Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28, 2014

Hello lovely people!

This week has been great.  We saw some great miracles and learned some wonderful lessons. 

REBECA got baptized!! Yay!!!!   She is such a wonderful Senora!!  I love her with my whole soul.  She was so dang prepared- and the baptismal service was beautiful.  I have just been on cloud 9 for the past few days.  We had a lesson with her the first of the week- and prepared her for the interview. She was interviewed on friday- and passed with flying colors.  She had been studying with the elders in Mexico a while back- but she wasn't quite ready then.  But she sure was ready now!  Yay!  -  I am grateful that those elders planted the seed in her heart.  

Then sunday came around- and we had to run to the english ward (the english and spanish both start at 10:00- and they are 15 minutes away from  eachother) then after the sacrament we ran to the spanish ward.  It was wonderful. Then right after we had the baptism.  There was a lot of ward support- haha and the ward brought the entire primary with them!  So the baptism was full of little angels.  i wish i could have taken a picture of it when Rebeca went into the font- like 12 little kids all gathered around to watch- they were all so reverent.  It felt like a little peice of heaven in the room.  The talks were great-  Sister Kreis talked on the holy Ghost- and one of the amazing members gave a talk on baptism.  She is a convert of 1 year!- and she is now helping with the work of salvation.  I love it.  After the baptism- I did a special musical number. I did the tune of "Savior, Reedemer of my Soul"- but the song is not in spanish- so i fould one in the spanish hymn book that fit the measures and tempo.  it woked out.   I love belting out Jesus songs. =D Rebeca's Tia closed off the service with a beautiful heartfelt prayer.  She had been less active for 10 years- and just started coming back.  her daughter-in-law and her Neice came into the fold because of her faith!  So wonderful how the lord works.  The spirit was there super strong.  it was such a special experience that I will treasure all my life.

I love the Spirit!  The feeling and the peace it brings is uncomparable to anything else.  it is so worth it to keep our covenants, serve Heavenly Father, and do the best we can- so we can have the spirit with us constantly.  What a blessing.  =D

We also had a crazy amount of dinner appointments yesterday too!  MAN Gordita Wiser!! hahaha. We ate with Rebeca and Juana- then we went to a member- and she fed us.  THEN we went and ate with the Neils- a wonderful senior couple that work in the office. THEN- our Suarez family fed us too.  =D we took the guitar out yesterday and sang hymns to people. So that was fun.

I just love being a missionary!  I love the work!  I love the feeling of the spirit, and watching it change people. 
Have a wonderful week!

-Hermana Wiser

PS- it is the last week of the transfer!-  so we will see if sister Wiser is going to be in La vista for 7 transfers. hahaha bring it on!  love you all =D
Rebeca!! =D yay!! ( jesus is pointing up!  haha)

This is sister cowgill!  she taught us how to make home-made mexican cheese!! it was so fun! and we have been eating it ALLLLL week.  Haha she is such a wonderful lady.  We had a blast. 
Me and osmar.  he is such a sweet little thing!  he just chatted my ear off in rapid-fire little kid spanish!! !QUE LINDO!! =D I love him.  haha

Elder Merrill- our district leader baptized her.  Juana is the sweet little lady in pink.  Osmar- is her darling son(he is 5). then me and the kreisita and Rebeca. =D fun!

Haha this is sweet little osmar.  he has to go back to mexico this week.  -hahah yes- he is wearing his boxers!  must be a boy thing. haha good thing he is only 5.

This was a separate email from Shayna that i thought you all would enjoy.

Haha funny enough- this morning in my personal study i read about the stripling warriors- and in Alma 56:27-28-27--- And now itcame to pass in the second month of this year, there was brought unto us many provisions from the fathers of those my twothousand sons. 28 And also there were sent two thousand men unto us from the land of Zarahemla. And thus we were prepared withten thousand men, and provisions for them, and also for their wives and their children.------ the stripling warriors recieved a nice package from home! haha to boost them up and give them strength. hahahaha. =D  So, thank you. I am so excited about it all.  we are going to do a special musical number this sunday. and i am PUMPED to watch stantons video. and get my  mind blown about the atonement.  thank you thankyou thankyou!!
The transfer i come home has been changed to a week earlier.  So my official release date will be September the 3rd.  So i will only miss like 2 days of school. =D  What happened was this- President Maluenda has a special meeting with sister maluenda the week of my original release date- and he couldn't have done the transfer AND go to salt lake for the meeting.  So the transfer will be a week short.  Crazy right?  Last week- i was really praying hard.  and i just asked Heavenly father to make it work out.  And he did.  It will all be okay- AND i can finish out my mission with the group that i came out with.  I am SOOO dang blessed.  Get those next 2 days off of work if you can.  I am seriously inviting you to come to college with me. =D PLEASE COME WITH ME.  I will sleep on the floor. =D Consider yourself offically invited to come to college with your 21 year old daughter. =D  yay!  i love you momma. 
-Hermana Wiser

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