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August 5, 2013 - Howdy Y'all! its august?? Whaaaaa?

This is the picture of the first few moments with sister petersen! She was fresh of the transfer van from the MTC! Love her! Momma Petersen- you have raised a great daughter!

This is my area! pretty! this is off the street hawksnest. so lovely. all the back yards are like this. almost. haha most people just drive their boat from the back yard. its fine. haha

Zone lunch by the water! we love the water! haha as long as we don't touch it. we get asked all the time out here if we are allowed to swim. it starts a lot of conversations. =D  

Mirror photo- to match sterlings. Hah lookin good elder wiser! =D too bad you don't have pretty flowers in your hair. ;)
MOM SENT ME BREAD!! BEST DAY EVER!! i enjoyed every bite. #perksofbeingastatesidemissionary  =D thanks momma -also i love the new skirt. do you see it? haha great huh? i really really like it. in the back ground you can kinda see the apartment.

second picture- we went to the SELENA museum. she was a latina singer that was from corpus christi. and then she died. so they have a museum(cant spellt his word...) of her and all her weird clothes and small barbies of her.  interesting. definatly an experience!

first picture- we found a random little park that had flowers. so naturally we took a picture! haha the funny part is that the rest of the park is nothing but weeds and cement and rocks. So- there is a little peice of heaven where-ever you go. =D we enjoyed the little break from walking! Love sister Petersen!! She is the best!

first picture- last night we went to a less active and she has these flowers planted everywhere! so she made a little thing to put fresh flowers in our hair! fun!

Hola familia!
It has been a crazy week! This week has gone by so fast! I feel like i just finished p-day. Cray cray. Anyways.  This week was really great. God is blessing us with so many miracles!  Literally, if i even tried to write them all down this email would take YEARS to read. So I will just include a few from the week.  So- We have a recent convert that was baptized in april.  So we still go by occationally and share things with him, see if he has questions.  And he has 2 adorable children.  David-5 and Katie-3.  They are so dang cute. i will try to include a picture sometime.  So this week we set up a lesson with Brother Devers and we knew his kids were going to be there, so we planned this lesson around the kids.  We focused on baptism and the Holy Ghost.  And did a couple of activities with them.  For Baptism we did a little object lesson. you get a bowl of water and talk about how it is clean and pure water. then as we sin the water gets dirty.  We would pour water in to represent the sin. Then we got dish soap- like to hand wash dishes- and put it on their finger and when they dip their finger in the water ALL the pepper goes to the side of the dish.  They thought it was magic.  haha try it out. it is a fun little activity.  Anyways it represents baptism- how when we go under the water we come out clean.  Then we did an activity where we had a blind fold (one of my scarfs) and we brought treats for them (Thank you Grandma Wiser for the skittles).  We compared the treats to heaven, and that we cant find heaven without the Holy Ghost.  So we blindfolded David and had his dad act as the holy ghost and lead him to heaven.  It was funny. When david put the scarf over his eyes, we asked him if he could see.  He said no, but said "i can't see, but i can smell. and this THING smells like neck." haha we got a good laugh out of that... stinky neck. oops.
It was really fun.  Then after the little lesson we made some paper air planes with them and had contest to see who could go the furthest.  They are darling! I love them. 
Saturday we had exchanges with our STL's(sister training leaders) So sister Myers came to the Island and I was seperated from Sister Petersen.  ha it is kinda weird to be without your companion! I called sister Myers by sister petersen's name a handful of times.  We walked ALOT on saturday. And i got fried. i looked 'cherry red'.  haha welcome to 'corpus crispy'! oh man, my jokes are good. So I no longer really white, i am kinda redish right now.  But it was an awesome exchange i learned a ton.  That is the great thing about exchanges and things. ya learn so much!
We swapped back saturday night and caugh up on the days activites.  I love sister Petersen! Best Companion ever. We really have way to much fun together.
Sunday we ovbiously went to church. As missionaries we literally live at the church on sundays.  I always love fast and testimony sundays.  Our members are wonderful.  Our ward chorister left this past week, so sister petersen and I are doing the music in Sacrament meeting. She leads and i play the organ. It is fun. =D  we always go and sit down with the congregation after the music. because it is awkward on the stand sometimes.  And near the end of the meeting- little katie came over and found us.  She knows that i keep sticky notes in my planner and told me that she 'needed' to color.  so she sat between sister Petersen and I and colored.  After every picture she colored she would hand it to Sister Petersen and say 'Here, a picture for you." then smile. She is adorable. By the end of the meetin i think Sis Petersen had like 10 sitky notes. So the time came for us to do the music.  So sister Petersen and i get up to go and of course Katie follows us! I had already started playing the introduction of the song and appeared out of no where and climbed up right next to me. and instantly started talking to me, asking me questions like- 'can i push this button right here?' 'how about this one?'  So the entire time i am playing i am taking to 3 year old katie. I promised her that after the prayer she could push a button.  And she never touched a button.  Then after the prayer i let her change a few of the settings while i was playing (prelude?) postlude. ( i am not sure what that is called..the music after the prayer.) She is sweet! I love her family! 
I also have a three day leadership training that i am going to tomorrow through thursday night.  It should be great! I am sure i will have ALL the stories for you. =D
Basically- being a missionary is the best thing ever.  =D  I love you all! hope you have a fantastic week.  The church is true and the book is blue. =D I love the book of mormon with all my heart! I should finish it again in the next week or so. By reading the scriptures every day we truly come closer to Christ. Reading every day blessed with the spirit. I feel so blessed that we have the scriptures.  It took a lot of sacrifice to get them here.  lets not forget about them!   Joseph Smith was the prophet of the restoration, called of God.  We have a current Prophet on the earth today. When we follow his guidance we will not be lost.  How wonderfully blessed we are! Love you all
Until Next week!
Onward and Upward!
Hermana Wiser

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