Monday, July 8, 2013

Wassssupppp! July 8th, 2013

Hello wonderful family!
Another P-Day is here!  Seriously the time just flies!  How is everyone?  I hope everyone enjoyed the 4th of july.  I totally forgot about it last week- But HAPPY 4TH!!  Hope it was good.  Our 4th of july was CRAZY.  The island was packed with vacationers.  They Drive on the beach here. And the beach was LOADED with cars.  It caught me off guard the first time I saw that. But it makes beach trips fun I guess. no need to unload the car and make 20 trips. =D We went tracting on the beach walk near our house. We handed out some cards and ended up talking to this guy for quite a while.  His name was Jim. He had an interesting story. He is Roman Catholic.  And he was telling his beliefs.  And it is CRAZY- some of the things he was saying had little pieces of truth. But they were surrounded with complete un-truths...(ha I am not sure what word to use). He basically believes in Baptism, repentance, marriage, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and ordination. But all of them have really interesting twists to them.  It just proves how much we NEED a living prophet. We could not function without one.  Thomas S. Monson truly is a prophet ordained of God.  

This week I was studying Samuel the Lamanite- He is awesome- And he prophesied the coming of Christ- ALL the signs and wonders.  And every single one came to pass. Exactly how he said they would. in 3 nephi 1:20 it says "and it came to pass, yea, ALL things, every whit, according the words of the prophets." I love this verse! it is so true!  I know that by following the counsel of the prophet we come close to God and stay on the right path. Anyway- We gave Jim a pamphlet with a number to call- he actually lives in the Elders area. 
So after we went to the beach walk for a while we went back to get the car to go to a members house for dinner.  and someone had hit our car and scratched up the entire back bumper.  SO. Didn't leave a note or anything.  So we had to deal with that instead of really spending time with our member family.  So that was kinda a bummer- But it happens.  This car is a magnet for accidents.  The sisters before popped the tire and we had to take it in for that.  So- note to self- don't buy a RED car.  haha i have been having bad luck with this one. 

Our members here are SO amazing! We have a new family that just moved in- the King family- Both the parents are RM's. And he was just called to be our ward mission leader and sister king is now a ward missionary!  We are so excited.  They are a JOY to work with.  I love them SO much.  All the members in our ward are just fantastic.  I feel so blessed to be put in such an amazing ward. 
Also- I actually had fun riding my bike on Saturday! I was singing songs, trying to keep my skirt in check- and having a great time.  hahah. the mission does change people!  I like biking and i weed people's garden.  Oh- and I ate fish! You should be proud of me.  I didn't even much. haha just washed it right down. :) 
We are seeing a bunch of wonderful miracles on the island.  The work is great.  I love being a missionary! It is the best feeling in the world!
Also we find out about transfers this week! and we get to meet our new mission president on Friday!  I will let you know ALL the news! Love you all! Have a wonderful week!!
-Les queiro mucho!!

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