Monday, August 26, 2013

August 19th, 2013

Sorry everyone, I was out of town so you will be getting two letters from Shayna today.  This is from last Monday.  Love you all!!  Thank you for supporting Shayna. -Laura

Hola familia!
I can't believe it is Monday again! how the time flies.  WOW this week has been INSANE. literally insane.  Lots of crazy stuff happened.  We had zone meeting and first comp training(when all of the greenies and trainers go down to the mission office for a training from Presidente and the AP's) It was really good.  I learned a lot.  Everything that President Maluenda does is in Spanish! TODO. So it is a blessing.  it is really helping me to learn Spanish! Yay.
Here is the sister-wiser-stupid-moment for the week.  SO.  We came back from 1st come training (which was Wednesday) and we found out that our fridge wasn't working.  SOOO we had to call the building manager, and the landlord, and the mission office, and the Senior couple that is over housing.  And we could not get ahold of the builing manager to come and fix it.  I guess that he does all the building maintenance- but I have never seen or heard back from the man.  So he could be an alien for all I know. Anyways- we spent way to much time on the phone trying to get a hold of someone to fix it.  We didn't want to lose the food - so we took it to a member's house that is out of town for the week and borrowed her fridge.  So we didn't lose ALL the food. just a few random things. (like our ice cream- its okay though we are trying to skinny back up... haha texas is making us a little hefty) This drama goes on for 2 days.  We finally call the elders quorum president from the ward- who is an electrician- and he was telling me to check brakers and all sorts of things that I have no idea about.  Just imagine me having a great time flipping switches in the breaker box. Lights were going on and off and all sorts of things. Anyways- he offerend to come over and look at it.  He got off work Thursday night and came to the apartment at about 9:30. He pulled out the fridge and starts looking around.  And 30 seconds into his search to find the problem- he finds that the fridge is unplugged. He just turned around and looked at us- swung the cord around a few times and said 'Uh sisters- did you try to plug it back in?' I had unplugged the stupid plug in my ipod... Sister Petersen about died- She was laughing so hard.  So was Brother Lee and his daughter.  AND everyone at church knows about it.  So I am the silly sister missionary that unplugged the fridge.  Hahaha ooppps. Adventures of the mission.  =D I learned a valuable lesson- if something doesn't work- check the plug before you call the entire world to get it fixed. =D haha.
WE FOUND A NEW INVESTIGATOR!!! His name is JR.  Roderick Jr.  We were going to visit some other potentials on the street like two weeks ago and we walked past Jr and his nephew Daniel (who is 14 years old and 6'8"-freaking tall- he makes me look like a little tiny midget. usually my 5'2" self is really tall- with the Mexicans- haha but they are all super short. love them).  Anyways- They were just hanging out outside so we stopped to talk with them- and gave them a book of Mormon.  So this week(2ish weeks after the initial contact) we had this feeling that we needed to go back and visit with them.  So we went and they came outside and we had a lesson with them.  Turns out they read the intro to the book of Mormon and ALL the testimonies and a chapter or so of first nephi. it was AWESOME.  So we start asking him about the book and what he thought and he said "I have been looking for this book my entire life!".  Can you believe that! Talk about prepared.  he accepted a baptismal date for September 8th! WAHOOO. -It was funny though- because as I was going to invite him to be baptized is said "JR, we want to invite you..." and he cut me off and said "TO CHURCH?? I would LOVE to come. but I need a ride." Sister Petersen piped up and promised that we could get him a ride and he promised right then that he would come to church. =D I love it when investigators commit themselves to church.  Best day ever.   We had another lesson with him on Friday afternoon and went over things he needs to do to prepare for baptism.  We call it a BD check list.  it is really to set expectations and see if we need to teach any of the commandments earlier on.  It went really well. Then sure enough- Sunday he showed up at church and loved it.  he said that he received an answer to his question.  It was really great =D. THEN- he came to a baptism that night and said that he is looking forward to his baptism on semptember the 8th.  We are super stoked to teach him! What a blessing! The Lord truly is leading his work here! I have seen it- by following a little prompting we found JR. It is great.
We also found Vicky and gave her the Chinese Book of Mormon. But she is leaving next week ;( sad face sad face.  We will miss her.  But we have made friends with all 8 of her Asain roommates. So that is great. =D Maybe they will be interested as well.
Well that  is about all the time I have for today- Pray for the Island! Pray for Jr! Thank you for all you do! Church is super true! and the book is blue! Yay EL LIBRO DE MORMON! 
Love you all! Onwards and upwards
-Hermana Wiser
Also- this is the last week of the transfer! I can hardly believe this transfer is already over.  Crazy. Hopefully I can stay one more on the island. =D BYE!

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