we made a yummy shake-  its called leche de platano. yum!

GUESS WHO IS A MISSIONARY IN TEXAS MCALLEN! Yup- that is my 1rst grade teacher Mrs. Lindsley.  CRAZY.  haha you should have seen the suprise on our faces. =D  haha small world.
Sister Power!!  We had a dinner with sister neil and sister lindsley(and their husbands).  It was so fun. They are both such wonderful christlike examples.  yay!

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