Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

What a wonderful and spiritually uplifting week!  CONFERENCE WAS AWESOME.  I was so sad when it was over. But i learned some amazing things!  This week was a week of meetings for us.  Sister Kreis and I had MLC and STL training, conference, zone meeting, and interviews with President.  So I feel like i was soaked with a spritiual fire hydrant.  It was wonderful.  its funny- because i always feel like I cant fit another ounce of knowledge in my brain- but then I do!  I love how the Gospel works.  Line upon line- precept upon precept. We also had some great miracles for the week!  it is amazing how the Lord leads and guides us to his prepared people.  After one of the meetings this week- we went out to work- and decided to contact some referrals that we had received.  The first guy wasn't interested- but he referred us to his neighbor who was a childhood friend.  So we ran over there and taught him the first lesson and invited him to be baptized!  He accepted- it was crazy because he kinda looked like dad does when he has a go-t( how do you spell that kind of a beard?  Go-Tee... Goh-Ti.. i don't know.)  ;)  Anyways it was really great!  He gave us some referrals to.  Then we had recieved a Member referral- and went to contact it- and the actual lady that we were looking for had moved- but the new people living there let us in.  We were able to teach a first lesson with them as well and set a BD.  So that was a great miracle.  You can see the spirit work in people when they pray for the first time!  Or when they hear the experience of Joseph Smith.  It is SOOO wonderful!  Remember Elena and Lesly?  we were teaching them back in november and december- they weren't quite ready last time.  But this week we were driving by and I saw Elena outside.  So we quick pulled over and ran over to talk to her.  Turns out she is having a really rough time right now. And has been praying for help.  So we set up a return appointment for last night and went.  She talked out ears off for the first 20 minutes- But we were able to turn the focus the the 1st vision and the restoration- which is really the only thing that will help us to overcome challenges in our lived.  If we know that the Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ- and we know that he was called as a prophet- we know that we can recieve direct guidance from the Lord and from his Modern Day prophet.  From that revelation- we can live our lives according to true gospel principals that keep us safe.  We can also know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God- and by building a foundation on him- we can make it through any storm.-  So- the restoration is SUPER DANG IMPORTANT.  Yay! But we had a really awesome lesson with them.  Lesly is such a prepared child!  she is 11 years old and so pure.  We showed her a picture of the first vision and asked her what was happening in it and she said (without knowing the experience at all)- "oh, God and Jesus are talking to that little boy."  Her insights were so inspired.  It is no wonder that Chirst invited us all to become like little children.  Elena closed with a prayer.. It was really wonderful. =D
Man- I don't even know where to start with conference this week.  It was so so so good.  I loved every session.  We watched it in the La Vista Chapel- where the mission office is.  it is also the chapel we go to every sunday.  So that was really wonderful.  Elder Hollands talk saturday morning was Crazy.  In the days we live in we really need to stand for what we know to be true. He said, "as we honor God's call- we will have Heavenly Father on our side."  SO TRUE.  As we stand up for our beliefs Heavenly Father backs us up. =D
Sister Linda Reeves talk was super powerful.  I dont remember ever hearing a Sister talk about pornography in general conference.  That just shows you the type of world we live in.  I loved her recipe for keeping families safe. -Daily scripture study, Daily prayer, FHE- EVERY week.-  These are things we hear ALL the time- but  it is the recipe for success.  I loved her focus on keeping- everything that mattered most- the focus.  She said that sometimes the house was left a little messy, or there were dishes in the sink- but they read the scriptures and strengthened eachother with the good word of God.  POWERFUL.
There was a ton of talk on tornados and storms-  build a good foundation on christ. =D
He said "be careful who you follow."  It just made me think that we really live in a crazy world- that doesn't understand the concept of obedience.  It is a heavenly principle.  I have really learned that if we love the Lord- we will keep his commandments. Another powerful thing he said was this: "Why do people choose to be disobedient when we know the eternal consequence?  Because they love Satan MORE than they love God."  AHHHH. Mayday!!  That really puts things into perspective.  Anyways i really liked that one.
M Russel Ballard was awesome too!  yay missionary follow up!  There is a great chapter about that in PMG. hint hint. =D haha.
I think it was powerful that he felt so strongly to follow up on his past conference talks- that means that we didn't follow through with the council.  Woops.  Good thing there is repentance. ;)  I loved his invitation to invite 4 people a year to come unto christ.  Think of ALL the children of God that would enjoy the blessing we enjoy if we were to all do that.  I also loved his example in ACTS- with peter and the lame man.  how he reached out his hand and pulled  him up- THEN walked into the temple with him. 
I think my favorite was President Monson's talk.  About love.  Really charity is the base of all things.  Because God Loves us he sent his son here for us.  When we love god- we will keep his commandments.  Love really takes obedience to a deeper level-  we do things because we love the Lord- not just because we know we have to.  President monson is such a powerful example of that!  I am working on developing real charity. 
I love the Gospel.  I feel so blessed to be one of God's misisonaries.  I know Joseph Smith was called to be aprophet of god- that he was the messenger that restored the TRUE church on the earch.  Through God's power he translated the Book of mormon.  I know the book of mormon is true.  Jesus Christ is our Savior and redeemer. He died so we can all live- free from sin- as we keep our covenants and strive to be like him.
Love you all!
Have a wonderful week!
-Hermana Wiser

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