Monday, July 29, 2013

What!? its August?!

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Hola familia bonita!
?Como estan? I can't believe it has been another week already! How crazy fast the time flies when you are having fun! =D  Can I just say that I love being a missionary?  There are crazy things that go down ALL the time.  It is great. ;) keeps us on our toes. We had a lot of amazing experiences this week, I hope I have time to write them all down!
First off- I love my companion.  Haha we have WAY to much fun together. Singing on the bikes, knocking ALL the doors.  It has just been great.  Yes- Sister Petersen likes to sing! SO we sing for everyone.  Even on door contacts. It is amazing how music and the spirit that music brings can really open the hearts of people. It really works.  Remember Joey Youngblood?  I don't remember if I said much about him- But he went MIA(missing in action) for a while.  One night we were a couple streets away from his house and I had this feeling "Go to Joeys house".  So I told sister Petersen and we headed over there.  We knocked on his door and no one answered, so we started walking down the street- and not two seconds after we left his driveway he pulled up on his Harley. ALL decked out in Harley gear.  Haha leathers, bandana (he is too cool for helmets) sun glasses and this cutoff shirt. Haha I think Sister Petersen was a little scared.  But we talked to him for a minute, and I had the idea to sing a song for him.  He really likes patriotic songs and stuff so we sang him 'my country tis of thee'.  Then followed it up with 'I stand all amazed.'  The spirit was strong- we were just talking in the street while he was sitting on the bike- And we were able to testify of Christ.  It was really amazing.  He even set up an return appointment with us.  So that was a miracle. We have another meeting with him this week. 
Vicky!  Ah I love her so much!  She is our little Asian investigator! Man- I still wish I could speak Chinese, She speaks with very broken english. Anyways- we went and found her, and finally caught her home. She works ALOT. and she was like "OH- you came back! I thought you forgot me." Turns out that she had been waiting for us.  First thing out of her mouth was "do you have the Mormon book in Chinese?' Sadly we didn't have it, but we are getting it this Thursday.  We taught a really great lesson about the plan of salvation. It is amazing- because in her country they don't believe in God.  The best part of the entire lesson was when we taught her to pray.  And she just couldn't even believe that she could pray to God.  IT was completely new for her.  So we taught her the steps (1.Heavenly Father, 2. Give thanks..ect.) And Then I prayed first to give her an example. The spirit was so strong too! Then she said her first prayer.  It was so simple. And beautiful.  The spirit was there.  It was amazing.  Prayer is such an amazing thing.  I was just reading in Ether today- about the brother of Jared, and prayer is such a main focus in the first 4 chapters- they pray to not have their language confounded, they pray for their friends language not to be confounded, they pray for direction.  Then there is a point when they just hang out in the wilderness for 4 years- and it says that the Lord comes down in a cloud and chastises the brother of Jared for not praying!  Praying is such a BIG deal.  It is a commandment, and with every commandment there are blessings attached if we do our part.  It is amazing that God- the creator of ALL wants to hear from us.  What a blessing. Anyways-  It was an amazing experience. I really feel blessed to be a missionary. 
We set up a return appointment with Vicky- but she called us and couldn't make it.  She left the a message for us.  It was so cute.  she said "hello..sisters.  I am sorry that I cannot date with you about the book of Mormon tomorrow.'  She then continued to apologize because she didn't have time to read the book of Mormon all in one night! She is just great. 
Also- every human that has a guitar gets to hear "nearer my God to thee" from us. It has been going really good.  I am surprised at the stuff I remember.  If y'all could find a couple different hyms with the chords and email them to me that would be great. =D Music really does bring the spirit!  Dad you were right- Singing for people really softens them up.
OKAY- Here is the funny story for the week.  We were contacting this house- no one was home- but we talk to ALL the humans in the streets. And there was this guy that let his three little puntable dogs out right as we were walking by- So we stopped to talk to him.  His name is Mac. (probably in his 50's)  And he instantly knew us as the Mormon Girls.  So we talked with him for a minute- he was drinking a beer.   And right before we left we offered to sing a childs prayer for him.  It was amazing how he changed.  Haha but right after the song he started singin a different song. it was about Jesus... I think.  Then- he pulled both me and Sister Petersen in for a hug and kissed our heads.  SUPER AWKWARD. haha sister Petersen was more than a little freaked out.  I guess he liked the song.  anyways.  awkward missionary moments... ;)
Anyways! Time to go! Things are going great here! I am loving it!  Pray for the Island!  Have a wonderful week!
les quiero muchisisisisisisisimo!
-Hermana Wiser

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