Monday, July 15, 2013

Wassssup from the best island in the world! July 15, 2013

Last zone conference with the Trayners!

This is us with the sunset. =D on a little street called ducat. Sister Ramos and I

This is a usual sunset on the island. I thought it was pretty 
Bowling zone activity- last p day- I won! it was the best! haha. who said sister wiser couldn't bowl. =D

Second picture is of me and sister Anderson! on our way to the training! future mommas!

me and my mission mama! She is going to be an STL

Hola Familia!! and Howdy!
So- guess what?  I AM TRAINING A BRAND NEW GREENIE, STARTING TOMORROW!!! Can you believe it?  I just barely finished my training and now I am going to train. There are so many sister missionaries! YA! SISTER POWER!!  It was crazy- last week on Tuesday we were out and about- pounding the pavement- and the AP's called us and told me to be in McAllen the next morning for 'new trainers training'.  The training was awesome and I got to meet President Maluenda and Sister Maluenda! OH they are so amazing.  They are from Chile- and Everything was in Spanish by the way- they have 6 children.  One that is going to college in Utah, one on a mission in California, then four at home.  Three daughters and one son.  They have a beautiful family.  Let me just tell you how fast and different Chileans speak Spanish.  I actually had a really cool experience. So I was sitting in this training. everything was in Spanish. and I was not understanding a word of it. Being up in the great white north makes it hard for speaking and keeping up on the Spanish.  Literally- they could have been speaking German or French for all I knew. So I said a prayer and asked for help understanding.  And I just felt the most beautiful spirit.  And I knew in that moment that President Maluenda was called to serve as the mission president for Texas McAllen mission in this time.  It was great- THEN- it was like my ears were opened and I suddenly knew exactly what was going on.  It was truly a miracle.  I learned so much from the training- even though it was all in Spanish. The gift of tongues is real! And God truly is a God of miracles.  Often times we just need to ask for miracles- then open our eyes and recognize the miracle that we received.  It is amazing.  I recently started a little 'Miracle Journal' and in it I have recorded miracles or tender mercies.  It is amaizing- and I am becoming more and more aware of how blessed that I am.  Anyways- I am staying on North Padre Island.  Sister Ramos is headed to Edinburg.  And I will been my Greenie tomorrow!  So stoked! It is going to be a might great adventure.  I just hope that I am ready!

We also had zone conference on Friday with President Maluenda.  He really is amazing.  He served his mission in Washington state, learned English, then has been working for the church after he went to college.  He is truly inspired and follows the spirit.  And the way he talks is of those books on tape with the man- with a deep, authoritive voice- except its in Spanish! I don't know how to describe it- but when he talks- We listen. It is cool.  The mission is just going to get even better!  Its a great day to be a Texas McAllen MISSIONARY!!

This past week was super good.  We are really doing some good member work and getting the island rolling.  It is truly just taking off.  It has been fun to see.  Last night we were walking and we ran into this little tiny asain girl.  she is probably between 20-25 years old. I really cant tell.  But she looked super young. Anyways we started talking with her- she is here working on kind of and internship thing for college. She is learning English, and I wanted SO badly to speak Chinese! Man I just want to speak ALL the languages so I can invite everyone to come closer to Christ.  The fact that missionaries are called to areas speaking their languages really shows how God loves all his children. 2 nephi 31:3 says 'for the lord god giveth light unto the understanding; for he speaketh unto men according to their language, unto their understanding.' He does that so all his children can understand the importance of God's plan and help them receive all the blessings that we have in store. Maybe when I grow up I will learn all the languages. =D Anyways-  we ended up walking her home, and we are getting a Chinese book of Mormon for her to read, and we are trying to find a member that served somewhere that spoke Chinese so we can teach her.  She was so sweet.  She told us that in China they told them not to believe in God, that they were their own people- just left to themselves.  So I asked here how she would feel if she knew there was a loving heavenly father that had a plan for her. (something like that)  and she replied 'ya, that would probably be nice.'  So that was great! I am super stoked to talk with her again. We have a lot of work to do this week! I am super excited and feel so blessed that the Lord trusts me in this part of his vineyard. Being a missionary is da best!  All you youngins out there- start preparing now- because being a missionary is the biggest blessing in the world.
Well that is all for this week! I am super excited! until next week!! onward and upward!
-La Hermana Wiser

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